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Awards for World Music 2007
Ghada Shbeir
The 2007 Awards

This year sees the 6th BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music taking place at London's Barbican on 26th-27th May.

This annual celebration has become a fixture on the UK music calendar and this year is bigger than ever before.
Gilles Peterson
Celebrating 20 years of World Music.

2007 marks the 20th anniversary of the term 'World Music'. The awards this year celebrate this milestone by growing to cover a whole weekend of World Music 'labs' on the Barbican free stage culminating in the 'Poll-Winners Concert' on Sunday 27th May.

There are also more ways to experience the awards than ever before with live broadcasts, a webcast and video on demand available after the event.  

Full Details of Barbican Events 26-27 May
Broadcast Details

Toumani Diabate
Where does the term World Music come from?

The term 'World Music' was thought up on 29th June 1987 by a group of movers & shakers behind all forms of international music in the UK. 

They met in an Islington bar, The Empress of Russia, for what was described as an 'International Pop Label Meeting' to try and work out how best to group their music discoveries.  The aim was a term that would allow curious listeners to walk into high street music shops and find what they were looking for. 

Twenty years on and millions of record sales later the Awards for World Music presents the chance to reflect on their success.

fRoots Magazine article on the history of World Music

Sain Zahoor
What is World Music?

World music is, most generally, all the music in the world.

More specifically, the term is currently used to classify the many genres of non-Western music which were previously described as "folk music" or "ethnic music". However, "world music" does not have to mean traditional folk music, it may refer to the indigenous classical forms of various regions of the world, and to modern, cutting edge pop music styles as well.

Succinctly, it can be described as "local music from out there", or "someone else's local music".

(text from wikipedia article)

Caichato Lopez
When did these awards first happen?

Back in 2001 fRoots magazine's editor Ian Anderson, who had already been running a critics’ album poll in the magazine for some years came up with the idea of the Awards for World Music.  He says "It had struck me for a while, that World Music was one of the few markets that didn't have an industry awards. When I then felt the positive effects the Radio 2 Folk Awards had had on the folk scene, a light bulb switched on. I thought, why not propose a World Music Award to Radio 3?'”

After several weeks of refining an initial proposal in consultation with other authorities of the World Music scene, he sent the draft to the head of Radio 3, Roger Wright, who received it with enthusiasm.

Besides Ian Anderson, a group of like-minded people - including Songlines editor Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham of the Rough Guides series, the organisers of the World Music trade fair WOMEX and event producers Serious - were brought in to advise on the event and have remained the Awards partners ever since.

How do acts get nominated?

Delegates at the annual World Music trade fair WOMEX are asked to nominate who they think have been the best artists in each of the awards categories.  At the end of WOMEX these ballots are counted up and the four artists with the most votes in each category become the nominees for that year's BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music.

Debashish Bhattacharya
Who are this year's nominees?
For a full list of this year's nominated artists visit the Nominees page.  Each artist also has a dedicated webpage with a full profile, (specially written for this site), you can also listen to a track from their nominated album and both read other people's comments and post your own.

Eric Soul
How do they win?
The Jury drawn from experts in the field make the final decision over who wins.  The winners are announced on the BBC Radio 3 programme World Routes, this year on the 31st March in a live broadcast from the Pigalle Club in London.

Who are this year's winners?

See the Winners page on this website for full details.

A 'Planet' Award
Are there other awards that the jury don't decide?

There are three awards not decided by the jury. 

The Audience Award is voted for by listeners.  This year's vote ran from 1st - 31st January and has now closed.  The winner of the Audience Award is announced at the 'Poll-Winner's Concert', which this year takes place at London's Barbican on 27th May.

The Album of the Year award is decided by a panel of experts assembled by fRoots magazine.

There is also a special award called the World Shaker Award which is given to a person or persons who have make a particular contribution to the genre of World Music.

Barbican Hall
When is this year's Poll-Winners' Concert?

On 27th May at London's Barbican.  This year for the first time there is a special weekend of Awards related events taking place at the Barbican during 26th - 27th May and culminating in the Poll-Winner's Concert (which combines the awards ceremony with live gigs from most of the winning artists).

Details of Barbican Events 

Gogol Bordello
How can I get involved?
Either come along to the Barbican weekend or if that isn't possible then you can catch one of the awards Broadcasts.

Lucy Duran
What if I don't live in the UK or can't get to London?
Radio 3
is broadcasting the Poll-Winner's Concert live on 27th May beginning at 6pm.  This is also available on the internet and for a week after broadcast as 'listen again' online.

For the first time the Poll-Winner's concert will also be live webcast on this site, so you can watch online too.

A week after the live webcast it will also be possible to watch the live performances as Video on Demand alongside a highlights programme including footage from backstage, from other events across the weekend and artist interviews.

Album Cover
Can I buy a CD of the nominees music?
Yes, our partners in the Awards Union Square Music are releasing a compilation album on 14th May including tracks from many of the nominated artists.

Awards for World Music Album Details

Ska Cubano
Where else can I find out about 'World Music'?
There are some useful links on the right-hand side of this page and there is also a comprehensive directory of related websites available on our site.
More about World Music


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