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Awards for World Music 2007 - Culture Crossing
Think of One

Think of One album cover
Although Belgium has been producing bands as notable as Zap Mama and Laïs for some time now, it would be fair to say that Think of One are largely responsible for putting their country on the world music map. That happened when they won this award (then dubbed ‘Boundary Crossing’) three years ago, and the irony is that this event also prompted the cosmopolitan minded Brussels-based label Crammed to get behind them. Who says The Awards for World Music have no impact?

A lot of water has flowed under the proverbial bridge since this Antwerp-based collective named after a Thelonious Monk tune released their rough-and-ready debut Juggernaut (1997), which at the time was a home made thing ‘packed into a coffee filter glued on a cardboard sleeve’. Their eighth and latest effort Tráfico (2005) certainly looks a lot more professional, but the open-minded and free-ranging DIY ethic that powered them from the very beginning still seems very much in evidence. Tráfico is the second instalment in their productive association with a quartet of musicians from Recife in North Eastern Brazil, which began with Chuva em Pó in 2004. But Think Of One are a many-headed hydra of a band that manifests itself in a variety of incarnations, always fronted by founder member singer, guitarist and songwriter David Bovée. There’s the six-piece Balkan flavoured brass outfit called NAFT (‘Fuel’)– the core group – which tours in a converted truck that doubles as a mobile stage. Then there’s the aforementioned Tráfico, a ten-strong version of the band beefed up with four Brazilians. And there’s the Marrakech Emballages Ensemble, which combines their talents with those of B’Net Houaryet and two Gnawa musicians to seriously trancey effect, so far captured on three albums.

Projects in the pipeline include a collaboration with Canadian Inuit musicians, which seem to be talking longer than usual to bear fruit. Perhaps before it does, we’ll hear more from the Moroccan partnership or even one involving musicians from that vast former Belgian colony, The Democratic Republic of Congo. Whatever it is, expect wild Gypsy rhythms, fevered brass, hip hop, reggae, wiggy lounge vibes and lots of humour in the mix.

Jon Lusk.

Think of One's website
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I will be seeing them next Sunday at Dranouter Folk Festival, they were great the last time in Brussels! Come and see them in Dranouter, it will be Fantastic!

Filip & Hilde, Blankenberge, Belgium
They are great ! The past years,we've seen about 15 of their showcases, never borring, every time a super feeling after the show. They have a never ending inspiration, great musicians, all of them.

unai - Antwerp
this band really rocks .... their cd's are good but once you've seen them live... you're hooked

Jimmy Demuynck - Ypres Belgium
Muito muito bonito!!!!!!!

Andy Whitehouse, The Circle, Worksop, England
Think Of One at WOMAD was one of the best gigs I have ever seen. It was the sort of set you always dream of seeing where a band go ballistic in front of you and you just get sucked into it. They are the aural equivelant of a very exotic and heady cocktail. Fantastic.

Samdrub = Scotand
If there is such thing as the best band in the world....Think of One is such a THING/K

John Erbuer Recife
Think Of One Think Of Fun and lets 'party'. Bacana, muito legal.

Antoine Watoux - Toronto Canada
They deserve this award like no one else... This is one of the best world fusion bands i have ever heard. I've seen them on a festival in Europe and it was the most amazing show of the year. I've found out that they made several records before and hope to find them somwhere... Keep up the good work guys ! Antoine

Vicky - Almeria Spain
These guys deserve to win! Never was there any band that absorbed and mixed worldmusic to a complete new and energetic sound. Can't wait to hear what they will come up with next!

Wout Coppens - Berlaar - Belgium
Every gig of Think of One is an amazing experience! Big fun, you cannot but dancing! The group is the best medicine against racism in Antwerp!

Ingrid Coppens-Antwerp Belgium
The music is very entertaining, full of positive energy. The musicians are enthusiastic and are always having a good time on stage. It's a double pleasure for the audience.

bertrand - nantes
un groupe fabuleux, très originale

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