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Awards for World Music 2007 - Asia Pacific

Dadawa album cover
Dadawa is the artistic name of Zhu Zheqin, a young Chinese woman who is celebrated both in China and the West. Dadawa initially studied to be a teacher but after winning a TV talent quest followed her calling. She is the first Chinese singer to sell over a million CDs in her homeland. Equally, she is the first Chinese singer to receive an international release since the 1940s.

Dadawa was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.  She was discovered by He Xuntian, a Shanghai music professor who had been collecting Tibetan music for twenty years. Her first album Yellow Children (1992), recorded in China, was very well received. Dadawa and He Xuntian visited Tibet in 1995 and some samples recorded there found their way in Dadawa’s Sister Drum, published and released in Asia that year. This album went on to be hugely popular across China, establishing Dadawa as the brightest star in Chinese music and was released in the West by Sire/Elektra in early 1996.

Dadawa has been well received in the West, the beauty of her voice and soft, ambient music appealing to both fans of Asian and New Age music. Yet Dadawa and her producer/mentor He Xuntian's use of Tibetan folk music as the basis for some of their recordings has aroused some controversy, in the context of China's occupation of Tibet.   In her defence, Dadawa claims to love the folk music of Tibet and culture and has no contact with politics.

She and He Xuntian then recorded Voices From The Sky (1998).  After this Dadawa took a long break from recording. She returned to singing with 2006’s Seven Days, an album that finds Chinese folk melodies replacing the Tibetan ones of previous albums while keeping the lush, ambient orchestration.

Garth Cartwright

 Dadawa's entry on wikipedia
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Guojun, Singapore
I have only just begun to listen to Dadawa. Sister Drum and In The Setting Sun are her only songs I have heard as yet, but already I am in love with her music. It takes you away with the beautiful vocals, intense emotions and breathtaking cultural nuances it incorporates and it is truly, truly universal. It has opened my eyes to Tibet, a land I must visit one day. I am glad she followed her calling and braved all the political irony to share this wondrous music with the world!

Jamie - Vancouver
After becoming a fan of Dadawa one year ago while watching CCTV via satellite I had the opportunity to see her last May in Vancouver ... what can I say, she is more than music, it was more than a concert -- it was a mesmerizing event, similar to a spiritual experience! Bravo!

John Canada
Just went to her concert at the Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada on May 31,2007. WONDERFUL! Something Special!


Denis, Cumbria, England
I was looking for alternative world music a few years ago and discovered 'Sister Drum' in my local music shop - I was blown away by the whole album and will add this latest one to my collection.

ibogaine operator
Alive and kicking.She is just beautiful. but when does she come to sweden?

keekuan malaysia
in my music's memory between this 10 years. she's the best!

LeeChing BeiJing China
i love her music

Dadawa is talented musician but she should not propagate racist biases and myths about Tibet. "Sister drum' is a lie.

la xi China
Mystic music! I have loved Dadawa's music for long years.

Jun Yee, Kuala Lumpur
She has an amazing voice! Love her "Voices From The Sky" album.... absolutely enchanting. If anyone have more information about Dadawa, please contribute to the Wikipedia article I started some time ago... Thanks!

she's music is very special and beautful! she`s voice from the sky.

when the first time i heard her voice , i know it is the music from heaven, ,,,,


Zhang Cheng from Shanghai
I love the tibetan culture, I love the snow mountains there and I love Dadawa's heavenly music. I will always be there for you,Dadawa...

tjzqs@126.com china
She is perfect.

su wenju

mack Marshall,Canada
The music is wonderful, even thoough I do not understand all of the words, I understand the meanings of the music.

Cathy.ye China
special music artist

i can feel an exceptional sense of quiet,from a place goes afar. about life,having and losing,love,truth,universe.....

So Beautiful eastern music! I like DADAWA,I like DADAWA's music!

very good

beautiful voice

Carl Chu
wonderful music!

so beauty

flyinpku beijing
waiting for more wonderful works from dadawa !

julita canada
the best vocalist ever, incredible voice, great artist

Amy Portland
She has a great voice and her style is so not mainstream. I love her.

Min Chen,Vancouver,Canada
I can feel the sound of nature, which vibrates my heart. Her soul is from heaven.

Song China
So nice voice! Love it much!

xiawenjin ,Wuhan
i like it very much!!! Zhu Zheqin is the best!!!

Bensen,China Tsingtao
Dadawa is the Best in China!


i love Seven Days

Ailin China
very beautiful

I think dadawa is the great musician in china,she`s voice from the sky. I think so.I like dadawa.

Sunson Shandong
She is special,her music is special!Her music can always touch my heart!

bob china


mila fuzhou china
my dream is going on a pilgrimage to tibet, dressed my red skirt and take ur music

"Enlightenment City in Seven days each day opens up a new realization as you acquire it you and your suffering part company"

I like to hear she sing for more than ten years. she have potential to be a professional singer.

mei China Guangzhou
very good i like it from dadawa's new songs.

lipgirl from Guangdong
so fresh feeling, i cast a vote.

so good!Dadawa 's music are so beautiful, special music artist

seurat China

Jun Li China
She is the Master of the world music in China,Her music is touching my heart . I love her music very very much!

lilylip Guangzhou
i like it, i feel the greenness feeling for the seven days.

Her voice is very smooth and beauty.I've been hearing her songs for a few years.She is my favour singer.

Cynthia Shanghai
She is my idol,forever.

Ou Yong - Malaysia
i love her music

Stephen Wong
Her songs are beautiful and her voice is amazing.

Xiao Mei
She have beautiful voice, and her music touch's soul!!!

Susan Chang in San Francisco
Her voice touches my heart. Her music is so cultural and she brings out the beauty of the Chinese music. Keep up the good work Dadawa

Nacy England
Dadawa is the most important artist in morden China, her music,her performance ,and her view of the world.....

Canada Miranda
Dadawa is the Best in China!

Wang, Xi'an
Voices from the sky!!!

Biyi Dai in beijing
I like hers music.Good and pure sounds.

Ian in Vancouver Canada
Dadawa is one of the greatest World Music Divas on the Planet. It's good that the BBC has finally "discovered" her. It takes a very brave artist to be a true independent in China...I think she is the only one. She is hugely popular with hundreds of millions of people there and has a devoted fan base in the West, because her music is truly universal. As far as the music is concerned....well it speaks for itself...and it is sublime.

Danny / Fremont, CA
I like the song. It is differen, and in a way angelic.

Bruce, Beijing
Got strong satisfaction in mind! I can't express the feeling with any word.

my name is zhang kehua
it is very good!i like it.

i like hers song, it is very nice.

so good,i cast a vote

Mei Chen San Francisco
She have good voice, and mystic music!!!

Dadawa 's music are so beautiful,touching,and uniqe, She is the Chinese music Diva!

i love Seven Days

Eugenio Shanghai
We've been Dadawa fans for years, she is a great and innovative artist who deserves greater international recognition.

special music art

hanjie China
when i first listened to her sister drum,i almost could not believe so beautiful voice ,is her voice comes from the sky?

Harry Wang
She is not only a great artist, but also a cultural ambassador. I am so impressed by her passion & enthusiasm in different cultures, which are deeply embedded in her music.

Han Xiao
she has a very beautiful voice that could bring you into another world which makes you feel the real peace from your soul. Maybe that is the reason why she is so well recieved in China as well as in West.The real angel voice from the paradise.

Darenwu Shanghai
The best marvellous vioce in China.The best outstanding composer in the world.I like Dadawa and He xuntian so much.I am proud of their remarkable music.you will be winner,God bless you.

forever love her music...I was moved deeply

Albert Wong San Francisco CA

Derra Chen San Francisco
Wow,the singing is very great!

It really an art work, not just music.I think the artist must have special thinking in her mind.She do the great job!I like the album very much!

Joseph Chang , Taipei
I do love the album & her music!

L.H Beijing China
Dadawa has managed to convey a simple but very strong message in and through her music; love and peace, the eternal source of creativity and creation of all good stuff!

I love Dadawa's music for long years.

special music artist

Justin China
You are the BEST forever!Dadawa!

pake J.
a new physical experience. pake J.

i have loved her songs since i was a child,

moon from desert , lake.
magical voice , her music touch's soul , unforgetable music , love to play all time

Jenny, Beijing
Dadawa is such a unique artist with beautiful voice. Everytime I listen to her voice, I am strongly moved!

So Beautiful eastern music! I like DADAWA ~!

music transforms into a new structure a new language

Mystic music!

fitqq china
I think dadawa is the great musician in china,she`s voice from the sky.

Dadawa!! Oh! Great!!!!! Hope more the friends vote Dadawa!! Dadawa really is a godess of Music and vocal.Of cos and the most imoprtant man who is He Xu Tian!Dadawa really makes us fun.and always take us to get the new palce of music.we have to known so many cultures that we had had not know before to China and Asian even Africa So mysterious and fresh.

Beautiful eastern music!

Carl Peterborough
I bought Sister Drum a few years ago.Hadn't heard of Dadawa then- IT WAS ABSOLUTE TRIPE.Bland and uninteresting to the extreme. I can only assume she's making more interesting music now,although it's more likely that the 'World Music' record companies have decided she's the flavour of the moment....

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