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Awards for World Music 2006
Seu Jorge
No nation is currently hotter than Brazil when it comes to cinema and music (and let's not even consider the football). And, currently, no Brazilian artist is attracting more heat than Seu Jorge. Jorge gained international fame as Knockout Ned in 'Cidade de Deus' (City Of God ), the acclaimed film set in the violent favelas of Rio, so setting him up as a gifted character actor - he's since acted in Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic opposite Bill Murray and Angelica Houston. More importantly, cinematic fame has allowed the world to encounter Su's brilliant musical ability.

Jorge has long been recognised in Brazil as a singer-songwriter of great ability - the likes of Gilberto Gil and Chico Braque have suggested he is the true heir to their tropicalista throne - but City Of God's fame allowed him to sign a deal with a French producer and record the acclaimed album Cru. Jorge grew up in Rio's favelas but instead of turning to drugs and violence he chose music and acting as a way out.

Jorge's childhood was poor but it gave him a political commitment and ability to aspire for a better life through creativity. Living on the street, playing guitar and doing odd jobs, Jorge was taken on by a theatre company. In the mid-90s he formed Farofa Carioca, a pop-samba group who quickly became popular across Rio. Farofa Carioca only released one album but it established Jorge as a talent to watch and when he released his 1999 solo album Samba Esporte Fino it became album of the year in Brazil.

Jorge's reputation kept growing in Brazil until City Of God made the whole world aware of his talent. Signed by Gringo da Parada (one of the founders of Favela Chic), Jorge went to France to record Cru. Unlike many English and American singing actors Jorge is the real deal and Cru ranges from Jorge originals to covers of Elvis' 'Don't' and Serge Gainsbourg's 'Chatterton'. Employing classic Brazilian rhythms along with contemporary electronic and rock influences, Cru stands as a statement by a serious new talent. Jorge has also sung on Apollo Nove's just released Res Inexplicata Volans (Crammed) album. Apollo is considered Brazil 's leading producer of cutting edge music and Jorge lends his distinctive voice to two of the album's tracks.

Garth Cartwright 

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Just returned from two weeks in Bahia and was introduced to Seu on the beaches of Bahia. His music is fantastic and his voice reminds me of Lou Rawls of the United States who died last year. I highly recommend his MTV concert video filmed in Sao Paolo in 2004.

Michael Scotland
I also first heard him on 'The Life Aquatic....', the way his voice and guitar mix in the air is very pleasing and his great sense of rythmn really enhances the songs he covers.

JP - London
His live album with Ana is impressive. It is his voice which first caught my attention. Absolutely unique

Dicon/ North Kensington - London
I've just heard Seu Jorge And he's just brilliant...That is not the kind of music I really Like but I have to say. It's just phenomenal...As a Brazilian I am very proud of him.

Ryan eccleston. Pompano Beach. Florida
The coolest man on earth

Sammie, London
Everyone should be given some Seu Jorge at birth, the world would be a better place for sure. I cannot understand what he is saying, but believe me I feel it!! I am going to see him on sunday at the roundhouse and cannot wait!!!

Harry, London
I just bought the carolina album, its the most powerful sound- he is the real deal!!!!!!!

sukyung - seoul, corea
Seu Jorge, OTIMO !

Janina, Germany
His voice is really wonderful(and sexy). And not only his voice. :-)If I would not be a reasonable adult person I would immediately fall in love with him. He is a small Weltwunder. :-)

james houston texas usa
I first heard him on the life aquatic with steve zizzou his voice is amazing and his sound is entrancing I'm going to buy his album

Michael, England
The man is so inventive, he didnt just interpret Bowie's lyrics, he changes them, to make a more poignant and beautiful track, as an avid Bowie fan it's hard to admit but some of his tracks actually sound better, his album cru is amazing too, buy it!!!!

Ruperto Radoni - Forest Gate the center of the uni
He is very inspirational and his music is beautiful, he's extremely talented i respect him as a musician and as a person. im also a musician studying music and like the guitar is to Jorge the piano is the same to me. peace out jorge!!!

Alex, Manchester
The mans a genius, his version of life on mars by david bowie (sung in portugese) is awesome

Domingos Neto- Areia Paraiba,Brazil
He's the perfect sound of Brazil and the real sound of culture!!

He smashed it at the barbican last november. No Caminho do Bem!!!

katarina germany
he`s voice is so great. it gives me the creeps! I never thougth, that portuguese could sound that cool.

cristian, new york
well seu is the best sound i hear friend went to brazil and brought his album i think is the best album and artist that i ever heard

Fred - Brazil/Canada
Seu Jorge, his name sounds like a man who takes care of a tiny corner store in a suburb. I was going out to dance samba in 2002 with my girlfriend and he was performing, we have never heard of him before. She said: Meu Deus! how could a singer be called Seu Jorge!

cristina- rio- Brasil
sr. jorge is one of the most tallented singer and song writer in Brasil. Brazilians are very proud that he's one of the nominees

Wanda Diniz /Salvador Bahia
I heard him a long time and he is FANTASTIC!!!!.,He is a great music!,

Regina Rio de Janeiro
He is the best. I love so much

Rafael Aguiar - Brasil
Seu Jorge This man is excessively good !!!

Lawrence Nunes - Brasil
Seu Jorge is perfect, is the best.

Renata São Paulo/Brasil
Seu Jorge and Ana Carolina.The best sunday,15jan2006

Joabe Brazil
Luciano Conrado - Abre Campo/MG, Brasil
This is the best! This is wonderful!!!

Laura London
I heard him the first time when I was in Brazil. He played with another band Farofa Carioca...witch is amazing!! The album is called Moro no Brasil ('98). I saw him performing in London...such great atmosphere! It's a top country, great people, great music! Saudade is the only word...left...before I return.

Guilheme - Brasil
The best of samba-rock in Brazil.

Nils Helsinki
Seu Jorge has a great Live album out with Ana Carolina called "Ana & Jorge Ao Vivo". Check it out - it´s really ao vivo!

Simone, Brazil
I heard him singing with Ana Carolina in their record "Ana e Jorge", and it's wonderful! They're very good!

Luis São Paulo - Brazil
I don't have words to discribe what I felt was amazing, his sound its so relaxing and beaultiful that i could be felt in love by the first person who across my way That's why the brazilian' songs it's the greatest in the world
This is the best!!!!!!!!!!

Sasha Nottingham
I heard him in London on his first concert here - he was fantastic - the audience was mostly brazilian and they took over the floor dancing

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