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Awards for World Music 2006
Emmanuel Jal

If the tale of how Emmanuel Jal became one of Africa's most famous rappers sounds like the stuff of a Hollywood movie, that's because it soon will be. His struggle to survive as a child soldier in Sudan's seemingly endless civil war intersects with that of the British Aid worker Emma McCune, who smuggled him into Kenya after he¹d spent five horrific years in the bush. Emma's Story is currently being filmed by Tony and Ridley Scott. And Emmanuel Jal's has been all over the British press.
Only months after she'd adopted him, McCune was killed in a car crash, but Emmanuel stayed on in Nairobi, finding strength in Christianity and a voice inside his head which compelled him to sing. Soon, he was organising concerts for Nairobi's homeless children and refugees like himself, and formed several groups, including one called the Reborn Warriors. Eventually, he produced his own single 'All You Need Is Jesus'. His later hit 'Gua' went to number one in Kenya.
The song was re-recorded for Emmanuel's international debut Ceasefire (2005), a joint album with oud player and singer Abdel Gadir Salim. Emmanuel's heartfelt raps slip and slide between English, Arabic, Swahili, Dinka and his first language, Nuer. He¹s also a rather soulful singer, as tracks like 'Elengwen' demonstrate. The fact that a twentysomething gospel-influenced rapper (Emmanuel doesn't know his exact age) has joined forces with a veteran musician from the Muslim north of Sudan is symbolic of their hope for a peaceful future in their country. The latter's oud skips over chattering percussion, mellow sax and airy accordion from his fabulous band Merdoum All Stars, and for a hip hop album, it's surprisingly easy on the digital beats.
On stage, Emmanuel bobs and weaves with sure presence and shows a wisdom beyond his years. He was at ease conducting a crowd of 5,000 at the recent Live 8: Africa Calling gig in Cornwall. Who better to be a spokesperson for the Campaign to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers? Most recently, he's grabbed more headlines with his contribution to the charity album Help: A Day In The Life, which became the fastest selling download album in history.
For now, the ceasefire in Sudan is holding, but as this lyric from 'Gua' shows, Emmanuel will have lots to rap about for the foreseeable future: 'I can't wait for that day when the/ wonderful people go back home/ And plan their nation in this generation/ I can't wait for that day.'

Jon Lusk.

Official website
Feature on World Music Network
BBC 1Xtra documentary: Soldier Boy

JK, Melbourne in Australia

Kasem, Egypt
Baii, one of the most amazing songs i heared in a while. first song i heared by Emmanuel, cannt wait to get the cd. keep the good work going... 

Nyakong kun, Melbourne
Well done Jal,you deserve it to have that talent and dont let it go hold till, and one day one time you will be somebody. we all there for you supporting you and never feel lonely just feel we all home. thanks Jal for your music and God bless ya. 

your so amazing andyour music has changed my life forever! i love you! 

ahmed justin dubai
yoooooo JALLLLL. you somme tight ass rapper man keeep doin yo thing brother we all sudanese south and north be easyy ma boi peace out. 

Denggak K. Denggak
I personally never heard of the music but based on what i have been told,it work. Please remain stable. Peace out. 

Gat Ram Mi Raan (BJ) Melbourne, Australia
Is good to have some one like Jal we should be very proud of him, because he represents whole continent of Africa in world stage. And I blieved one day Jal will be great star like late Tupac Shakur,Bob marely and many more.So now I urge everyone to support him by buying his Cds because without our supports he will not go anywhere,don't burn his cd just let us do it for the sake of our country. Once again I would like to congretulates Jal for his achievement in his music career Keep it up brother!!! 

Dominic Deng
Iam glad to learn that we Southern Sudanese have guys who sing good song like Emmanuel Jal, keep up wonderful work bro. Wishing you well. Dominic Deng in South Pacific. 

Puok Golong Teny , Canada
Daer Emmanuel Jal I have been listening your music on BBC radio, it was wonderful music I ever heard, Please keep up the good work and God will be with you days& nights.To reach me Thanks 

Calgary , Canada
emmanuel ,unffortunatly i never got the chance to personally meet you even though my brother Chuchu and lil' sis. awilli know you, i feel like i also know you,I admire your hard work as a young hip hop artist, keep up the good job your fan Natana Simon Mori Didumo 

sup jal when ever i listen to ur muzik i feel so happy n when ever i think about i feel sad anywayz keep dat job up o love u much love from viola. 

Reem, Sudan
Simply amazing! 

Way to do it Jal. We all have a call for anything and your call to be a musician has no doubt. Your songs are very meaningful and keep going with that talent. You can do it with all the effort and do not give up for a call. Manyang, In U.S.A

guot makuer from south sudan
hi man keep it up I know but you forgot we will meet again now Iam in australia and I need more support so that we can bring our country up through music.from lilshao and I will see you again.

James Nguen
I'm wordless Jal, and I'm certainly do not what to tell you. But surely enough, you have hit the heart of what we are supposed to doing. We were once powerless, force out of our mother laps, and wonder around like bloodless human being, it is our time to educate the world of what have gone through as children should not happened to other ckids globally.Jal, you are th ultimate poweeful force beyond our exodus. I promise, we can do what we can if want to Canada. James Nguen, in Canada

Achol Madut, Sydney, Australia
Hey Jal, It doesn't take long for honest and humble people to achieve what they want. Man your such a symbol of hope and peace . Keep it up. Cheers.

nyapan taban Australia
hi jali just want to say im very proud of you and when you first started singing i knew that you had it in you and you would become a big star. every sudanese in Melbourne luv's your voice luv you jal and can't wait to see you.


Sheelagh Hull UK
I just discovered you Jal....amazing and beautiful. You are inspirational. I hope Sudan finds peace...

hi man guot makuer
long time no see but I hear about man doin good you know iam from sudan and iam proud of you

my name is lilshao from tas
yo man how you doin I know you are great man for sudan in the future you will bring our country up you know,I think you know me we rap together in africa long time ago and if god is there he will keep our talent up for sudan god will bless jal from boy called lilshao

kiki, melbourne
ey jal nicely done man keep it up...we need a few more peeps like u to rep Tha Durty South so u miye be hearin a whole lot more of kiki(mwa0 soon. nice rymes brotha chie lel nnangua au sio.

Eugenio Awak Mario
He is done/doing good. I knew Jal would end up doing such things as raps and I expect more from him, cos the guy is outgoing and he never a fraid of anything. Back in Ethiopia when used to roll together, he was the first amongst us to speak English out of nothing. We met famous people because him. I don't even know if he could remember me, cos it's been a while but doesn't matter. Just do your thing man. I'm now finishing my bachelor of engineering as(Power engineer) Awak Mario

AJ from Philadelphia, PA
Yo, Emanuel, Your the best homeboy. I have listened to all your tracks from your CD,Dowg, they are very inspirational to many young Sudanese who are out there in the ruined country of Sudan. The only thing that I would tell you is to keep up the good work, and in end when you see some changes, you will be like yeah,living life is going to be worthy to the youg children who are now in our country wanting to be free from our insurgent goverment. By AJ

Chuol, Lony
what pou done is really good Man Jal. its good to have some body like you who did that kid of music please keep it up bro always proind of you all people differnt as well God bless!! iam here in westside of Australia.or (WA)

Bior A. Arok, salt lake city, utah
This is the greatest thing that's ever happenned to us (sudanese). We'll always be proud of u emannuel, You are an inspiration to all of us. You speak for us all in your soulful lyrics - and we highly appreciate your music. I had the opportunity of listening to two of your songs and I liked them very much. Thanks.....

Lony, Westren Australia
ilike the songs please Jal keep it strong you are the best!!

Acholkina Malony
Keep up and even higher Jal, You best made us heard in those track. Pump in more of the Sudanese culture in your music around the world. Cheers. A. Malony, Melbourne Australia.

cnnyke, Dubai.
What's goon, really good to hear that you are doing what you always did best even in kile. Still doing the same too. God bless you bro and keep on keeping on. This is goon Peter in Dubai.

sunday paul
Jal you are such a hero, having gone through lots of pain as a child and still standing strong and telling it to the world.God bless u

i think the whole world need people like Emanuel Jal!! keep it up man!! Neema

Hatari, Downtown
Fellow countryman, keep it up. Prove it that we children of the Sudan had bad and good experiences in the course of the war. We still have greatness and we will achieve it to the fullest once again. Keep ya head up.
G, Brighton
I have personally met emanual jal. He is the nicest guy ever. Met him with the bbc actually on the south east news at a concert in brighton. And i respect him very much much better than all these american bling bling rappers.

morris stephen
Emmanuel is amazing he found a sudanese rap method. keep your head up .....


Michael Mayom Ajith, Australia ( Victoria
Hello! how cool to hear that you are still pumping well(hits), man! sisi mafan we are proud for you and we hope that you will be an example for many youngsters who are trying to get to the music world. "Rock the music industry".

Roxanne, Devon, UK
Thankyou for lending me your time at Womad, your words filled me with hope and I'd like to think my words made you feel the way yours did me. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. Thankyou.
Ayii Abdelbagi Akol
Good indeed. I love to hear

luke stroud
i saw this bloke at womad i think he is the best hip hop artist and sould be mutch more famous

jack goodrum crondall
i think he is a great role modal as he has recentley visited my school

Saiyed jima
what up man that is unbelievable when i heart your history but there is not thing we couldn't done to stop all the mistake that are done by government and glad you got throw that and to tell others what really happened and good lock with your inspirition of live journey.My name is Saiyed and Iam from southern Sudan but living in United State and can believe it you lived with your at that age it must feel like the end of world.

Nathan ,from canada
jal, the greatest sudanese MC of all time. Nathan Simon Mori didumo

Donna ATL,GA
As he says, "All we need is Jesus Christ" Be blessed Emmanuel and may God continually use you to make believers of others.

Matze Schmidt
Yo! We heard Emmanuel live at the Africa Festival in Wuerzburg, Germany in May 2006. First the sound engineers fucked up the beat but then they learned about deep bass ;) It was certainly the best performance at the place. They should have given him and his fellows more time than just this short hour. My girlfriend, my daughter and me enjoined it very much! best Matze, Sabine & Josefine

Zechariah James-Gatkose Gatnog Machar from Nuer Ba
I really like Emmanuel Jal even at my first time when I heard his songs I filled fly, I felt as God will going to hear our pray & bring a peace to our country, It's not mean that it will not but I believe that It will be one day. Anyway brother I want u to continue in what u are doing, now the white people will know that black people are really people may the Lord almighty be with u there where ever u are. Zechariah james gatnog Machar

What up cuz, you're really did a wonderfull job. We are all proud of ya cuz you represent our country. Let me give you a ward of encouragement, I believe that you aren't drinkin alcohol? don't do that please, you really do the right think now. Secondly, yoa need to visit Goodlife/Omaha Nebraska in America. I hope you will like it if you come up here. Keep up the good work dud. One love bro.. God bless ya. DDK.

Nyibol, London
Emmanuel Jal is a wonderful and humble individual who knows where he came from and knows where his going. He has a beautiful heart and sings with it. Not only a role model to the southern Sudanese musicians and youth, Emmanuel Jal is the key to open the musical gateway for others to hear, see and acknowledge what is going on in the south. I have drawn these conclusions from just listening to his music and beautiful voice when he sings in his native language. I can only imagine what he will be like in reality. South Sudan Oiyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Reath .Danmark
Yo Jal tha music is good man keeep itup and god will still keep blessin you been looking foward to rap dude from country nigga i cant wait to see your music videos. im rapper too . but i still in grind you way open it up dont give it up Southside Sudan that´s what´s it this

Khor Biel Gai
I very proud of you brother because you have shown us how we can better people with our own songs. Emmanuel deserve this award because his songs base only on true stories. Thank Emmanuel Jal, we just need some more songs brother and get ready to visit us her in U.S.A.

Nyuol Madut, Melbourne
Jal, you are indeed a role model and a voice of inspiration to thousands of Sudanese youngsters who are still struggling to build confidence and sense of identity in themselves, the greatness and continuity of your fame in music world lie in using your wit to bring other young Sudanese talents to music spotlight.

victor (sudan)
it is very mice to have a rapper who will be representing sudan,i hope you will be agreat rapper. so keep it on jal thanks

Dj Cola -Sydney
O man, Jal your music is good dogz. keep up the good work and may God bless you. Iam a hip hop and rnb,dancehell dj from Australia and to all my people around the World check out for G rida Sydney, and myman Hotdogz from Canda, their alblums is coming out soon. and till now jah bless all ya.

Michael Mayom, Australia[ Melbourne]

Mukakimenyi, France
as a friend, you are awesome. very humble and such an angel:) i thank God for you and for your voice of peace in this generation.

kan elijah, australia
jal is gifted. my appeal is to all people who knows jal and want to help to promote his music world wide.. guys! i want us to know that, to help jal, we have to spend money to by his music not to burn it of from friend, to do so will encourage jal and our country boy would fly higher. chills jal.. monica! did you lived in kwanguare before going to america? if so, jal will never and ever forget you.. kan

Marwan O.D, USA
Hey Great Music! Keep representing Sudan bro and we are all one...

Rohini from North London
I saw Emmanuel Jal perform at the Amnesty International UK conference at Warwick University and he is incredible. He is also the sweetest guy and his songs are amazing- he lit up the whole room!! His lyrics are incredible and bring home the injustice that child soldiers face! He is truly a legend!

Awili Simon Mori D from Kenya
Man you have come a long way u deserve nothing but the best ur such a sweet guy i alwayz remember how u stood beside me when my Dad passed away u were there 4 me thanks bro. May God blessings be with you now n 4ever, much mapenzi.

Naama Margalit
My kids and I loved dancing to it

Gai Jang
I think it a very good song.
emmanuel akook deng a k a mr waar jacksonville fl
yea yea man wat you did was the bomb.Iam a singer too with the same name and i got my first cd out in 2005 self titled album.My style is reggae and i speak jamaican or carribean language but not from there iam from a small town in south sudan called awan chan and thanks keep it up!

God Bless You

Emmanuel ochan
i think he his good but he needs to make it on cd's all around the world

Jal, You are the great rapper of Southern Sudan. South Sudan needs all kind of skills including music.

Jacob Akech Deng, From Canada
It is all to people.

D. L Kharoum, Sudan
You are doing great man, keep it up. For our land is looking forward, having a great hope in our generation of today, who knows the truth and can reveal it in so many various ways and music is one of those ways. Keep on.

Lulu Oatley - W Yorks
You give us one more reason to be proud of South Sudan. May you continue to grow in every way!

Tut Yat, Nebraska, USA
Danielle, You said you really want to get in touch with the artist Emmanuel Jal in order to schedule a show with him and you asked if anyone know his website address. His website address is: I work with Emmanuel Jal and if you have any question feel free to contact me. Tut Yat, Producer/Manager Nebraska, USA

Aduei Riak, United States of America
Hi Jal, I just hope that I record a song with you someday. You rock and keep up the good work.

Juan - USA
Keep the good work man, you are great to our nation and to the world. I wish you could comes to the United States of America Omaha Nebraska.

Nee, Edinburgh
You've come along way and you show yes it can be done, God bless you,keep the faith

peter pal London
emmanuel new website is the reason is first website is down is coz he had issues with his record lebel.

Joshua Chiundiza Sydney Australia
Brother, Your strenght is a ray of hope for all of Africa. Your compassion is a true reflection of Jesus himself. Your music makes me proud to be an African. God bless you!

Emmanuel Makauch, Minneapolis Minnesota U.S.A
Hey Emmanu, I do not think that you need an explanation as to who is Emmanuel Makuach.Well, do you you recalled a ship that sunk on the River Nile in 1987? I bet you do.I need to hear a song about it by you.Jal I have always thought that someone in our generation would put the Southern Sudan on the map as far the music is concerned and boy was I right.Brother I can not put in words how proud Am of you.Keep up the wonderfull job and God bless and I do hope to see you any time soon.

Monica Dim - London
Your album is hot, hot, hot!!!! keep up the good job, we are proud of you.

Nyibol - Baai TV , London
You hard work and talent will take you far. Hot album, Great person. proud of you.

Does anyone know why cannot be accessed? I've tried from college's internet and back at home. In both places, i get an error message that says i do not have the authorization to access that website. Any suggestions? I really want to get in touch with the artist in order to schedule a show with him.

Mick - Swansea
Funky or what ! As a DJ to get one dance floor killer on a CD is a bonus. To get 4 or 5 as on this CD is stunning. Great CD, great performer, great message.

G -Canada
yo! so proud you man 'am already a big fan of ur music and i just want u to keep real. forshow!!! staybless, G
Sunni M Baran
I first hear "Ceasefire" on BBC. I ordered the CD. I love the music so much. I would buy whatever he does. I respect his struggle, I admire his talent, and I congradulate his success. I am given great heart by knowing someone can go through his struggle and produce something so wonderful for the world at large. I love it!!! Want more....yes. lv sunni

Rambang, Canada
I just learned about u, I like how u keeping it real bro...Our generation need men like u. I wish u would come to Canada one day. Keep ur head up.

Nathan Simon Mori D
Emmanuel, u r like no other, am proud of you bro.keep up the good job. brothers up here in Canada love & apreciate you, your lyrics is dope and everything you say has a significant meening, and for that I unanimoslly vote you the best sudanese artist.

Lee Newnham, Cornwall UK
I had the pleasure of seeing this man live at live8 Cornwall. The stage lit up as he walked on and the crowd stood in awe as he performed for us all. The man is incredible to watch and to listen to. AMAZING!!!

Tagi , Khartoum Sudan
I am so amazed by this guy his music is so nice and lovel

Lousie, Edinburgh
Emmanuel is amazing live!!!! I caught him & female support act Ayak about a month ago & they were Brilliant. Give me Emmanuel Jal over 50 cent any day!!!

Louise, Edinburgh
I saw Emmanuel Jal doing a gig supporting Amnesty international in my home town about a month ago. I wasn't expecting much because of the hype to tell the truth. But I was soon shown otherwise.He is an amazing live performer & he's love for humanity is apparent. He's female support act called Ayak was amazing too! The sooner we see him topping the charts with his life inspiring music, instead of the likes of 50 cent then justice will be served!!!!! Emmanuels newly converted biggest fan!!!! Lousie

Credit where credit is due. His message is what the next generation needs. His music is beautiful.

Yo Jal! Keep the good work up and always remember where your from. Hey! you know will'be doing music someday together eh! call me...

Monica - Chicago
Emmanuel and I shared a very nice thing, a common friend, who helped him get where he is. The difference between him and I, is that I am not famous, and I do not forget my friends , and he does. Too bad, Emma, greatness is a gift of the heart, and has nothing to do with money or fame.


fortune NIGERIA

good girl in London and comes from sudan
hello, emmanuel Jal is a very very gorgeous rapper and he came straight from sudan, then came to london and started singing. i am really pleased with him.

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