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Awards for World Music 2006
Fanfare Ciocarlia
Rising from a reputedly 'invisible' village, Fanfare Ciocarlia, the world's foremost Gypsy brass band, have gone on to create a furious Balkan funk that has set the planet dancing. The 12-piece orkestar from Romania's Moldova region came to prominence initially in 1995 when German national Henry Ernst stumbled across their tiny village of Zece Prajini - not on any map! - and found a secret hothouse of Gypsy music. Ernst was impressed enough to go back to Germany, sell all his possessions and book some concerts for the orkestar he had named Fanfare Ciocarlia: fanfare is a French word for brass band while ciocarlia is the Romanian lark.

Ernst's enthusiasm proved infectious and Fanfare Ciocarlia were an instant hit with audiences, their roaring horns encouraging people across the planet to get up and dance. Even by world music standards the success of Fanfare Ciocarlia comes out of leftfield: the band members were peasant farmers and factory workers, men who played at weddings and baptisms for extra lei yet were not lautari (the caste designating professional Gypsy musician in Romania ). 
Rooted in the soil of their native Moldavia, the music Fanfare make is relentless in its tempo and ferocious in delivery, music powered by great spirit and a desire to include everyone in the party. 1997 saw the release of their debut Radio Pascani, a full throttle dose of Balkan brass madness that shook speakers and rattled skulls. This, combined with regular touring, meant Fanfare found a fan-base stretching way beyond the world music crowd: rockers and techno fans could also be found embracing their wild, roaring groove.

CD2 Baro Biao (World Wide Wedding) was released in 1999 and proved the band could stretch into playing the Balkan blues alongside their furious festive workouts. 2001's Iag Bari's sombre moods and swelling brass is a masterpiece of contemporary European music. In 2004 they released a DVD, The Story Of The Band, featuring a documentary and a live concert. In 2005 Fanfare issued Gili Garabdi: Ancient Secrets of Gypsy Brass that finds then ranging from the James Bond Theme to Duke Ellington, all the while sounding only like Fanfare. Constantly inventive and hugely entertaining, Fanfare Ciocarlia are Balkan master musicians.

Garth Cartwright 

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Petre, Bucharest
Great guys, great music.

Hallo, Armenia
That is the most wonderful music

Peter Stafford
They kicked out my winter blues and drummed laughter back into my heart.Hurrah for Fanfare Ciocalia!

al san diego
These guys are the Taraf de Haidouks of brass..I have listen to all their stuff over and over again, more concert recordings should be released soon please! More anything... More... Please Henrey Ernst..More anything.

Joe Gibson / Manchester
Yeah you can't get better entertainment... Nothing comes close... Musicianship that makes me swell with excitement every time I hear it... Can I join the band!!!???

Cor Weerts - Stein
Fanfare Ciocarlia is the best Balkan Brassband I ever heard. Boys, don't stop performing!!

jane/vermont, usa
these guys make me smile. more! more!

Barbara, Oslo
They are the best, definitly.

Kilian / Barcelona
It's the perfect music to travel far away using the mind. My soul lifts up when I listen to their mad songs, it's a feeling of sadness mixed up with hapiness that transports my thinkings to a far place that I never imagined that could exist. Olé!

Mirko, Pozega, Croatia
They are inspiration for me

flamenquito – españa
Thank your for your music. It is the best ethnic music that I’ve heard and I am a Spanish Gitano. Here, we play Flamenco and it is quite distinct from that which you play, but I love your music.

pablo, mexico
it's just wonderful "long live to fanfare ciocarla"

Ramona Sandel - Bordeaux
Congratulations Oprica!

Andi, Austria
Gratulation´s The best Gypsy Band in the world! The best live Band i Know!!! La multian Fanfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stefan / Aldershot U.K.
Jake NYC
I mean is good but not even close to Boban Markovic Gypsy Band. Boban is king.

Branko ,Amsterdam
Absolute winners!!!!!!!

jan-hugo / maastricht / holland
fanfare ciocarlia.... the best....and I,v seen a lot of fanfares in Europe.

Miho / Japan
I am a big fan of FANFARE CIOCARLIA.I've been waiting for this opportunity. They are great inspiration to me.

Mihai, Sweden
They are really great! Congratulations!

Martin, London
Fanfare Ciocarlia makes probably the most uplifting *dancable* music I know. The spirit just lifts you up. The band is an experience in itself. I've seen them twice on tour in the UK, and I can't wait to see them again.

Erik Bruyland
I heard these musicians in Ghent Belgium.This brass band is simply the best. They deserve the BBC-3 Planet Award for World Music Europe

Is the best Band of Europe! I like them very much and their albums! I hope they will win!

Alexa Barosana /Zece-Prajini/Romania/
I hope they will win!Are the BEST!I saw a few of their concerts.I don't have words!They are ...simply,onest and hepfull people and good musician's!Thei are the best!They must to win!Good luck dad!Oprica

Anca from New York-America
Ilove them!I heard their albums!Are great!I hope they will win!

Mark Urban Derby UK
AAAAAArrrggghhhh, what a band. I want to see them live. Why don't they ever play in the UK?

Laura(Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)
they are the BEST!!!Great choice!They dizorve thia competition.All the albums are great.They are the real giants of Gipsy brass.

they are THE BEST!!!THEY MUST TO WIN!I listen all their albums in special ,,Gili Garabdi".Good luck!

Marian Iasi Romania
Fanfare Ciocarlia is No.1

Unu' / Bistritz (Rom)
This isn't music in matter, but a great joy of life blown in a crazy rithm by the down-deep of their's into their horns. When you hear it, you cannot stay still furthermore. There must be a part of you having got stucked between the sounds. They bring everything to fire and it makes you hurry not to remain only with the trash. I can only be fond for them.

Lilli - Berlin
The best way to forget all trouble, is dancing to the dizzy tempos of this musik. Fanafare Ciocarlia is incredible!

Stefan -The Netherlands
Their cd's are great, but their concerts are phenomenal. I have been to a concert in Amsterdam and I was struck by the menace of it. They play so fast I can barely believe it. What a crazy music! They deserve the award

Duende / UK
Hold onto your wig because they will blow the it off!!! Great musicians, great music.

Ivan from Recklinghausen, GERMANY
They´re faster than the speed og light. Any punkband can cut big slices from them. They come directly from Hell. Yihaaaa.

OLga /Portugal
I saw them for the first time last year in autria ant i was really positiv amazed! Their music has the power to make people feel without any worries! their musich brings joy to life!:-) I hope the come to austria again and also to Portugal, of course! Fiquem bem!

Marketa Klimova/ Czech Republic
I wish they could play on my wedding party...They`re great musicians - the "ciocarliaS" :-)

Joana, Portugal
Addictive! One of my privileged choices, no doubt about it! Keep on that marvellous horns! Best of lucks (and I still hope you'll be able to play at my wedding...)

Alexandra (Roman-Romania)
The best BRASS BAND of Romania and of World,the onest and the frendly guyes.I hope to see them so soon on Romania"s stage.I like them.

Paula L. / Leipzig
I hope they will win this award as they are the greatest Gypsy band ever!

Jivko Djamiarov Bonn Germany
Fanfare ciocarlia are the kings of speed brass. Soulfull, with passion and joy they create music that is way beyound the borders of imagination. This is music that make the people happy. Keep it that way! Greetings from Bulgaria! Hope to see you on concert in Cologne.

Marian E. / Bucuresti
This is an amazing band full of nature and thrills! Defenitly the best brass band coming from Romania. Keep on rocking!!!

Vasi,New York
They are the best.

THE BEST!!! absolutely MAGNIFIQUE!!!

maria, switzerland
smply the best!

gabriela, switzerland
Absolutely THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

allen , Armenia
good music
Rennkuckuck / Germany
Simply amazing!

cristian, barcelona
fanfare ciocarlia and taraf de haiduci are the best. forget about bregovic... those two groups will move anything that is not made of stone!!!

Marina Ivanova / Stip / Macedonia
Fanfare Ciocarlia is the best and finest Gypsy Brass Band from the Balkan region - definitly! One of the last bands which keeps tradition alieve.

Simiom Milovic / Skopje
The best Brass Band ever!!!

Udo Maier - Dresden - D
Just listening this gorgeous song - super! Madness like the sound of Emir Kusturica's movies. I'm exalted!

Anouk / Glasgow
YES!!!!!! May these brilliant musicians win and inspire those in charge of the Big hug to Zece Prajini from Anouk

Diana Maier - Halle/G
Super! I'm glad to see this Gpysy band nominated for the Awawrd. Good choice! Diana

Sophie Gräffen aus Berlin
They are brilliant - they are sophisticated! Fanfare Ciocarlia are my favourite band! Even they could not play at my wedding four years ago - I'hope they will manage to play at my funeral!

Vera Francik (Abbeville-F)
I heard them live in Paris this year. Phenomenal musicians. Fanfare Ciocarlia’s live performance blew me away. I hope to hear and see more of them.

Peter Macalister - London
Yeah! I´m still jumping! Their album "Gili Garabdi" is so great. It´s made for dancing without any electronical shit. Full of energy and very enjoyable, thanks a lot!

mihai mitran romania
Best etno brass band ever! Soul, force and (super)natural driven groove! A must!

Arnim Vlaade - Heerlen, NL
Congratulations!!! You got what you deserved!!!

B. Scholze / Bremen / Germany
I just saw them recently at a concert in Bremen - I had no idea who they were and they just blew me away with their crazy but masterly brass music. It was one of those shows that just got under the skin. The arrangements and repertoire were amazing and fabulous but there was something about their naturalness that was unforgettable. What a experience! The band were making very near contact with the crowd and laughing and smiling to them - great entertainers and traditions sustainer!

Guido S., Berlin
Perfect choice! Gypsy Rock'n'horns fuelled on natural beats and balkan wit... I hope they will win!

Marina Kelerova / Prague
Since I bought their first cd "Radio Pascani" years ago I became a big fan of them. I follow up each concert of Fanfare Ciocarlia here in Prague and every time this band makes me happy! They show me that handmade music is still alieve and full of power like techno. Hey guys - please never stop to play for us!!!

Mihai Popescu (Iasi, Romania)
I have heard Fanfare Ciocarlia performing on many occasions in Germany. They are simply magical!!! I think Fanfare Ciocarlia are Romanian's best ambassador of music in the world!

Andrea Ciobanu from Bucharest (Romania)
Fanfara Ciocarlia deserves this award for sure! I'm proud to see Romania and our Roma minority represented by this great band!

Marta Calabuig - Huesca
great to see this band nominated for the bbc world music award! I saw several concerts of fanfare ciocarlia here in spain and they are absolut brilliant - playing real balkan brass madness!

Sasha / Paris
I love them. One of my favourite bands ever! They are the real giants of Gypsy brass.

Ivan Kromm / Amsterdam
Great choice! This band is hot! I saw quite a few of their concerts in the last few years and was completely thrilled each time, dancing the night away. What a sound, what a beat!! They are touring as lot but if you haven´t got the chance to see them live soon, get their DVD with a lot of great material on it ... highly recommendable! Hope they will win the award.

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