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Awards for World Music 2006
Armenian Navy Band
Armenia is a nation that invokes many descriptions: landlocked, ancient, nestled in the foothills of the Caucasus mountains and bearer of many tragic events. Yet Armenia is also celebrated for its music, especially the duduk, a flute carved from apricot wood with a cane reed whose range is barely one octave. When played by a master such as Djivan Gasparyan the duduk creates one of the loneliest, most moving sounds ever heard.

Yet Armenia is not land locked in the past; instead, it has maintained a connection with Western thought and culture - this has been helped by a huge Armenian diaspora, many of whom live in the USA - and The Armenian Navy Band are the most brilliant example yet of how an ancient culture can comfortably blend with a contemporary one.

The Armenian Navy Band was founded by the percussionist/vocalist of Armenian descent, Arto Tunçboyaciyan. Arto likes to describe The Armenian Navy Band as 'avant garde music from Armenia' which suggests something of the band but is a little limiting. The band have a strong jazz influence and to this they bring in all manner of folkloric instrumentation so building an organic creation that, well, swings.

Along with others of the Armenian diaspora, Arto Tuncboyaciyan grew up on the outskirts of Istanbul. Arto turned to music to celebrate his culture and here he managed to keep alive the spirit of Armenia. The sorrow and loneliness, also to be found in African-American jazz and blues, are mixed here with the melancholy Armenian spirit. Yet there is also joy, love and solace.

The Navy Band is composed of twelve Armenian musicians and the compositions are all Arto originals which - using his words - 'have the sound of my life'. The instruments vary from traditional: duduk, zurna, kemanche, kanun to contemporary: trombone, alto sax, tenor, soprano sax, trumpet, bass, drums, keyboard and piano. The Armenian Navy Band have released 3 CDs: 1999's Bzdik Zinvor, 2001's New Apricot and 2004's Natural Seed.

'I don't give direction to anybody,' says Arto. 'I let you imagine for yourself but what I try to give you is Love, Respect, Truth. I believe this is the path for trust. Trust is one of the simplest forms of wealth in this world. This is what we need.' 

Garth Cartwright 

Official website
Arto Tuncboyaciyan site


Shoushan Baghboudarian, Los Angeles, Ca.
Wow, this is TRUE Armenian music. Bravo... my and my husband truly enjoyed your gift. Harkanknerov Shoushan

Ara Glendale california
You guys ROCK! Arto and others, your music is original, unique, and melodic! It is impossible to not fall in love with your music. Thank you so much!

Edmond Abnoos. from USA
I love this groups, good job, keep the good work. Thanks

Aren /USA
Aside from being the pride of Armenia & Armenians, The Armenian Navy Band is a voice for humanity. Love, Respect & Truth to the World.

maria sahagian/syria
y rockkkkkkkkkk guys.great music im proud of u all..go onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn god bless all the armenians

sevak London
Hello, yes cawet tanem arart jan, aprek txek Keep going, I hope they will make more like this videoclip :] bye bye

Anna Ners, Yerevan, Armenia
Probably the best live-performing armenian band. Thanks, guys, for inspiring us! Thanks for being so "azgayin" and so cool!

Arman, France
The best duduk, zurna that I've ever heard. Its incredible, there are so many masters of duduk but such kind of gentelness, lyricisime Ive never heard!! Bravo Vardan!!!

Congrats! Really love ANB - they are just great!

Artin Malatjalian, Qatar
Excellant music...

Sonya Varoujian, UK
You give life :) Each and every one of you. Bless you for being an inspiration to all musicians. May you keep creating, feeling, living and shining light and love on the world. Thank you!

dave, wales
I have never seen anything as good as arto. one man, one plastic bag, one bottle of beer and a tamborine. Absolute class

elena, croatia
god bless my armenian brothers and sisters

Har8 Burbank, Ca USA
You guys rock! Armenian Navy Band seems to be the answer that I have been waiting for. Music now days has disappeared all we get from our fellow artists is bunch of excessive noise. I wish you guys the best of luck hopefully with your success more people will be inspired and the entertainment we have now days will be revolutionized. I would love to hear a song by you guys and all the underground musicians we have in America. Again thank you guess for the hard work and the excellent music.

Andre martel canada
I Love your wonderful music congrats to you all

Germany, Nuremberg
GREAT!!! I love this music so much! Das ist eine gefühlvolle, zauberhafte musik. Einfach einzigartig! Rima, Germany

Luke, US
I Learned about Arto from his amazing collaborations with Serj Tankian of System of a Down, and i am amazed at how talented he is! Armenian music is beautiful, and he makes it incredibly well!

Hasmig, Yerevan
Very proud of you, very proud of all us...

feras from syria
wonderfull arto and his friend

Guenter / Munich_Germany
Oh, what a powerful music. I like it. No, I love it!

Kamau Kenya
One of the most inspiring musical performances, Thankyou for you presence, All love and truth, your piece is felt

Ben Sul, U.S.A.
To be able to present our wonderful music to the world in such a smart way is simply fascinating! Congratulations to all of you -- never stop from composing and performing this beautiful music.

I Love you very much,you are my Life Arto!iI can't live without you and your music.Thank you for everythink.

I Love u very much,you are my Life Arto!i can't live without you and your music.Thank you for everythink.

Alex Randall Nazarian, Hertfordshire

Nara, UK
I'm proud of this band. They evidence that Armenia has great music and great talents. Jazz with Armenian national notes is something incredible!!!

Lee, UK
Absolutely stunning!

Syrian Sadek from france
You Did It My Friend... Arto Arto, i was touched watching the concert, you deserve it dear. unfortunaitly you are not coming to france... i am trieng my best to find you in europe...but once you will find me in front of you!!! Your biggest fan... your friend sadek

Vard, Armenia
you are the best, ANB.Everybody, regardless of nationatlity, who listens your music, just becomes your fan. Your music makes me the happiest and the kindest person int he world. I love you

Annie-Claire / Paris
This is a very good news, so happy to learn about the award for ANB. For me the best group of Armenian music. And also the best to hear live !

Araz / Baku, Azerbaijan
ARMENIAN NAVY BAND - very armenian, considering that Armenia has no Navy :) But look, it works till now... It will not be a big surprise if one day they will have a Navy based here in Baku :)

m. benlian , Mass. usa
From the first moment that I listened to the music of ANB, the echo of the molody still rings in my ears. Follow in the steps of all those who succeed. The spirit of Armenia shall live for ever.

The ANB`s music is full of peace,favour and happiness. This is what must be!

Hayk, Yerevan
Awesome band! Congratulations!

Some musicians play music, some musicians 'are' the music. they play with their soul. Arto is one.And their aren't many like him that walk this Earth. Laura Lian

Vasken Hadjitavitian, London
Having seen them perform 6 times over the years i can honestly say that they are one of the best bands arounds. I love the way they put the Anatolian back into Armenian. Arto is a true master - charismatic, gifted and with true depth. I will be there cheering you guys on Friday! Hurrah for the Armo Navy Band!

arthur, england
the best band !!!


Anush Gharibyan Dallas TX
David, I am so happy and proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you remember me, I am the daughter of teacher at Pushkin school. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ervand / Armenia
Bravo Arto, bravo ANB, I LOVE YOU.

Green ,Armenia
i vote for u ,ur the best ,i'm always with u .i love all the band i love Arto. i'm in love i love ur guitarist i love u u r great .u'll win

Raffi Mikaelian/Armenia
A Great Phenomena regarding Avant-Garde music... A Band which always grants Pleasure & Joy to your soul.. An interesting combination of Ancient & contemporary music...Great Work...

Ruzanna , Armenia
Today I was in their last concert. It was great and unique!!!! I enjoy your music! Bravo!

gar Darzet England
If we hve an Armenian Navy band in the 21stC, then perhaps ,like Poland in the 19thC, England will soon have an Armenian writer who becomes an all time great writer in the ENGLISH language like Conrad ( Heart of Darkness) Polish sailor,who sailed the seven seas and wrote some of the finest stories ever told, Heart of Darkness may become a classic Opera, in the operatic repertoire. Armenian Navy rhythm and song is excellent. May they have the same success worldwide, and sail the seven seas!

Hovhannes / Armenia

Garnik Ohanyan, Vanadzor/Armenia
Arto together with ANB are a wonderful phenomenon in the music life, which shifted a lot of people's understanding of the Armenian culture to a new level. His pholosophy is not complex. Expressed with words of childish purity and innocence, it appreciates the most important values of humanity and all these through the prism of Armenian music, highlighting its intensity, the emotional richness of it and the beauty... I adore their music. Thank them for that!

Ira, Armenia
Right on guys, you're really cool. Yesterday I was at your concert and I'm still impressed upon great music. And the best one for me was "Ararat". Well-done Arto!!!

Love to all in the band, and the supporters!

Levon /Poland
Well done guys!!! I so proud of you. Keep it that way.

Great music!!!!!!!!!!

Astrid, Reikyavik
Great band!I adore their music!!! They are the best!!!!

Raimundo, Spain
This is the best music i have ever heard. There is no comparison to this music. Masterpiece. WIsh u a lot of success and prosperity. You are the best

Tamara, Armenia
I Adore Arto and The Armenian Bavy band.These kind of talants are born once in a century. the world would be a better place to live in if there were more people like Arto in it. I love YOU guy!!!

Lolo, PARIS10
Hey Navy Band !!! Deep and live music , fantastic concert this summer, in Arménia ! cool music, friendly and enchanteresse... Bon Vent !

Andre / Georgia
Really great band!

Unigue band,unigue style,great voice!!!WELL DONE!!!

Miguel, Spain
I am overwhelmed by the comments I am reading. This band can arouse incredible feelings, its music trascending a purely aesthetic influence in order to create a sensation of togetherness managed by very few artists nowadays. The moment I listened to Arto's music was a turning point in my life; the moment I met him, this turning point made all the more sense. Giving him and his band this prize would be giving it to humanity, for he is a real defender of human love and care for each other. Their quality as performers is outstanding, their live act is simply impressive, and their music is ground-breaking, top-quality and simply ALIVE. They are among the best musicians in the world.

Jeremy, Los Angeles
The new world-jazz phenomen!!!! Love it!!!

Pasadena, CA
I love these guys, if you like Arto's music then look for his side project called Night Ark. They have 4 albums and all of them are Great! I hope they tour in Los Angeles, id love to see them live

Linda, New York
What a great way to present heartfelt traditional Armenian hospitality for all to enjoy! May peace prevail in Armenia and worldwide.

Sean Pezer = Los Angeles, CA, USA
Awesome music!

Gayane Torosyan, New York state
The Armenian Navy Band is the most wonderful musical phenomenon that has emerged recently from ancient Armenia. I am proudly joining my voice in support of this outstanding group led by a phenomenal artist, Arto Tuncboyaciyan!

Great!I listened their CD a week ago,and now I will necessarily go to their concert in Moscow at 20 February!

Gars / Armenia
wonderful band and wonderful music.

Cyril, Lebanon
I saw you live in Avant Garde Folk Music Club in Yerevan on July 3, 2004 and was amazed at your energy, music, talent and creativity. I wish you all the best. I got all of your albums. Sometimes I don't understand what Arto is singing (don't understand the language) but I surely can feel what he is singing. Proud of you very much and proud of the fruits of Armenia.

Chelsea, Arkansas USA
A very original interesting sound of music! Good Job and good luck!

Betty / United States
I absolutely adore their music. It is a lovely and diverse mixture of sounds and rhythm. This group has a earthly gift!

gugs / Nagorni Karabakh
armenian navy band... it's so simple and so high, you make me happy, make me cry

Bill, USA
Very interesting music. My Armenian friend told me about this band so I purchased their cd. So when I saw them on BBC's website I knew who I was going to give my vote to. I wish the Armenian Navy Band the best of luck on this contest and in the future.

Hakobyan Vienna
Just wanted to say; Its a big and new reason to be proud as Armenian,cuz,the Navy Band, They wake up the Armenian Avangard folk music,

Nicholas, Canada
This band HAS to be seen and heard LIVE!!! CDs unfortunately do not do them any justice :-(

Gohar and Anahit,Armenia
We love your music. Thanks.

Anahit, Armenia
Bravo ANB!!!!!!!! Go ahead All aremnians over the world are with you. We love you so much Bravo!!!!!!

Varuj, California
I found out about Arto from listening to System Of A Down. Arto and his band are AmaZinG. They are very creative and the words are very deep. He'z like the Armenian Bob Marly!

Liliana, Vila Real, Portugal
I love your music, your sensibility and your vision of life.Your genuinity really touches me.Thank you for your music that you became ours.

Vahan Avagyan - USA, Los Angeles
You are the best ever Jazz Band. I really love you all Art and Armenian Navy Band...!! Awsome music, I have your albums in my iPod connected to my car... I listen to your music almost all the time I am in the car or out... Love ya all... Vahan

Emily, UK
unigue, different, exiting. i love it. wish you love it too!

loutfig lebanon
armenian navy bend is really the best whit lovely songs and beautiful voices

arev - istanbul,turkey
arto is new voice of armenians

Anahit, Yerevan
I feel soooooooo proud. For just having armenians like you introducing our profound culture and roots. BRAVO GUYS!!

Armenian Navy Band was promote and popularize Armenian culture and Armenia...In this group was very proffesional musicians,with wonderful soul,wich really feel right Armenian music .....Well good luck to you all...All Armenians,all of the world with you........GOOD JOBS BOYS...WITH LOVE...

Jake Kalaydjian, Toronto
Great song and great music, this music is another step to bring the Armenian culture to the world and the world culture to Armenia. The Armenian navy band brought us all together through the BBC that we all like and appreciate and you deserve to win the contest. Good luck to you all.

I heard about You only recently in Vienna, but from an English man/colleague, he was impressed and promised me a copy of CD, never the less I'm sure you deserve all what I have read from all Armenians and non from all over the world! Hope next time I will not miss it! Good luck!

Arsho, California
Just great. I would choose your music any time. It's uplifting, and wonderful to listen to. God bless you!!! Sun., Jan. 22, 2006

Apik Tchakerian
I have listened Armenian Navy Band in Paris at New Morning few years ego! That was great and I had lot of fun. Go on Navy with happy waves! Good luck!

Arudz Goudsouzian ,Canada
Pretty nice and verry exiting. I am looking forward to your other CD'S and/or songs. I WILL VOTE FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Rosalin/ Tehran-Iran
The Armenian Navy Band introduces the music which has soul and patience of Armenian people which suffer from pain and loss for years . I am proud of you and good luck. Continue to be the best Armenian music band. Saturday 21st January 2006.

Arous Melkonian / Granada Hills, California
Thank God for a band like yours. You are the soul of our past and the voice of our present and future. you made us proud. God Bless You

Raffi Avakian / USA
As an Armenian individual, I thank you BBC for giving us the opportunity to prove ourselves. I am very proud to have such a wonderful band in our sociaty. I wish you good luck all the way through your life. You deserve it. ..

Margie, Los Angeles
Bravo!!!! Your music is such an amazing blend of old and new with its ancient roots and fresh innovations. When I listen, I feel full of timeless kef!!

M.Manoog - Providence, RI, U.S.A.
Armenian Navy Band is indeed capturing the hearts of the world. Arto's music has such universal appeal and I have partcularly no hesitation in encouraging all to discover this music. On the day I discovered my father's relations in 2004, after being lost for 90 years, I also introduced them (3 generations from 6 to 60 years) to ANB and the music has be bound to our reunion. The music has simply the ability to draw people together no matter the distance or time.

Arto/ANB r really the BEST!

dicran malatjalian.
Great talent, lovely songs, beautiful voices, and splendid music. Armenian Navy is afloat

Sato from France
Very pleasant, wonderful band. Go ahead. Jan.20,2006.

Lilo&Asya/ Armenia
It is not just a music, its our life and our history,that's great

Kohar/ Los Angeles
You made us proud! Good Luck and keep up the good work.

Garni tehran
it is nice i like the bond soul nice soul

Emil Karapetyan
hmm interesting! what can I say guys!? just continue inventing. Emil, Republic of Georgia

Roozanna, Yerevan,Armenia and Karishok from Madrid
Dear Arto, we both love you and consider you one of the most talanted musician and VERY GOOD guy. Thank you for founding The Navy Band and having such great concerts regularly in Yerevan. Good luck to all of you guys! You're Great.We enjoy your musik!

my name is sareena / jordan
ABREEEKK ... bravooooooooooo ... GO GO GO GO ...!!!

Armine, Los Angeles
I discovered you, and I can't do without you. You are with me everywhere. Thank You Arto and Band.

Noel, Moscow
Eagerly awaiting your performance in Moscow in February! Merry sailing on the open seas of tolerance, emotions, arpeggios and semiquavers.

Isabel Levonian Armenia
It's just great having such a band like they are.Very kind you.

You will win!

Alex, Armenia
This is a perfect!!!!!!Thank you ARTO jan!!!

Astghik , Armenia
I love you Armenia Navy Band, you are the bast!

Isabella Gonzalez, Milan
Dear Armenian Navy Band! Thank you for bringing such a beautiful message from the land of apricots to the world. Good luck!

Aram & Ester, Brussels, Belgium
Great music! Great band!

It doesn't to tell my opinion, whoever listens to it. Will Love for sure. Syria

Sureya, USA
I love the Happy and Energitic tunes and sounds. Congratulations, as a Kurd I enjoyed Zoorna sound especially, very upbeat. Great for Dancing.

Ida Armenia
I very much like this band!!! Perfectly!!!

Armen, Yerevan
ANB is the great band! They are doing the very important thing - not only play great Armenian music, but also promote and popularize Armenian culture and image! Great Band - Great Job - Fantastic Music!

Maria Armenia
Go on surprisin' the world like that!!

Vahram Varzhapetyan, Toronto, Canada
You are doing a great job guys, Arto and other members of the Armenian Navy Band. Bravo!!! You are the messengers of Armenia in the world. Don’t stop what you've already reached. Let our Duduk sound all over the world. Let the world know who we are the Armenians and what a nice music we can play. I am very proud of you.

shant eskenian Lebanon
great and honest

Tigran Brsoyan
I love this music!!! and I am not one;-)

Nadia mmacri U.S.A.
Very good! High quality music.

It's interesting

Armine - France
THE BEST BAND!!!!!!!!!! heart, mind, soul --- full of his music )))

Vartan, Moscow
It's a great band, which managed to make a very good sinergy of a traditional Armenian music with jazz, rock and other oriental music. This effect becomes even stronger taking into consideration a unique personality of Arto and his expeptional and innovative showman skills.

Tigran Palyan
His music differs from others and has his own style which sounds for me very nice and extraordinary. Always want to hear his musics

Vardik / Armenia
This is an affecting music expressing our soul.

Mike, Toronto
This music is great. would buy the cd.

Hovelyan Samvel
It's the best music I've ever heard.

Janet, Armenia
Arto and Armenian Navy Band are great. their music is unique and wonderful. I love them . Thanks to them all.

Aram Melkonyan
best on world

Vahe, Armenia
They are the best!!!! The best music I have listen till now

Arto Rocks

Mkrtich, Moscow
I am hearing about this band first time. They have great music!Their music makes me happy.

raffi toutikian lebanon
hi to all armenian misicians from lebanon the best band in europe armenian navy band we hope that we will win armenians(arf)

Yuriy from New York
Wonderful essence and good mix of country Armenian music.

Kristine; Nice, France
You are great, I like you a lot

Janeta Mirzayan Glendale,CA. USA.
The Bessssssssst

Bagrad Nazarian, London
I've had their CD "Pzdik Zinvor" since Oct 2003 but never had the chance to hear them live. Although not strictly my cup of tea but its Armenian folk and jazz sound is incredibly good and very rewarding listening. Unusual music even novel, avant garde certainly but much much more than that. I would certainly love to see them perform live. Well done ANB and Arto. You will go a long way.

One of the best

Sandy Germany
They are fabulous and not conventional.

Alex Mikaelian, Providence, RI USA
I fully support the Armenian Navy Band. God bless them!

P. TV.
My friends from Erevan ask me to vote. I am sure they will be happy. Has, be happy. I think this band is great.

Suren Yenokyan-Israelyan

eda, istanbul
nice band! the music is so lively, mixed.. i have voted for:) thanks

Beatrice / France
Cool music, unique and funny. Gives much of joy, thankzzzz!!! :)

Anna from Yerevan
We are gonna cheer for you!

Ani, armenia
I`m proud of us Arto , you and your band. Good luck.

Siona Mardirossian / Armenia

Carole from USA
A friend from Canada hooked me up with this band. EXCELLENT!!! I love the Armenian Navy Band.The music really gets me moving.

G. Haruty / USA
The Armenian Navy Band one of the most talented groups. Their music is Western, modern and pure Armenian at the same time.

hovig aleppo
thats perfect music like all armenian music

alex , Turkey
this is wonderful band.

Robert Danielyan/Yerevan/LA
Good luck! We’ll stand by your back :)

John, Geneva
Bravo Armenians!!! Very original!

Elizabeth, Vermont
ANB's music embodies the light and color of Armenia; each song is a glimpse into a proud and perservering culture. I love the mixture of playfulness and rememberance with in each album, but "New Apricot" is my favorite. An extreamly talented group, who are AMAZING to see live.

Lolag, New York
Great music with wonderful message of friendship and hospitality! Making great link between the cradle of civilization touching the modern thru music.

Andreas, Paris
It is nice to hear this beautiful and undiluted music on the BBC. I wish that BBC provides an Armenian hour for an Armenian cultural events. Keep the good work guys.

Ben Sul - California
The most inspiring, folk-based, uplifting music I've heard in a long time. I wish they success and fame. I'm getting tier CDs and telling everyone I know to do the same. Aprek!

I think they have great music!!!

Peggy Ekmanian, Aleppo
Hi americans, you are doing a good job. Be buzy with music $ let us alone.

satik - tehran, iran
Armenian band is the best, it is great. Good luck to Armenian Navy Band. 13.01.06

Good music is truly "the food of love".Then play on an give us excess of it.We are so hungry for the alive, cheerful music you bring to us.

Aram Mahdessian- Kuwait
Well done & Good luck

Mariam, USA
I find the music wonderful, and I believe the band has a brilliant future!

Dikran DerSarkissian / California USA
It is marvelous, exceptional and the most excellent. It is just Superb!

Vicken, Montreal Canada
Just extraordinary! The Armenian Navy Band plays the most beautiful sounds my ears have ever heard !

angele, from Dubai, U A E
To be honest I haven't heard their music yet, but I will do so as soon as I have the chance! I'm already greatly impressed!ALL THE BEST!!!!

Sean Yates
Great music. I love listening to ancient European music blended with modern tones. I can just picture Armeno-Phrygians or Hittite-Hayasa war drums. Good luck. Very well written article Mr. Cartwright.

Sofya, Armenia, Yerevan
This music very astounding!!!

Michael, Washington, D.C., USA
I admire this band and live with their music! It is truly great to listen and live with it. May God bless you!!!

Anushik / Republic of Armenia
What, can I say... Nothing at all, as the words can't express the very feelings which are arising at the time of listening Arto and their amazing music. No Comments…. Just "LOVE, RESPECT and TRUTH"

Zaven Stephen / Australia

janette Rhode island
Quite a catchy tune. My non armenian husband was having quite the time dancing to it. It stays in your head after you hear it. i liked it. thanks

Aram Vardevanian, Armenia
One of the best bands in the world. Their music is fantastic.

Manushik , Yerevan , Armenia
U guysssssss, U...are the best...i really can't find words for expressin my feelings... proud of U all. GoD Bless You~ --Here's to You Ararat--

Gohar, Moscow
I want to thank ANB and Arto especially for their music. I've got very bright impressions from their CDs Bzdik Zinvor and Apricot. Even my little dauther likes their music.First saw them in October, 2005 in Yerevan and now looking forward for the next trip to Yerevan and for their performance in Avante Guarde folk club.Good luck ! Gohar

kamelia - Armenia
I have been in their concert many times in Armenia. It is somthing special. The sound of nature... My feeling is that the music of Navy band is born from the sound of nature. I love it.

Karekin - Philadelphia
great sound, unusual but fun, w/ alot of depth. heard arto in person and it was the most amazing concert i've been too in a long, long time!

Arthur / Armenia
Wonderful and just great!!! Words not needed, just listen and enjoy. Good luck!!!


Sem Grig

Lus/ Yerevan, Armenia
ANB is the most creative and progressive folk-avantguard-jazz band in Armenia at this moment, not to mention Arto, who's personality is unique. Respects & good luck!

Mais Vanoyan/Yerevan
Arto's music is good combination of folk and jazz music. Every time I enjoy listening it.

You guys are simply AMAZING!!! As an artist, I have created my best works while listening to your music :) There is that sense of belonging, comfort and a new beginning in your melodies. It is unforgettable and simply captivating...

Yulia Ghazaryan, Yerevan Armenia
They are great!

THey blow my mind away these guys. Arto is a near genious. He fuses so many different types of music and masters the blend and his chanting voice is spiritual. I've never heard Armenina music quite like this. Nothing beats it. I hope they are introduced to more people. THey are just extraordinary.

kevork Mourad, New York, NY
I love it, thanks

Liko, Armenia
Hey, guys! That's good:) Have a lots' of lucks:) whith all the best MMMMUUUUAAAAHHH

Houry/United Kingdom
Fantastic/Nice mix of old and new. Good rythm and very elevating

Zara, Armenia
The day with Arto, more than 1000 days without him and his music. I just feel, just love and wait for ARTO!

areg soukiassian/armenia
if you here them live , then you got to understand that what are they doing ! the music dosen't let you sit and here , its have emotion , love , pain , PEACE , folklore , it's just the music of our life!!!! go on artin

Karin, Toronto, CANADA
A very positive and lively genre of music that can enlighten your day and keep it that way. Great work and keep it up.

The best music, with best Armenians. I love you

Talin O, Toronto
Armenian Navy Band! Respects!

Olya Azatyan, Armenia
The music of Navy Band is the exact interpretation of Armenian soul and Armeian culture performed perfectly by Armenians! Being Armenian I am proud of having this band! They are great!

arin,city of angeles,ca
at first i thought the single on bbc (my door is ...)was a persian song, but then i listened to the words and bam! it was armenian. i loved the fusion of different melodies and rythems. it created more confusion (a good confusion). keep on playing, good luck and God bless ya'll.

The music is wonderfull

Ashot/ Russia
The Armenian Navy Band has its own stile and voice! True folk-jazz from Ararat!

Vaner, Paris
Nice,interesting. The traditional Armenian musique is a bit mixed- balanced with the positive influence, but try to do better. Success and Good Luck to you. Vaner, Paris

Abraham, Syria
I vote for them

Seta from New York
Their music is one of the best that I have heard during the past few years. Beautiful music.

Christopher/New York City
Abris! To Life! What a wonderful band and a lovely, fun song!

Garen, Burbank, California, USA
Sounding Good

Seda, Armenia - Yerevan
ArmenianNavyBand I love you! You make really exciting music!!! Wish u to win in the BBCWorldMusic Awards!!! Armenia's with you!

Arayik, Dallas
Wish Arto and his band the best of luck. Keep playing the great music. Long time fan.

Lena, Dallas TX
Simply the BEST!

Anahit, Armenia
I love this band, I love Arto, I love their song "Bzdig zinvor" This is great music!!!

arman / lebanon
proud to be armenian

Lilit Khudoyan and Friends, Armenia
The sounds of Arto's music have created a magic world, which takes Armenians to their historical roots. His music is real Armenian, clear as a stream water. We are confident and assured that this band will conquer world stages...

Arina, fromYerevan
Unbelievable yet a true story! A friend from Iran was at the performance of Navy band 2 years ago and he was SO INCREDIBLY impressed by the band! "THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Unimaginable talent that these guys have! I have never heard or seen anything similar in my life!" - these are his words. He reproduced the melodies that were performed at the concert, and told about the performers with such an enthusiasm, admiration, and true feelings!!! I, being an Armenian, felt SO SO PROUD of the band, of the Armenian Navy Band! Vivat! The whole table of international friends and academicians was witnessing the story with the greatest enthusiasm and desire to experience the same "unforgettable, unexpressable" moments that he did. Guys, I wish you a green path in your future art! You are uniquely talented! Prosperity and many many new worldwide awards to you!

Henry Ohanian, St, Louis, Mo.USA
Music of the ARMENIAN NAVY BAND was composed of good qualities such as: pleasant to the ear, unique, and positive mix of rhythm and harmony. Best Wishes. How do we obtain your albums?

Atila, Portugal
I still don't know if what they play is rock, folk, or jazz, but their live performances are far better than their records.

Memarian, Mohammad. At Los Angeles, California, US
Great Song. I enjoyed it a lot. Good Luck.

joe saner new york
Armenian Navy Band - simply the best!


gayane california

Jana, Russia
Since I heard ANB I´m trying to get all their new CD´s. This musik gives me power to be honest & to live my life. Hope, they´ll more concerts!

Karine, Armenia
I adore his music, for me it's a meditative music, very deep and very touching. Arto is the best musician for me.

karsdam, Canada
I think the band is great and the music is splended.

Fadi Tajra & Nora Vekilian, Sweden
Best wishes, we are proud for you "ARMENIAN NAVY BAND" as ARMENIANS. Thank you for the BBC, wishing you all the success in your future plans.

ARMENIAN Navy Band: One more reason to make an Armenian Proud! It's a very unique and special band... They're just Great!! Wish them all the best!

If you want your soul to be lifted, listen to Arto and the ANB. Even better, meet them - and learn about life, culture, travels and soul food. If you're ever in Armenia, go to the Yerevan-based Avant Garde and Folk Music Club on Pushkin Street (between Abovian and Sakharov) - because Arto and the ANB play there! Good luck guys! Sylvie

Mary Kanian Los Angeles, California
I heard the Armenian Navy Band in 2004 in Armenia & became an INSTANT FAN. Their music is so unusual!! It is a MAGICAL blend of traditional instruments & melodies interwoven with modern rhythms & jazz structures that improves & lifts each genre into a new dimension! Can't say enough about ARTO....he is such an UNUSUAL human being....highly evolved with a soul that shines through his music & his commentary that runs through the bands performances.This band is Armenian & human heritage you can actually HEAR & FEEL!!

I think, that ARMENIAN NAVY BAND is the creator of the harmonic Soul and tolerant Spirit.

Sabrina Stepanian, Vienna
I like armenian music!

Beautiful Santa Monica, California
Unique, Different and Beautiful.....even has a interesting blend of folk. The traditional Armenian is balanced with the influence of the West!! Much Success and Good Luck to you all!!! Gloria Ainslie

vivig from buenos aires argentina
I love your music, its full of energy and also the mixture of tradicional instruments with modern. Go on!

Scarlet Avanessian
It was something new for me and it was interesting too. good luck scarlet

Harout / Aleppo, Syria
Armenian Navy Band rox my sox!!!

Merle, Germany
I live with that musik. It gives energy & light.

Rachel/ Boston, MA USA
The Armenian Navy Band is, without a doubt, one of the most talented groups of musicians in the world. Their music always makes me happy. Buy a CD -- you will never be disappointed!

Aren , Armenia
Nothing to say just want to add that their music is the sound of my soul.

Arusiak/ Armenia
Armenian Navy Band is unique in its type. ANB creates and plays the music that makes me proud of being Armenian. I wish Arto and his Band all the best and cross my fingers for them!

Nirvana / Turkey
They are absolutely one of the best bands! I have never listened a better live performance than theirs.

Aram ZZ London UK
As an armenian of course I’m biased, I have never heard your music but Im hearing it in the comments of the people above! trophys gather dust in cabinets, once the media moves on, no one remembers unless you remind them but your music will live for ever. Regardless of the outcome you are already winners to all of us. we are proud of you. good luck.

I liked the song. I am hearing about this band first time.

I just say,just feel that music! Just great!

Enzo Puzzovio / Lincoln UK
Met and chatted to Arto in Yerevan in October 2005 during a folk concert he was introducing and performing in. He's a seriously nice guy and the words that ring out in my ears are when he addressed the room saying 'Enjoy the music and when you get to the end of the evening have a think about whether nationality is more important than being a good human being'. Why aren't there more like Arto on the planet? I bought the ANB album New Apricot but wish I had bought all his CDs. I wish Arto and his fellow musicians every success and any award they are given will be well-deserved.

Mark / Georgia
This is wonderful music!

Nareg / Philadelphia
It was in Armenia 2 years ago when I was doing humanitarian work I decided to see The Armenian Navy band perform. After seeing them for the first time I went to see them 4 more times. They changed my perception how I view life and compose music. Arto and the band are talented musicians and they will continue to influence musician all around the world.

Daniel / Georgia
They have great music!

One of the best band in last 5 years I Think,Well done!!!

That's great band!

Aren, USA
Nothing quit resonates with my inner-soul as does the music of Arto, both as an Armenian and a human being.

David, Armenia
The article is perfect,it prsents almost complete picture of ANB and Arto's music. But yet if you have not listened to his music live you can only have a theoretical imagination of it. So to understand and feel,it is necessary to feel what you can feel and then decide "How much is yours" as Arto says. Good Luck Arto and Armenian Navy Band!!

Izolda Ayvazyan / Armenia
What do I think??? I am living with this music, I am feeling myself the part of this Universe when listening to the AND and Arto. They give me the wish to live, to struggle, to go on, never to give up. However tired and dissapointed I am, their music and they themselves give me the energy that can never be replaced by anything or anybody else. I LOVE their music, I RESPECT them and my feelings are like the pure TRUTH in this case... Life is given to a human being only ONCE, so, let's live it with "LOVE, RESPECT and TRUTH", like Arto is saying, let's be a good HUMAN BEING, no matter what your religion or zodiac sign is. Let's SMILE to the world, and that smile will come back to us again and again. And, once more, I would like to thank Arto and ANB for just being there and making me and other CRAZY PEOPLE like me alive and happy. God Bless You!!!

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