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Venue: The Menagerie
Music: World fusion/ Irish folk
Location: 30 University St, Belfast
Tel: 02890 235 678
Reviewer: Sherrie Scott

The Menagerie

If you're ever in Belfast and looking for some culture find your way to the Menagerie. It's a mystery, and you need to go there to find out what's really going on.

'The Menagerie' is a 'spit on the floor' dance bar with no frills, no advertising and no theme. A rare find in this day and age. This quirky bar is basic, enhanced by the spirit of the eclectic people who party there. It's on the edge, between the Ormeau Road and Studentville. This is a place where you can be yourself whether you're 20, 30 or 50. I go there to dance and feel the music warm my bones.

'..a 'spit on the floor' dance bar with no frills' The owner, Chris Roddy, grew up in the business of creating this kind of space. His Da ran 'The Pound', a venue which hosted much punk music, wet beer and spit in its day. It was a lively dark cavern where anything could be lurking and the place would go wild crazy. 'The Menagerie''s darker and wilder still.

The wide range of music played here is worldside, from Patsy Dan, the King of Tory Island and his 'Ragin' Gales' who bring the old Island sounds of Donegal to King Masco, the King of African dance who shakes down infectious rhythms from the West African Coast.

Last week, Geoff Burmer, a Canadian comedian cum Beatnik Rabbi accordion player made his music heard. His wacky ideas of melody and passion fell short of a few ears, one of whom handed him a note saying, 'You can't sing, ya should be in a mental home!' On this, his first day in Ireland, he was accosted later that night by a girl who told him he was coming home with her. They spent the next three days and nights together. He re-emerged a few days after the gig looking for the crazy note which had been held for him in the Menageries archives.

Coming up soon, 'The Muffin Men' - Zappa meets Beefheart Clones and Josh Ritter from Idaho in the US of A - Townes Van Zandt meets James Dean.

It's an experience. Check it out when you're next in town. You never know what or whom you'll find there.

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