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Venue: The Half Moon Inn
Music: English folk
Location: West Street, Alford, Lincolnshire
Tel: 01507 463334
Reviewer: Nick O'Farrell

It's about 8.20pm at Alford Folk Club and the music's supposed to start at 8.30 but so far there are only three performers and a couple of bemused visitors in the room. The candles have been lit and the lights lowered so the atmosphere has been set. All that's missing is people. It's an open mic night tonight so no one, not even the organiser, knows what's on the programme.

Emily Slade at Alford Folk Club Rather than playing to an empty house a CD is playing to kill a bit of time. Then people start drifting in and by 9pm the real music starts. The first half is a mixture of contemporary acoustic songs with a bit of blues and reggae and the room is filling all the time. Some nice harmony singing from husband and wife residents Sarah and Neil. Alford is lucky to have an extremely talented bunch of residents and they're as usual doing a good job of confirming that "Folk Club" is a misnomer at Alford when Rory turns up. He's from Gainsborough and has dropped in unannounced to do a spot. He's a traditional singer with a capital "T" but he's very good and captivates the audience, despite their reputation for not liking folk music.

Alford Folk Club The half time interval comes at 10.30 (the man in charge as usual thought he was short of performers, so he gave everyone longer times than normal) but no one seems to care. Rory was promised a spot in the second "half" but elected to go back to Gainsborough in time for a couple in his local before closing time.

By now the real ale has mellowed the atmosphere and it's getting a bit smoky. The truncated second half closes with Kosmic Erik. He's one of the residents, but he's been away for the last six weeks or so in Australia and other distant places so it was good to see him back. His blues is well down to earth.

Another good night.

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