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World On Your Street: The Global Music Challenge
Results: London
Eliza CarthylCelebrating Sanctuary, London: Eliza Carthy teams up with Refugee musicians to create a set specially commissioned by Radio 3 and performed at this Refugee Festival.
On Your Street - LondonOn Your Street: Discover the music of the world on your doorstep. Try out the local venues suggested by visitors to this website.
Angélica LopezAngélica Lopez, London: 'The band I was playing with, Orquesta Original de Cartagena won a competition to represent Colombia at the Music Village festival in London.'
Abdul Tee-Jay Abdul Tee-Jay, Sierra Leone: 'I wanted to record this album just to keep palm wine music alive'.
Dele Sosimi Dele Sosimi, London: 'See photos from Dele Sosimi's Fela Kuti tribute gig at the Fridge in London.'
Dana Codorean BerciuDana Codorean Berciu - Romanian folk / world fusion / klezmer: 'This great singer, our national treasure, would go to the river to wash the gypsies' shirts'
Little George SuerefLittle George Sueref - London: 'Once I joined them, I knew there was no going back. There were no more day jobs.'
Abdullah ChhadehAbdullah Chhadeh - Arabic / Middle Eastern: 'I started learning the qanun at the age of 22 with a master musician called Salim Sarwet'
Azad ZahawyAzad Zahawy - Kurdish: 'I grew up in the Iraqi part of Kurdistan in a small city called Khanaqin, which is near the border with Iran.'
Reem KelaniReem Kelani - Palestinian: 'My parents were extremely supportive of my music then, my father even had a piano shipped from England.'
Rachel McLeodRachel McLeod - world fusion / classical / jazz: 'What triggered all that off was my early school days, when a visiting music teacher left a big impression on me.'
Mosi CondeMosi Conde, Traditional Manding: 'We started to travel all around Guinea, playing in various places, doing all sorts of functions such as weddings, soirées and also gigs in clubs'
Ali SlimaniAli Slimani, Rai fusion: 'It was a rai dub album and Sinéad and Natasha Atlas were guests, as well as all the Invaders of the Heart.'
Adesose WallaceAdesose Wallace, Traditional African / Afro-Beat: 'I finished school in 1967 and started going out to clubs where bands play, and I became a big fan of one called The Heartbeats.'
Ahmed MukhtarAhmed Mukhtar, Iraqi: 'Iraq has a very rich musical culture and as a child there I always used to listen to famous oud players and singers'
Sophie SolomonSophie Solomon, Klezmer: 'When I lived in Moscow, as part of the third year of my degree course, I had a residency at a club called Propaganda'
Athena AndreadisAthena Andreadis, Greek / World Fusion: 'Our music’s grounded in Greece but the central sound is infused with other cultures and musical styles'
Abdullah MufaAbdullah Mufa - Malay: 'I would say Malay music has got its own blues kind of scale which is not exactly "the blues", but it's got the feel of a lament.'
Billy AmstellBilly Amstell - Klezmer/Jazz: 'We'd get to say Hoxton Town Hall (what a joint!) we'd play and they couldn't understand how a kid like me could read orchestrations.'
Beena ValembiaBeena Valembia, Indian: '...but I've changed it into 'You have come into my life like a mountain, breaking things around the house and causing trouble'
Ahmed 'Hudeydi' Ismail HusseinAhmed 'Hudeydi' Ismail Hussein, Somalian folk : 'I heard an Arabic man playing an oud. I liked it and knew I wanted to learn how to play.’
Amara Ali SheikAmara Sheik, London: 'We perform for the Somali community in the UK at weddings, parties and festivals.’
Barak SchmoolBarak Schmool, African/Latin/Jazz: '..if you hear something that you don't understand and you're a smart, creative musician, you want to know more about it.’
SirishkumarSirishkumar, Indian / World fusion: 'I was so touched by the tabla that all my life I wanted to play music driven by its energising beats.’
Malo SonkoMalo Sonko, Mandinka Drumming: 'If I can't play I have to go somewhere where I canm. Drums are my medicine - music is my medicine.’
Modeste HuguesModeste Hugues, Malagasy: 'Though I left Betroka as a young man, Malagasy music is embedded in my heart - it's in my blood. It keeps me cool and happy.’
Sonti MndebeleSonti Mndebele, South African: 'It was my dream to be a lead singer so I’d watch all the lead performers, especially Miriam Makeba and model myself on them’
Danny ShineDanny Shine - Jewish / Klezmer: 'We all sang round the table on a Friday every week to see the Sabbath in....'
Davide GiovanniniDavide Giovannini - Afro-Cuban drums: 'I went deeply into it - not as deeply as madness, but quite deep'...
Dave WoodheadDave Woodhead - South African / Kwela: 'By way of giving the lips a break from the trumpet, I’d play a few Spokes Mashiyane tunes on penny-whistle.'
Bosco De OlivieraBosco De Oliviera - Brazilian: 'I started the London School of Samba with Alan Hayman. It's a great thing as it's still going on with other samba schools springing up'
Jummy's Hide-outJummy's Hide-out - Nigerian Afro-beat: 'Jummy plays like a Lagos joint....'
Yusuf MahmoudYusuf Mahmoud - Afghan: 'We are a drip of water which has been separated from the sea...'
M'DuThe Stratford Rex, London - Kwaito: '..break dancing, body popping, karate chopping, flick flacks ...It's choreography of the highest order.'
Ritu SharmaRitu Sharma - Indian / Punjabi: '... I’m starting to realise that the group is quite a worldwide thing.'
YogeswaranYogeswaran - Indian / Karnatic: 'Even though I travel the world... I always take time to return to my root.'
LukasLukax Santana - Chilean / South American: 'Pinochet's military coup of 11th September, 1973, ended that. I spent a year in jail...'
JosephJoseph Nsubuga - Ugandan / East Africa: 'I dug the club music so much that I just took the traditional music for granted...'
Vanya - Bronislav KrawczykVanya - Bronislav Krawczyk - Roma / Polish / gypsy folk: ' reminds me of my childhood back in Poland when I first heard my grandparents play the tune.'
Téa HodzikTéa Hodzic - Balkan: '... it brings back memories of beautiful days I had in Sarajevo, of all my friends who are there, of my first love...'
Tara JaffTara Jaff - Kurdish:'I just totally fell in love with an instrument when somebody lent me a record 'Renaissance of the Celtic Harp'...'
Errol LintonErrol Linton - Blues / Reggae: 'It's a Brixton blues, that's all I'll say on it.'
George BradeGeorge Brade - Montserratian: 'I make and tune all
the pans for the band...'
Usifu JallohUsifu Jalloh - Sierra Leonian: 'I've learnt other styles, but I love to play High Life - it's nice upbeat music, pop music in the traditional sense'
Abdelkadar SaadounAbdelkadar Saadoun - Algerian / Raï : 'Raï means opinion - my opinion, your opinion - freedom of expression. What's inside my heart comes out.'
Johnny KalsiDhol Drum
Hands on: Try our online percussion workshops. Learn the Punjabi dhol drum with Johnny Kalsi.

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