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World On Your Street: The Global Music Challenge
Musicians' Stories
Click below for stories of music-making from around the UK. Or use the selector (right) to search by location or type of music.
Davide Giovannini Musicians
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Kim Ho Ip Musicians
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Ritu Sharma Musicians
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Rachel McLeodRachel McLeod - world fusion / classical / jazz: 'I began working in a junior school by bringing artists into the school, just like when I was a kid.'
Reem KelaniReem Kelani - Palestinian: 'I didn’t know where to start, but I saw a poster about a Palestinian costume exhibition at the Museum of Mankind in Burlington Gardens...'
Risenga MakondoRisenga Makondo - South African: 'I supported myself while studying by doing solo percussion performances and lots of session work for the BBC'
Ritu SharmaRitu Sharma - Indian/Punjabi: 'I wanted to learn to play the dhol because every time I heard it at a wedding I just couldn’t stop dancing..'
Robert MasekoRobert Maseko - African Pop / Soukous: 'We used to take the inner tubes from bicycle tyres and stretch them tight over the tins so we could play them like a djembe drum.'
Roger WatsonRoger Watson - English folk / world fusion: 'Next year we'll hopefully hit a number of folk and world music festivals because I think we've got things that will appeal to both.'
Roy ArbuckleRoy Arbuckle - Irish folk / Scottish folk / African folk: 'At over three feet in diameter it's reckoned to be the loudest drum in the world.'
Rumena Mohima BegumRumena Mohima Begum - Traditional Bangladeshi: 'I've been listening to my dad play and sing traditional Bangladeshi songs for as long as I can remember.'
Sheila StewartSheila Stewart - Scottish ballads: 'From 1954, we were performing together as a family - my mother Belle, my father, my sister Cathie and me'
SirishkumarSirishkumar - Indian:'In recent years I've been collaborating with musicians from the Western tradition and that works really well, even in the temple.'
Sonti MndebeleSonti Mndebele - South African / World Fusion: 'It was my dream to be a lead singer so I’d watch all the lead performers and model myself on them’
Sophie SolomonSophie Solomon - Klezmer: 'I didn’t see Moscow by day, it was a purely nocturnal experience. I met all these Russian Dj’s...’
Tara JaffTara Jaff - Kurdish:'I just totally fell in love with an instrument when somebody lent me a record 'Renaissance of the Celtic Harp'...'
Téa HodzikTéa Hodzik - Balkan: '... it brings back memories of beautiful days I had in Sarajevo, of all my friends who are there, of my first love...'
Tony CorcoranTony Corcoran - Irish folk: 'There were also lots of fiddles hanging in the house, left behind by my Grandfather and my uncle Dominic who emigrated to America.'
Usifu Jalloh Usifu Jalloh - Sierra Leonian / High Life / Kumbe: 'The style of music I play is High Life or Kumbe music. I've learnt other styles, but I love to play High Life.'
Val forsythVal forsyth - Japanese taiko drumming: 'The thing I like most about taiko is it's so... dramatic. It's a cross between drumming and a martial art'
Vanya - Bronislav KrawczykVanya - Bronislav Krawczyk - Roma / Polish / gypsy folk: ' reminds me of my childhood back in Poland when I first heard my grandparents play the tune.'
Vicente Zahartos IsidroVicente Zahartos Isidro - percussion / guitar: 'I studied philosophy at a university in the Canaries but during Franco's repressive regime of the 70's'...
YogeswaranYogeswaran - Indian / Karnatic: 'Even though I travel the world... I always take time to return to my root.'
Yusuf MahmoudYusuf Mahmoud - Afghan: 'We are a drip of water which has been separated from the sea...'
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