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World On Your Street: The Global Music Challenge
Gholam Reza Soulimany
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Musician: Gholam Reza Soulimany

Location: Birmingham

Instruments: Setar

Music: Persian / Turkish folk

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Gholam Reza Soulimany's music has been recorded by Sound It Out Community Music in Birmingham.

Listen  Listen (3'02) to an untitled Khashkhai song, performed by Gholam Reza Soulimany

Listen  Listen (1'35) to Gholam Reza Soulimany talk about his music.

'...setar is a timid instrument. Its voice cannot be heard well out of doors, so I prefer indoor venues...'

How I came to this music:

When I was a child, growing up in Shiraz, Iran, someone used to come to our house and give us music lessons. My mother and father did not want me to learn the setar but I loved playing it so that is what I learned. They never played music themselves, only my younger brother shared my passion. I taught him to play the sitar too. I play similar music now to that which I used to play back home in Iran.

Gholam Reza SoulimanyIn Iran I played in concerts at the university of Shiraz where I was studying. There could be up to 3000 at a concert and I used to play with all the singers too. I loved that. I also used to play with Khashkhi, a traditional Persian band with up to ten people playing live at any given time. I did solos on the setar and there was often singing as well.

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