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World On Your Street: The Global Music Challenge
Dylan Fowler © Adele Nozedar
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Musician: Dylan Fowler

Location: Abergavenny, Wales

Instruments: Guitars/piano/woodwind

Music: Welsh folk/ Balkan

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Listen  Listen (2'38) to 'Ffynnon Ofor' performed by Dylan Fowler from the forthcoming album Ffynnon Ofor

Listen  Listen (1'50) to Dylan Fowler talk about his music

Listen  Listen (37'41) to Dylan Fowler with Téa Hodzic and Vanya (Bronislav Krawczyk) showcasing at the World On Your Street tent, WOMAD 2002

Listen to Dylan Fowler in the World on Your Street tent at WOMAD 2003

"In Welsh we have a great word - Hiraeth, or longing. It sums up how I see music, that it's a special feeling that is just in there. "

How I came to this music

I come from a very mixed musical background, which probably explains why I find it so hard to categorise the music I play today. My parents were mad about West Side Story and Barbara Streisand so I grew up with that but I also had a love of classical and pop music. Without realising it I always loved music. I never thought of it in terms of different styles, it was always just music.

My first instrument was the piano, which I started to play when I was 7. I have always loved the piano and never stopped playing it. When I'm writing new tunes, it is the piano I write on. I also learnt the oboe and clarinet but it wasn't until I was 16 that I found my favourite instrument - the guitar. I picked it up one day and that was it, I was smitten. School went out the window as did pretty much everything else.

Dylan FowlerIn Welsh we have a great word - Hiraeth, or longing. It sums up how I see music, that it's a special feeling that is just in there. This longing to feel and learn about music has led to a very eclectic career as a musician. In fact, it wasn't a conscious decision to become a professional musician, I just got so involved in music that it wasn't until one day that I realised I was out there as a musician, doing it. One of my first ventures was the Miller/Fowler Latin Jazz Guitar Duo but over the years I have met and played with musicians from around the world. It is meeting all these fantastic musicians and learning so many different styles that has actually brought me closer to my roots and I'm drawing more on traditional music from Wales in the music I write and play.

There are certain musicians that have had a profound effect on me, especially the Brazilian composer Egberto Gismonte. I just love the feeling of his music. I also remember years ago hearing Alan Stivell's 'Renaissance of the Celtic Harp' - this is when I was into rock and progressive rock - and it just bowled me over, even though I was into flares and tank tops at the time.

Anyone who plays music that says something about them as people and what they're contributing to the world has an influence on me. Music is about feeling good and optimistic about humanity, which we need in these dark days. The world I inhabit as a musician seems so far removed from the world I see on the news. I don't see people harming themselves or each other in music so it reminds me to keep playing and keep trying to bring people together.

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