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Kaushiki Chakrabarty

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'Like father like son' goes the old expression, but what do they say about a daughter who follows in her father's footsteps? "My relationship with baba (dad) has always been centred around music. Baba has always been more of a guru (teacher) and less a father for me," Kaushiki Chakrabarty told The Times of India in 2000.

Kaushiki is the child of celebrated Hindustani (North Indian) classical singer Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty and his wife Chandna, who was her daughter's first guru. Born in 1980, Kaushiki is said to have been able to sing well since she was only two, and has been accompanying her father on his globetrotting tours since the late eighties. After beginning more formal study at the age of ten, under her father's guru Gnan Prakash Ghosh, Kaushiki eventually switched to training with her father at his Shrutinandan school of music in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

All the years of practising for up to six hours a day are beginning to reap rewards, and she is now being hailed as one of the brightest emerging artists in Indian vocal music. As critic Ken Hunt put it, "we are talking superlatives". In response to the suggestion that he might have hot-housed his daughter, as celebrities often do, Ajoy Chakrabarty told India Today: "When a flower blooms, one doesn't shove it under the nose. The fragrance travels by itself."

Although she is so far known for her performances of khayal and thumri (the two main 'semi-classical' or 'light classical' styles of Hindustani music), Kaushiki has also studied South Indian music. And, like her father, has dabbled in popular music, contributing a song by A.R. Rahman to the soundtrack for Deepa Mehta's controversial forthcoming film Water (possibly to be retitled River Moon). Kaushiki also holds a first class Honours degree in Philosophy, which doubtless colours her approach to singing.

Kaushiki's slim discography includes her solo debut "Footsteps" (1998) and "A Journey Begins" (2002). Her most recent album "Pure" (2004) is an aptly named document of a performance given in London on 30th August, 2003. Live recordings in most genres are generally a let down, with the notable exception of Hindustani classical music. Backed by tanpura drone, tabla and two harmoniums (one played by her father) Kaushiki displays unique phrasing, breathtaking control, and a tone of astonishing purity.

Jon Lusk (courtesy of fRoots)

Kaushiki at Sense World
Your Comments
Milind, Pune
I got a chance to listen het at pune, 54th Sawai Gandharva festival. She is a very talented and a gifted singer. Her "sargam" was breathtaking. I hope to listen to her at sawai soon. 

Baishali Mukherjee (Glasgow)
This is just excellent! Wish you the very best in your journey through the stream of Indian classical music.
Pallavi from US
I have always been a lover and admirer of indian classical music. Kaushiki has an amazing voice with a great range and great breath control. Absoultely fantastic!!! Listening to her, is like listening to many of the great stalwarts of indian classical music. Hope to hear more of her concerts and recordings in the future.

Jayant Balgobind, Suriname, South-America
I think you are blessed by God. I've heard only More Saiyan. Mind blowing is that.

I have heard she is working on a new album with the great Sense World Music label- can't wait.
Samrat, Mumbai
Though Koushiki is a good singer, there are MANY singers like her today, in the Indian Classical Music scene. But as we all know a star daughter only gets all the attention ! Anyway All the best to her.

Ratan Bhattacharjee
I like her to sing some Bollywood songs

Sudeep Banerjee (Dubai, U.A.E)
I heard Kaushiki's live programme as well as her rewaz, she is nice as a human being and unparallel vocalist. Wish her every success.

Peter (Merseyside)
Kaushiki Chakrabarty's amazing 'Pure' CD (please also see my earlier comment) inspired me to look at other new recordings on the Sense label. As well as 'Pure', the CD 'A Journey' by the hugely talented sitarist Vikas Gupta is (I think) another debut release most definitely worth a listen.

Charles Stonehouse Wolverhampton UK
I've just purchased her live recording "Pure" I've been waiting for something as good as this since hearing Lakshmi Shankar and Dr. L Subrananian Live at the Wigmore Hall in 1979 on Radio 3. BTW it would be good to hear that again.

Himanshu Sharma, New Jersey, USA
Great voice, range and style. Its so refreshing to hear her. As I am learning hindustani classical music I feel I can better appreciate it.

usha shroff India-Mumbai
`Born Star`, with her father I had opportunity to hear her four years back. I had predicted she`ll be legend of India. Maa Sarswati bless her. Usha Shroff. chairperson. Suburban Music Circle.

Prashant Dave, Kolkata
I was spellbound by the performance never seen or heard before in my life, raag Puryakalyan by Kaushiki Chakraborty at the Dover Lane Music Conference 2006 on the 25th of January. I perceive a legend born. I wish I could hear her sing till the eternity.

Krishna - Mumbai
She's the best India has to offer. Best of luck!

kaushiki didi,i think that i am your craziest fan ....i cant understand why i miss you so much? please visit to amritsar... i miss u

I was fortunate enough to hear Kaushiki's rendition in Dover lane music conference few years ago.I wish her bright future .I am very much proud of her also,because we are ex students of same school in kolkata.

Kadambari ,Goa
There's a bit of the Divine in every note you sing...Full power to you Kaushiki.

tuomas kaila finland
A friend gave me her cassette in India five years ago. It was her debut recording I think and she was still a teenager then. I don’t know much about Indian classical music but I have never heard anything as beautiful, her singing is divine.

Ali Zafar, Lahore
i heard her a couple of days back for the first time, and i must say that its been a long time since i heard such a beautiful and fresh voice with great vocal control.

Mani, Albuquerque
Kaushikiji and her husband Shri Parthasarathyji are a genius pair. What a voice. Our culture is in safe hands.
Kamran (London)
I heard Kaushiki sing 3 years ago in london, and she is my favourite classical female vocalist, along with my male favourite Ustad Mehram Singh,an artist whose vocals are in the Amir Khan style!!

Dr. Debabrata Mukhopadhyay
Hindustani Classical Music a path to Worship GOD , thus Kousiki is already blessed by Almighty at an ealry age through her unique rendition , in the sense of controlled gayaki , bistaar. I strongly believe like others she would obviously be torchbearer of young generation in this domain. Consistency in rendition a GOD gift , pray GOD for your powerful rendition all the time.

Vijay -London
Kaushiki's album Pure- was really shocking/amazing for someone of her age.I pray to Lord Krishna that she has the energy & right ethics to continue the classical tradition to the new youngsters of today who are only interested in bhangra/pop/bollywood. The music Kaushiki performs is magical & effects me in great peaceful way. This music is for today where times are rough for the human race. Brings great inner peace. I wish you all the best. jai shree krishna

Manjeet Singh, Manchester
Surley she must be an incarnation of the goddess saraswati. What Maturity and feeling in her voice. Pure ecstasy in such a young beautiful human being

Omer Rana, Cardiff
Recently bought "Pure" -- what a remarkable album this is. Kaushiki's vocal range is truly inspiring -- and someone so young! Will be great to see what the future holds for such a talented vocalist. The Sangeet Research Academy in India must also be acknowleged for their nuturing of such talent.

mukesh suthar Leicester uk
kaushiki is one of the best singer, the best vocal controler singer. i feel a lot of feeling in my heart when she was singing a raga charokeshi it hurt me so much that she was controling my heart and it feel so good. all i can say god has give her the best vocal vocie she is the best young singer i would like to see her singing at leicester uk thank you .

Nimisha Dave, Toronto
"She has an amazing voice , full of charm and grace at very young age". I heard her first time at the BBC award ceremony and am impressed!especially that Ganapati aradhana in Sanskrit she has sung mix in Hundustani and Karnataki classical. Congratulations Kaushiki! I am proud of you as an Indian. I look forward to her performance at Toronto.

Amit Bhattacharya --- (Oracle Inc. , US)
Kaushiki ..... You were a good friend of mine. Though we didn't meet a long time (around 11 years), I always keep listening your performances and cd's whenever I get chance; Truly speaking you are one of the brightest representative of Indian Classical Music (after Guruji) infront of World. You must deserve this Award. I can't say that "May God Bless you" as I am not as powerful to say those precious words; I can only believe that you always be blessed by Almighty God. So be confident and represent Indian Classical Music; but don't shrink your Rewaaz timings (hours).

Harjinder Singh
She has a wonderful voice with majestical vocal performance and good role model for young generation. She has certain qualties of Afroz Bano who is also talented singer.

Srikanth Hyderabad
Once AR Rahman's Rivermoon is released she will become a phenomenon in Indian Music.A girl of great calibre, capability and voice where she can make a melliflous environment within a moment she starts singing. Definitely carries forward her father's new.Soon people would refer Ajoy Chakrabarty as Kaushiki's Father rather than Kaushiki as Ajoy Chakrabarty daughter.

subrata mandal
I am Dr.subrata mandal, eye specialist, at AIIMS, new Delhi. I am a Bengali from kolkata. I am a great fan of yours and love your songs very much. I want to talk & meet with u. plz give ur contact number, address and email.

Shams, Canada
It is always pleasing to know the best music in the world has yet another torch-bearer.

Biswajit Goswami, North Bengal
she is excellent. No words are enough for her. i wish her all the best.

music student ( holland)
i saw kaushiki ji a few months ago here in Amsterdam. she was just great. at such a young age already such quality's. may she achieve a lot more in the future and may her music reach everywhere

certainly those vibrations coming from her voice strings could heal me if any doubt in god's love appears

Mimi SenGupta(Biswas) New Jersey, USA
Congratulations Kaushiki: Best of luck to you.

Pete Burnand
I am also new to Indian classical music and especially the vocal category. So when I first heard the 'Pure' CD I was totally unprepared for the beauty, precision and range of Kaushiki Chakrabarty's voice. Amazing!

Minal Sevak (Krishnapriya)
My best favourite female vocalist is Ashwini Bhide Deshpandeji an excellent A grade Artiste. But I must say I have added Kaushiki Chakrabarty's name in my elite collection list that I carefully cherry pick the very best and would like to congratulate her for the award. I feel she is among the very few contemporary vocalists whose performances capture the rare quality of Tasir an ability to create an impact on listeners. I surely as a correspondence student just by listening have learned alot from her live performance and from her CD. I look forward to more of her performances in the UK.

Kallol Dasgupta - Kolkata
The first impression when I heard her, almost five years back, Ma Saraswati herself has come down to earth. Till to day whenever I listen to any of her performances, I feel the same. She is destined to rule the world of Indian Classical Music for decades to come.

Ramesh- Leicester
I heard Kaushiki's performance at the BBC World Music Awards- Amazing Vocalist!!! Best Of Luck in the future-"Pure" was also an amazing album-well done.

Nilanjana Paul, London, UK
Congratulations Kushiki; and Best of luck to you.

Bani broto Bosu,Kolkata
I think Kaushiki Chakraborty is most fittest young musician for this BBC World Music Award. May God forgive those criminals who r criticising her achievement! Carry On Kaushiki, we are all with you.

Papiya Bhattacharya, Bangalore (free-lancer)
I have heard you live and you cast a spell as only good musicians do. You are also the daughter of my favourite musician. Congratulations, Kaushiki, you deserve this award.

Stuart de Turberville, Newbury, UK

Madhu (Illinois, USA)
I feel Kaushiki is one of the best young artistes on the Hindustani music scene. I was mesmerized by her kedar rendition in the CD 'A Journey Begins'. I hope she continues to pursue in developing her own style (distinct from her father's). Wish you all the best, Kaushiki!

Ananjan Cahkraborty(Bhai) Kolkata
I just can't believe that my didia is only the person who is getting this award

Dr. Pallab Dasgupta, Indian Institute of Technology
Kaushiki recently gave a scintillating performance at the 50th convocation of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)Kharagpur. Her talent is supplemented with a sweet and heart-winning personality.

Somnath (USA)
She has a good voice, and needs another 10 to 15 years of good practice to become mature classical artist. Good Luck!

parthasarathi desikan
Though you are my wife,but you are an artiste first. a worthy disciple of your father/guru you truly deserve this award. You have made all of us so proud and given respect to Indian Classical Music. May the Almighty bless you a lot.

Divakar, Colombo Sri Lanka
Congratulations to Kaushiki for winning the World Music award for Asia Pacific. Does this mean her album was the best Indian classical music CD released last year? A definite "NO." She is good, but has a long way to go to develop emotional maturity as displayed by a galaxy of more established practitioners of Indian classical music. I heard her recently at the Dover Lane music conference in Calcutta (Jan 22-26). The Maru Bihag was ok and her father even managed to get the speaker of the Indian parliament to attend just her concert! The thillana of Balmurlikrishna that followed was however mercilessly butchered on the alter of crude popular taste. I think this award has more to do with who her Guru is rather than her music. Hopefully in 10 years she will really deserve it!

Keerti Mathur London
She has the most Charismatic voice, so full of charm, elegance and grace, if you listen intently, you will have to ask the guy next to you to pinch you just so you know, you are not dreaming…. Enjoy Jai Guru Dev

Delhi - India
Congratulations! on winning the award for 2005 Kaushiki.It's great news for ICM all over the World. Thanks!

ayesha naiksatam (India mumbai )
She's a wonderful artist i guess she’s really coming up, and also such a talented young girl. Her music is so inspiring.! I wish her all the best.

Ajanta Patnayak, (Birmingham)
Kaushiki is much better talent than many other upcomings. But for sure she can not lead Indian Raga music, she does not have the soul of the music in her voice. I can not agree with many of you, her musical appearance is too rough and less mellow, she can be well fit for Jazz not for Indian Raga.I though pray for her BBC award. I love her look though.

sunit ghatak, london
A golden voice with full of eastern promise! will surely reach to the Top in time. I had the good fortune to listen to her Live in London, simply Superb. May god bless her & help us to listen to such pure sound for many many years.

She is just a possibility, I do not think she could be judged as an artiste, there are many factors like Raga Bhav and Raga Praana, will take at least another 10 years or so to bring her at the level of artiste, I think nomination for this award is too early for any upcoming talent like Kaushiki.

Stuart Durant London
Such virtuosity - such sophistication...

Priyanath Chattopadhyay and Indrani Saha Chowdhury
Listening to Kaushiki is always a rare experience for all the listeners. The purity of ragdari, melody,and incredible taiari is really great. She is not the young star but a great star in the Indian Classical Arena.

Richartd Dorrell
...and hopefully her nomination will also help to highlight some other brilliant vocal albums this year, in particular "Anjali" by Arati Ankalikar Tikekar.

Kumar Bathia (Midlands)
"Kaushiki is simply amazing". Her new CD "Pure" is divine-I wasn't expecting to feel this way as she is a new name for me. I was astonished with her vocal techniques at such a young age. I wish her all the best with her nomination and hope to hear her Live in the U.K. very soon.

Sarwar E-Alam from London
I should rather say, "A Golden Voice of a Rising Star from Heaven"! Such talent and such simultaneous control over different sectors of Indian classical music is really amazing. I was lucky enough to enjoy her several live shows in UK and each time I was captivated by her heavenly delivery of Indian classical vocal music. She really has the ability to take her audiance in a different level. Absolutely stunning!!

dr r. c. shah london n21 1nr
kaushiki chakrabarty is an excellent Indian classical singer and would like to nominate her for the BBC music award.

Deepak P Samani, Hockley Heath, W. Midlands
Good up and coming artist with pedigree. Have heard her both live and in recorded form. I am sure that she will take Hindustani Classical Sangeet to new heights.

Raj Ghatak
have been fortunate enough to hear the wonderfully talented Kaushiki live. She is nothing short of outstanding, and has a purity both of soul and talent which is guaranteeed to touch anyone who hears her.

Dharambir Singh
A real pleasure to witness a young talent who is destined to be a role model for the future generations around the world.

Seema From London
I saw Kaushiki at her live performance in London last year and for a new listener of Indian Classical music. I was overwhelmed by her majestic vocal performance.... Absolutely incredible!!!

Dr and Mrs Datta (London)
"She has an amazing voice". Such a talented young girl. Her music is so expiring. Wishing her all the very best in everything she does.

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