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Asia/Pacific Sevara Nazarkhan nominated in the Asia/Pacific category ©Philip Ryalls

Sevara Nazarkhan (Uzbekistan)

Song : Yol Bolsin
Album : Yol Bolsin (Real World, UK)

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Mention 'The Silk Road' and you conjure up all kinds of romantic images – Alexander The Great met Roxanne on it, Marco Polo explored its length and wrote of his fabulous adventures on it, across the 19th Century The Great Game was played out along it between Russian and British military intelligence forces. And, now, with the collapse of Soviet communism the region is opening up to the world again. Surely the most enduring wonder of the The Silk Road is its music. Music that has a history and traditions stretching across thousands of years.

Traditionally along the Silk Road a female singer and instrumentalist epitomised high culture. Today, with Sevara Nazarkhan, we have the latest in this ancient line of female singers from Central Asia. Sevara is from Uzbekistan, a nation that attracts little attention in the UK. Sevara's music epitomises the enduring grace and beauty to be found in this ancient Islamic culture. And on her debut album Yol Bolsin (Real World) she effortlessly mixes traditional songs and instrumentation with contemporary Western production.

In Tashkent, Uzbekistan's capital, she is a pop star. Her first group in 1998 were, apparently, the Uzbek answer to The Spice Girls. And anyone who has seen the dimunitive Ms Nazarkhan on stage at this year's Womad Reading festival knows that the feisty singer can rock the microphone with a confidence Geri and co' would envy. Sevara's father is a noted singer of European classical music and her mother teaches traditional string instruments. When Sevara met noted French producer Hector Zazou they began working on the first fusion of Uzbek and Western musical culture. Yol Bolsin was recorded in Tashkent and Paris and its subtle grace marks Sevara out as a very special singer.

"Traditional music will always be with me. This in turn enables me to go further and experiment with other sounds."

Garth Cartwright, October 2003

Read other peoples comments

With a voice that seamlessly blends with the curves and bends of the lilting traditional instruments, her voice is a pleasure to sink in to.

I like her songs very much.. and her image. She is a wonderful!

I've been a fan of Genesis and Peter gabriel. I recently saw her first at Peter Gabriel's Growing Up Live DVD. I was simply impressed by her voice and performance.
Adil, Bangladesh

I m always inspired by the astonishing art of the Mughul Emperors and i wanted to hear their musical touch as well which i have found in this single song. Savera uzbekistan is proud of u.
Fahad Khan

All i can say, Sevara we are proud of you.
Azizhon (Britian)

you really gud! i'm like and love you nice

Sevara is the only Uzbek female singer who can raise this nation's art from the ashes and return it its past glory. For she weaves in her art classics with modernity; her beautiful voice takes the listener to the heavens of musical delight. Sevara, all the best to you! I am your greatest fan!
Sherzod Muminov

i can say only one thing that she is wonderfull and has a insationable voice

Sevara is of that singers who song combining past with the present which is too rare for young songers. I really love her.If Samarkand is the best city in Uzbekistan she is the best songer in Uzbekistan. Good luck !

I like her and her songs:"ulugimsan vatanim
Aziza Xalilova

Hi, Sevara I listen to your songs a lot, and i like them. But I do not like you.

I think she is best , Ilove u Sevara,but it's so bad because she don't know me!!!

Sevara is the best in Uzbekistan, I really love her. Every Uzbek must be proud of her, cos she is representing this culture by a very amazing STYLE she has.
Phoenix Startracker


hi everybody, well, i am an admirer of Sevara Nazarkhan, the star. i admire her songs very much. yeah she has a brilliant voice. sorry it is my mistake she doesnt have. she has the most brilliant voice.
it is not important to know my name

She's the best.In my country I use to listen her music every day.I love her so much.You're the best!!!

I like it because I love it.
Stacie Lee

She's absolutly amazing. I saw her in Botticino, Italy (I live there) and I strted to love her

Sevara has a marvellous voice, and I was honoured to have met her in Columbus OH.
Zebadiy Khatuujil

I just can say nobody can compare with her in Uzbeksitan among the female singers. She is really talanted woman and We love her every songs. nad we proud of her. Just good luck!!!

I like Uzbeq music and Ms Sevara song Galdir moved me we must also know about the political situation in Uzbeqistan While we enjoy music people are being tortured there.

(salom nicesen sevara)i like so much sevara nazarkhan,she good music,good song's,beutifull voice,nice listen and i hope everydays listening,she is my favourite we are love you karina from jakarta indonesia

Beautiful. I feel transported. Gorgeous, lush mix of vocals, backgrounds, everything.
Ana Pura

super thing,never listened such kinda music. ima interested indis culture

I saw Sevara perform on the Peter Gabriel USA tour of 2003....I was very impressed....I have Yol Bolsin.....listening to it right now......I would like to get her new cd "Netay" which I've read is only to be distributed in Uzbekistan....If anyone can help me........I would be grateful
David Schellhamer

There is no expression about Sevara and her voice. In short she is Number one...

She is really the most talented singer in Uzbekistan
Ihtiyor Turaboev

this album is a must listen for someone who is curious about how spells are woven. Sevara knows!
J Smith

I like Sevara Nazarhon very much. She really has a talent from above. Her music and voice are just amazing me. Without any doubt she is the best in Uzbekistan. Sevara, you have wonderful futer believe me.

Her voice makes me mad.When i heard her songs my heart starts beating.Sevara is the HEART OF ASIA. Natural beaty and live music,that is what people all around the world want.

She is not like other uzbek singer ,except SAXAR . She sings originally not stealing other nation`s music like turkish persian or tajik. GOOD LUCK Sevara
Akmal Rajabov

"The first fusion of Uzbek and Western musical culture"?? Come on Garth, listen to Usmanova's ambitious 1999's album 'Yulduz'.
Eric Wortel

I first listened to Sevara in Peter Gabriel´s concert in Barcelona. It was amazing.I very much thank Gabriel for that gift and Sevara for her music.

I have met Sevara in Tashkent. Despite being deserved Winner she is a wonderfull person!

I first saw Sevara Nazarkhan on World Link TV 2 years ago. I was immediate struck by her voice. She has very pleasant aura and, her hands spoke. I saw her as not just an Artist but, as a shining symbol for the Uzbek people. She is the 'light'.
Joseph Coleman

She is amazing! She displays traditional and mixed Uzbek music in the best performance. She well deserved the Award she got.
Saida Y

She is gonna replace Yulduz Usmanova in near future. I wish you to be the BEST one in Uzbekistan!

I like very much Sevara's songs and i ralized that the mixture of western and eastern world culture gives much better results.I appreciate her songs very much

This morning I saw her in the Tashkent airport, as she's been heading to London by British Airways, to attend World Music Awards Winners Concert at Usher Hall, Edinburgh. I have been fortunate to talk with her :) wish her best of luck and keep it up
Michael Bell

"Sevara carries in her voice and soul the essence, tradition and misticism of her culture and ancestors in a genuine way.Listening to Sevara's voice and watching her image is a real journey into the past and present of that culture...sublime vehicle"
Jorge Rago

Her music reveals and blends the soul and mystery of the Ancient Silk Road with hopes and aspirations of the modern Central Asia. A Must for anyone intersted with the oriental music.

Woooow she s great!!! I like her,thats music ppl
Western Boy

Wonderful, mix old and new, east and west, delightful. Sevara is the winer for me.

Would you marry me Sevara?
Islam Karimov

Brilliant music, amazing!!!!!!

I like very much Sevara`s voice. She is a really singer. When I listen her songs I`m just enjoy. I hope that Sevara will win the British Awards. Good luck Sevara!

She's amazing!

a talent deserves more than just an award.

she's simply the most sublime artist around,just too too heavenly!
rick heritage

amazing songs & she is a real beauty!

She is the greatest singer in her country.

Breathtaking voice and best song i've ever heard...
Just student...

The best style, the best music, excellent perform, unique voice, the best mixed national and contemporary style. This is all Sevara. Well done
James Gregory (musician)

I hope to see more of her in the future. She is moving music here in the right direction. And what a voice!

I love Sevara's songs! If there is a justice in the world, she will be a winner.

Sevara is an Increadible singer, beautiful voice and full of grace. I love her. I would like to call to VOTE for Sevara in BBC"s Audience award. all the best

Sevara has immense artistic talent and stunningly beautiful music. Her charming songs encompass traditional Uzbek folk music and modernity which creates very unique blend of past and present, traditionalism and liberalism in ethnic music. Speaking in this context, Sevara Nazarkhan is founding a new stream in Uzbek music.

She is fabulous - beautiful voice and astonishing performance!
Leyla Dursunova

She is BEST

I think She is the bet one in Uzbekistan. i wish her luck.
Ilhom Omonov

Beautifull music, beautifull voice! Thak you very much Sevara!

Sevara has a wonderful voice and she is very artistic
Shukhrat Aripov

She is my fovourite

We Are Love You!

Her voice is justthe 8th wonder of the World

She that what make the world clear
WildRabbit aka unknown nemo

I adore her voice and talent. Go Sevara!!! Conquer the world!
Ibrohim M.

Without a doubt Sevara is one of the most talented singers in Central Asia. What a pride for Uzbekistan!
Elvira hon

She is the best!!!
Shavkat Berdiev

Good memory, goodmusic
cheseaux michel

A voice with stunning clarity that transports the listener. I now know where Uzbekistan is on the map.
Rainbow Street

Sevara it's a brilliant voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexander Dokshin

She has very strong and very likely voice. I'm always listen to her and proud of acquaintance with her.

I think Sevara has very beautiful voice and she is very talented, her voice goes inside your body, your heart, and it really makes feel what she is singing about. And her classic style makes a great impact on audience. I really think she deserves the First Place.
vasiliy latipov

she presents best songs ever of humankind!

Yulduz Usmonova

Sevara N. rules everywhere ...!!!!
Sorrow Angel








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