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Middle East and North Africa Kadim Al Sahir nominated in the Middle East/North Africa category

Kazem (Kadim) Al Sahir (Iraq)

Song : Hal Endak Shak
Album : Bare Footed (Stallions Records, Saudi Arabia)

Visit :

With the invasion of Iraq in April 2003, the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's brutal regime and the continuing unrest in that nation it is easy to forget that for thousands of years Iraq has been home to music of great beauty. Yet listen to Kazem Al-Sahir, currently the world's most popular Iraqi singer, and you will recognise the continuing artistry of that ancient nation.

Kazem was born in 1961 in the ancient northern Iraqi city Al-Mousel. At the age of eleven Kazem acquired his first oud after having sold his bicycle. He quickly mastered the instrument and began composing poems he could sing while playing. This, alongside reciting verses from the Qur'an as well as performing songs by eminent artists like Mohammad Abdelwahab and Fairuz, established him as a gifted young performer. In 1980 he started teaching music. Two years later he pursued studies at the Institute of Music of Baghdad.

Kazem continued to compose songs and in 1987 his original composition Ladghat El-Hayya earned him fame across Iraq and the Gulf region. A year later he hit with Abart El-Shat which further extended the radius of his popularity to cover more Arab countries.

His musical career was hindered by the outbreak of the Gulf War in 1990. Kazem moved to Lebanon to pursue his musical ambitions. Lebanon is the home to many of the greatest Arab artists and its liberal, creative mindset was perfect for Kazem. Through his songs and titles Kazem was able to champion the Iraqi people while they suffered under Saddam's rule and Western sanctions. His fine voice, superb oud skills and ability to write songs to suit many moods – nostalgic, angry, romantic – quickly established Kazem as a major star across the Arab world.

Kazem formed a songwriting partnership with noted Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani in 1996. This has lead to some of the finest Arabic music of recent years. While Kazem has yet to try and make an impact with Western world music audiences, from Cairo to Mecca, Kazem is regarded as one of the great artists of contemporary Arabic music.

Garth Cartwright, October 2003

Read other peoples comments

The prince of singers
Ahmed Samir

kazm is the best in the romantic world.i hope the best for you nerakar.

kadem essahir is my favorite singer in all the world.His lyrics are wonderfuls and his voice also is perfect. I listen to his sangs regularly

nowadays you are the only one who is representing iraq in a satisfactory way. ....from london uk

Kathem u r the most popular singer in the middle east. when u sing i feel like i am in heaven and when i listen to ur voice, i see a great man that is making his audience be proud of him. keep up the good wor kathem. love u

hey whats up????? how is everyone????? i just want to say that i love kathem al sahir......... and he is the best singer in the world................ and he will always be the best........

i think you are the best arabic singer and i think iraqi music is the best, i love u kazem forever u r number one......

kasim alsahir is the best singer in the world, when he sing you feel like he is talking to you, and i can feel all his feeling.
Norma Khneiger

he is the best singer i ever seen. ilove him.
ari ali

i love you i want to see u again. i saw him last time but from a far view i want to kiss him

Kadim Al Sahir is the king of arabic music and song, he's not singer only bu

we cant live without kazem who is the best arab singer and he needs more respect not only on the part of iraqian but also internationaly.
abdullah abu kattah

I was born in Iraq but now I live in the UK and i still listen to his songs. My dream is to meet him one day.His songs are really beautiful. I wish all my life if I get a chance to meet him.


beautiful songs special arabic singer is: KADIM AL SAHIR nice vioce

Kazem is a brilliant singer better eminem he sing about islam i am from egypt now i live in england. Love Mustafa Be safe mermano

kadim el saher is one of the worlds best singer 1 reason its because he is from iraq and it is because he is so hot and because of him i still think that i am still iraqi cause i live in the usa

I like Kadem’s songs and he has this sadness that every Iraqi feels especially the ones who were forced to migrate from Iraq.

i love Kadam so much he voice is the most amasing i have ever heard.. my dream is to see him !!! what a man!! M'shell LEEDS
M'shell Aboud

i love Kadam so much he voice is the most amasing i have ever heard.. my dream is to see him live....
M'shell Aboud

hi every body ... i`d like to say that kadim is the best siger in whole the world ... no one at all can challenge him with his special art ... kadim is a only one who can keep on his way .. thats hard to every one , but with kadim is so easy , because he doing his job honesty and hard working to present the best always i`m sorry i can`t write arabic , because i`m iraqi exactly like kadim , and i`m proud with that ... lastly thank you very much kadim for every thing
Bihnam Al Gaznakhy

kadim alsahir is one of the best singer ,he feels what he sing and has fun with it and thats what makes him great!!!

kathem is one of the best singers in the middle east..His last event in royal albert hall was wonderfull....thanks kathem

lovely concert in albert hall last weak ,wish we can see u in iraq soon
ibrahim jafary

Who's the best , who's fames , who's got the lovely best voice ever , KATHEM AL SAHER offcourse. I am iraqi and live in London, To be ohnest Kathem is the best i have ever seen in the world with the lovely voice that noo one has... i've been to the concert when he won the award in london bbc it was sooo nice too see the best iraqi singer Kathem to win the award. I've been to them most of kathem concert and really they are the best and nice . I went to kathem's concert in Royal Albert Hall on 14 march 2006 it was just the best concert ever in the world really with a lot of fames people there and with the lovely Faans as well it was just a lovely night ever. taking picturse's with him and the most fans and the people. we are with you Kathem our heart with you anywhere u goo we are there with you all the time... wish u all the best .A big hiiiiii to Kathem's band's... With the bigest love to Kathem. Mo in london
Mohammed. Bigest Fans of Kathem in London

Al-Sahir is my inspiration to success

Kazem is the best singer and composer I ever heard. Moreover he is the most humane in this word . I really admire his loyalty to his country's cause. Iraq Victory

Kadim Al Sahir is the best singer in the world. For me he is Wonderful man, I love him more then any thing else in my life. He is mean so much for me, and i am so proud having such as Brilliant singer in the arab world. I am from Iraq and I Live in England now. I love you so much.

llike kadim so much my dream is meeting with him just for the second....lam NASIR from baghdad
nasir alshamiari

Kazem al saher is one of the best singers in the arabic world. hi meaningful songs have been listened to all over the arabic society. I m proud that we have a singer like him. finally i would like to say that the first Cassette i bought was for him in 1996.
fadi ali

I think,there is no singer like kazoomi.Ilove him too much, He has great voice with great words(all of this let his songs is very nice.& don't forget also he has nice face,I hope when i have a son to call him kazim because he must be proud with this name

kazem is the best singer in the world(arabic world). ilove his songs and i love watching him singing, my husband loves his songs also, specialy on his big nights (saharat). wish you good luck on your carrier kazem.

marhaba: kadim has got a devine voice, a brilliant composer as well, he and marcel khalife in my openion are genuine singers-composers.

o my god kadim you the most greatest singer and i love you so much inshallah u will always be successful in life and best wishes to all keep up the wonderful music love yah

kazim you are the best are the best your soges is planty of sentiment no one can make chalange with you because sure you will be the winner i love and let me tell you thanks i hope i can met you one time in my hole life

I am so proud of you Kazem! The words he uses in his songs are words that most of us feel but cannot describe, only he can...he's awesome!

Kathum AlSaher is one of the best singers in the Arab world and is one of the few with proper true Arab manners. He is a gentleman and a man of his word.

i love your song's but were can i got the website's form?

Kadhim was and still the most famous arabic singer than all of other arabic singers,he is sitting in our hearts and feelings.

Kazem al-sahir is the sun without him Ilive in the dark.

I love kazem alsahir i wish to you best

wel, i think yhat kazim singt for everyone who like his vois. he is the master of the world romantic music, he belongs to every fellow and lover and not just to arab in al-watan al-arabi. As Irakiwishing hem succes and more brilliand cariere, best wishes, love, en rigaards from kurdistan to the quin of middeleast, Kazem (habib al kul).

keep going KADIM, you are the best in the world

Kazem is the best singer and composer of the modern arabic music. His songs touch the heart from its deepest parts. We grew up listening to his songs which were the best companion during our university days !! Keep it up Kazem, looking forward to hearing more from you..

i swear that i love u kazem .. nothing to say just u the nicest singer with feeling in the universe and no one will come like u NEVER

i think that is the best thik who bbc have to do to kadim because he is a big star in arabic country

hiiii i love kathem sooo muchhes my favorite singer i loveee u cant wait till he comes 2 london lovvvvvvvvve kathem soooooooooooo much

he is the best singer and i think that we cannot find as.
salem izeddine

kazem elsaher is the best songer in the arab country i like him so much he give the arabic song a great respect he love his work so he give us the greatest songs i,m in the age of his son Wessam but i,m from his lovers i hope he song to us always

that's great for mr.kadim alsaher....... with all my love... hany from yemen

I love kazem to the point where no human words can describe it, but i guss there is only one word i can use to describe this great artits how worm my and everyone's heart with joy and happines with the true, tridntional arabic music that reflect our great cultural " unforgettable"
wadhah al shugaa


i am a good fun did nt miss any album and i do encourage kadim 2 go well and give more .fi hifdh allah
ikram tunisia

kazem is the best u

kathemmmmmmmmmmms da besssst iraqiiiiiiiiiii singer every likes him kathe mur the best

(hel 3indek shek) that you are the best singer???!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER WELLAHY

i think that kazem is the best one in the hole world and he still respect him self and his music and not runing toward the way other singers are moving toward
michaal salameh

Kazim is a revolution is the Arab World. He is best known for honesty and songs that reveals our presents and coporate with our outlooking future. Kazim is a unique singer, he made us know the different between whats real and whats fake music.
Tiah Murrar

i love kazem al saher very much, i adore him...he had an excellent and strong voice, i have all his songs and collections, i listen to his songs 24 hours a day, in my mp3 player i have only all the songs of kathem al saher...He IS THE BEST SINGER i love U kazem, i wish to meet u one day...

we love all your music very much we hope that you come to germany
Sally Al.Qasrani

I grow up with Kazem's music since the first song(Gazal),Kazem is top of music,romantic,human,poem,Kazem's song is for every one like child,young and oldre people. wish all the best and succes in the life.

I Love you your the best singer in the world!!! My dream is to listen to a song from you and micheal jackson...? why cant you do a song togther? plzzzz Love
Lisa Truman The Biggest Fan Of Kathem !

Kazim's presence in the music world need not be highlighted further; it shines through all spectrums and across the globe. Seldom do we find in today’s world a complete artist who composes, writes and sings his own songs all at the same time. Amidst the turmoil in our part of the world, Kazim’s music and performance spread joyous flares and arrays of enchanting melodies that are forever entrenched in our mind, body and soul. Something about his music that brings sheer delight into your heart. Indeed, no artist that I know can bring the tears and suffering of the tormented, the love and affection of lovers and the innocence and purity of children all in one concert or album. Kazim to music is as air to our lungs. Who ever did not listen to him yet, what are you waiting for?? a better life awaits you after hearing his voice and amazing music! Bravo Kazim
Mimi (Kuwait/Sudan)

I am not an Iraqi nor do I understand Arabic.I do listen to Arabic music however and I enjoy it immensly.plan to learn the language soon. just heard a brief set of Kazem's cd and I thought his voice was very nice indeed. even though I dont know what he was saying I felt his passion in his voice .at closing I wish to say as an American I know of noone who wishes to occupy Iraq or stay in that beautiful country any longer we want our young people home in our own country where we love them and miss them.that being said I wish all Iraqis peace and harmony in days to come and soon inshallah !!

kazem is always the best and his new album intaha elmeshwar is gr8 too;i love him wholeheartedly and all ppl on egypt love him;god bless u kazem.

Kadim God bless you, we are really proud of you.
Azhar Hatim

Kadhem Is just the best ever and forever
Faisal Abdelli

he is the best singer for me,i love his wn song well,and i here to every new from here ,in fact his voice is very nice and clear,also his song rae very kind too,for me i send my best congratulations to kadim,my truth greeting too,his songs is the one which i wanna to hear time to time ,sure that i follow the new of him by tv,magazines,books....ext,and all time no singer can be as kadim,my whishing is to make some feats here in our country,yeahhhh that's a quiestion:why kadim never come to marocco from a long time ,that the marocco like him well and well,and as a last word i wanna to tell to kadim"countinious your work to the better it's nice to here from you always,and however you suffer before and now,you mustn't let this difficult to affect in your own life time and today's work,so you must resist so as to make your lovers very satisfied, and god protect you ,"

kazem is really the best singer in the world..ihave heard many songs of lots of other singers but inever ever heard some one singing like him, he deserves all the best bcoz he did alot of great, amazing and wonderful works...we really love u kazem,,and wish for u the the best in ur life :)

kadum is the cool+nice voice+confident

I love Kazem so machhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . He is agreat man,agreat singler

Whene Iwant To Remember My Love,My Country@My Family I Will Listin Kazem
dr-abbas m m

hii i thank you so much for bringing up such an amazing singer like him that has brought a lot to the world to the people and to us arabs we are proud we have someone in kathems talent a really rare on that not every one can get that easy that was really smart PLEASE dont forget him you hav to remember him alllllll along thank you again!xoxoxox
lucy alsaher

The first time l heard his song in my brother house in Morocco l really like his song and my brother told me his from Ikak, since then he is the best of the best he has a magical and nice vioce no one has it before l wish him a good luck. JAMILA ROCHDI

kazem offfff i dont know what to say kazem is a very big star i love him i dont know what to say about him i cant sleep with out his songs i bought an i pod just to listen to him every ware kazem u r the best

I think that Kazem El Sahir is a great Arab singer!A lot of people like his voice, its quite hard not to like it!Even though I live in the UK,i still listen to all his songs.

A great voice that goes deep in history of Nineveh, Ashur and Babylon and our great Assyrian ancestors. God bless our great singer Kadhem Al-Sahir

i think that kathem el saher is the best singer and he is really successful. also i hope that he is in good health and that the rumours that were spread about him are not true. well also i would like to say that his new album is the best too. everything he produces is excellent, may allah bless u and keep u in good health. thank you for everything u have given us the songs about our country and the meanings of it.

i think that kazim ak sahir is the best singer and god bless him.

kazem al-sahir is something big to me in the family and i really think his songs are magical,beautiful and touching xxxxoooooo i keep wishing you the best in future

Well, I heard Kadim in Sarah Brightman's Harem CD, and I found that he had an excellent voice, I wish I knew where I could find more of his works, because offline it seems that none of the stores in the US carry his music.

i love him so much i think that him is the best in all thing

As iraqi kurd i have always admired his songs,,i have been listening to his music since i was 10 years old.i think his got great voice,keep it going.

I am portugese living in canada the 1 st time i heard kathim i listened to teh words from my heart after listening to kathim mow for almost 5 years i have learned to speak arabic from his Music with no teaching from others he is the Best wish he could come to canada Keep it up kathim we live you Habibi!!!!brandy

I love U Kazem soo much ur the real star i wish u the best and we are always here to support u forever! i cant wait to see u again we missed u here in Michigan

You are very wonderful!!! the best singer of the world!!! bester!!!

brilliant im an iraqi myself and its graet to see that the british are recognising huge talents and crediting them for it!thank you

Kadim, Thank you for making our life just a tad extra bearable Thank you for everything Nassim London

I'm marveled by the voice of this extraordinary singer, my wife and me listened to and watched him in a duet with the great British singer Sarah Brightman, we were shocked with his feeling. We would like to know where and how to get his cds. Omar and Mabel Cruz. Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Omar Cruz

he is the best singer in the world .i like him and i like every single song he sings.

Actually we cannot say any thing about this singer be cause no body can singing like him i thing he is a best in the world first of all he is iraqi and he is grew uo in iraq and iam iraqi and iam from north of iraq and his sound is the best ,,, and idont know to write for him because he is every thing and thanks and long life for KADIM

kazem alsahir le tsar of music is the best

kazems words are those of few that touch the heart and leak into the soul. his music has inspired me to study arab arts.

kadhim makes us left our iraqi heads high and helps take away the pain elf thanks to kadhim

kazim al saher.. has sensation that no body in this world could have so I think that he is the best singer ..I like his songs so much...

kazim al saher.. has sensation that no body in this world could have so I think that he is the best singer ..I like his songs so much...

I feel well if you just mention his name infron of me. lets sing KADHIM

oh, God i just love kazim sooooo much! i would like to tell u what happened when i went to his concert in 6/4/05 in Detroit, other then the fact that it was the best day of my life. when kazim appeared with his song for Baghdad, i was going crazzzzzy, and for some reason i started crying! i have no idea why i was crying but that's how happy i was. the concert was bueatiful, and his voice is actualllly alooot stronger then when you hear on T.V. or CD. and Nancy was nothing i was soooooo bored when she was performing.. and one more thing iam an iraq citizen and i live in detroit. i lovvvvve kazim allloot that i jsut want him to know who iam!!!! i wish him the best of health, thats the most important thing!.

Even though I like his stuff in general, I'm not unconditionally bewildered by ALL his work. Still being an Iraqi makes me a fan of him. He is the front figure of our resistance to western invasion (literally as well). Funny, the BBC finally “found out” that Iraqis do sing … Hmmm …

Salaam 3aleikom Kathem is one of the best singers...he singes about everything and finds the exact words to express (his) feelings....that's what I love about this singer...his voice, rhythm, words….and yes he is handsome...each song is very special and has a message in it….keep on doing that cause lot of the singers sing about NOTHING…

Kasim, is my Favorite person in this whole world, iam amazed by everything he has done. He singes from the bottom of his heart. when he singes i feel like Iam in a different world, he makes me cry, laugh and i dont even realize it, thats how majical he is. i cant say anything other than i love him, and i wish him the best in everything.

i think that kazem elsaher is the best singer in the world he is the singer of love and peace

kazem is the best from east to west
nadia/las vegas

god bless you , your the best iraqi singer keep it like this we are all proud of you you the iraqi embassador thank you for every song you sang about iraq we all love you

Kadhim is the best arabic singer, he is perfekt

i think is kadom alsaher is the best irqi songer and all the wourld on this time

whate can i say about this men i can not find word to say but that sure and we all know that he is abest singer in the world and ask my god more success for him and we will not forget he is not only singer but also he is genius in (musical)composition relly i have not word to be or became equal his right happy birth day kazomaaaaaa

kasim al-sahir is the best singer in the world because by his songs he send messages of peace and love to all over the world

I am kurd Kazim ALsahir is number one in all kurdstan. Kazim is the best in hole the world.

great young man hope he carries on with his music wish it were possible to meet him

Kasim al-sahir is something not real ...he 's a magic thing ,,,he is the best singer in the world ,,he has sensations that nobody in this world could have ,,he raises the heads of the whole iraqis specially & the arabic generally fo being the real singer that singes only his composed songs he is really omantic king
Dr-Najwan Salih --

i think that kadim is the best singer i like his words,his ritm his voice and i find him very handsem really kadim is wonderful singer

Hi Nothing to say about him, Cause if U say Kathem El Saher, u say The realy sounD!!

Growing up, I have always listened to Kathim.. He is a very talented artist, who is a better composer than anyone I have listened to, for his music is very original, and every song departs from the other in the most fascinating way. I have had the opportunity to attend his latest concert in Toronto, Canada, and I must say - his voice is VERY POWERFUL. I cannot think of any singer out there, Arabic or non-Arabic, who has SUCH a powerful voice LIVE in concert. His voice resonated in the entire place, and he captured the crowd, sending it to tears when he sang a couple of songs about Baghdad and Iraq. Carrying the Iraqi flag during his concert shows his undying devotion to his country. Many Iraqis take pride in him, as he is their representative in the world of music in the present times. In a time period where singers lack talent, and composers sound redundant, Kathem El-Saher stands out with IMMENSE talent. He has maintained a high standard in music, words, and style, that continues to keep him an exceptional artist in today's world.

Kadhim is the best arabic singer, he is perfekt

you ollwas in myheart evry singl miunte i listning of you becuase you have or had a lovly voice and a lovly porsnalty in the end i have more love to kazim al sahir i hopefull you stil with music by for know.23/08/2005.england hull city.tuesday
aumed sahir

i think that kazem is the greatest singer in the middle east nowdays and i like to say something about an article i read it before that kadim trade with his country in the song (baghdad la tatalmy) to sell more and win more and iam sure that kazim make this song because he love his counyry (iraq)

I was on Myspace and i was talking to one of my freinds from Iraq and she told me about him and i thought that his voice was so beautiful. I love him.

iam sorry for bad action sometimes i get upset i love kazim i really want to meet him and talk with him i admire by his lovely voice

KADIM is the best.. he is a great legend.. he is so sensetive u can see the children,youth, men, women, old ones, homes, streets, trees, flowers, ur mother, ur father, ur family, also ur smile all in kadim.. just listen to him and see how he is telling all the tryth about IRAQ the country of science and literature and peace.. kadim is always trying to show the whole world that IRAQ is PEACE and not terrorism as they assume... listen to KADIM and recognize the difference...

kathim is asurviver , he made sure everybody knew he was iraqi , and made us all proud to be iraqis.

As an Iraqi i think that Kazem al saher has made me proud to say that I am an Iraqi. He has inspired to become a singer and i wish him all the best
Taban Karim

I'm shocked ''kazim el saher'' huh!

We all know that he is the greatest among the Arabic singers and that is because he is from IRAQ the country of The Arabian Nights and of the musicien ZERIAB and the great poets. Friday,July, 22/2005

Im nada from iraq and id like to add to you that i brout up on his music not for some thing but for his iraqian original spirit folded between likely poets and ilike him also because his respect &consedering to woman exist.

well first im iraqi citizen i live in kazam's neihgborhood so what all of you think yes he is the greatest star in the wild world and i love him so much good send him as a gift i love you bro...with my wishes to be in the top for ever

kadem is my famous man and i love him 2 much & i hope 2 see him as soon as posipple in dubi. i miss u kzoma.

i think this singer is absolutely great singer. according to the accent means originally came from Arabic particulary ((Fusxah)) or clear words in arabic language i will say fantastic

kadim ahla sout i hope he sings more by his beautiful voice for IRAQ

Iraqi Living in USA, Kadim is a gem that represents Iraq, we would love to see you perform for the Iraqis in your homeland again. Best of luck Kathoom! :)

he is not only a singer,but he is a great sensitive and romance person.

i cant tell u what i think about kazem because there are no words to explain him. I love him so much and i would like to tell him that he's the best singer ever. and i want him to take care of himself so he can make new songs for us.

i see kazem is the best i adore him his woeds are special no singer is like him i see he is the most respected singer and also a great composer i hope a happy life 4 him with health and great art kazem i love u soo much

i think kazm id wonderfull for me becuse he have full fell and he have thinking diffrient of any one and he have anice voice i love him thanks for you kazem for every think for your voice for your felling thanks thanks abdulla -emily

i'm really loving kathem essahir. he is a good singer and has a nice voice. thanks kathem
said bentaouit

kazem...i can just say thank you very much for this great work and for this art

kazm al saher is lovely singe and have a lovely heart and he is very kind i wish good luck to kazem al saher and i wish him happy life. kazem is have nice and lovely voice like a bird . my heart to u kazema and my heart and my spirt to u iraq.kazem keep u love with all u lovely song and help with poor people that u do i have know . i am student in england and i study science and i love kazem very much i am ready too kill my self because kazem i love him so much.i am from yemen and i live in england. lots of love and kiss to kazem al saher


kazim is a gift to arabic poetry ...he defines an artist.. keep doing the great things you've always done.. we love you

hiii,,i love you:-)

Kazem Elsaher is the best arabic singer , i hope to him a lot of progress I love you so so so so much Kazem
al_romansya /NO

Hi Kadim, Im from Colombia but Im muslim and my parents too, I live in Colombia and I like your music so much, I want travel to Jordan and maybe know you in some ocassion... Excuse me but I dont speak english!!!, Ma'asalama.
Mahdi Nakhlah

I think the Arabic music corporation will never find another singer like him
sherko A.Shawaise

for me kazem is the best arabic singer that arab have ever seen, I wish all the best for this gentilman, good luck kazem

i love you so much kadim you are the best singer in the world realy i find you very interesting helpful you have a very ggggggggggggooooooooooodddddddddddd voice

Hi! Ì agree with the comments about Kazem, he is a very good singer. I like his voice and his songs. I hope see him someday. Bye.
Elizabet Maldonado

kathum is the king he's the best singer on this world i love him so much no one can be like abo wessam he's the best arabic singer alla e5allek ya abo wessam

I am from the UK married to a Iraqi Arab myself and my son (3 yrs old) love Kasim and his music he is an inspiration.
Kathryn Kelly Raad

i love u and iwant see u please come to EGYPT

abu wessam is the best of the best person in the world, am found of my beloved kadim ;-))

really kadim is the best one among all arab singer and iam every days hear his songer..
kurdish guy from taiwan

you are the best male arabic singer my sister nowal has taken a photo with you a long time ago in jordan

Thank you everyone for your votes and iam very happy to hear this. I have good songs coming in my next album. I'll sing about Iraq and the Iraqi people! The best country in the world! This massage was sent by Kathem Al-saher assistant...
Kathem Al-Saher

Kathem al saher is the best singer inte the world!!!
Rami Paty

hellllllllo Ilike kathomee for evar salame l3ewnkm al 7elwa
7abebat kathomeeeee

Firstly, it doesnt matter where i am from, i am a great lover of Arabic poetry and kazem alsaher have the best poetry in his songs,i have analyzed in my essays few songs of kazem, the words of his songs have a great meaning, i truly love all his songs and i always look forward for his cds and albums, Well done and keep those poetic songs coming!

i am palestinian living in canada, i recently had a huge oppourtunity to attend one of Kazem's concert here in toronto may 21 2005 with lebanese singer Nancy ajram.I have been listenin to kazem ever since i could remember.. i own all his albums memorized all his songs.. NOOOO ONE has ever touched me the way he did.. and let me say one thing listenin to kazem is one thing but actually seeing him preform live is something unforgatable he has the ablity to capture his crowd so well its breathe taking! he made me dry through out the whole concert.. BAGHDAD has a new meaning when it comes out of his mouth.. THE ONE AND ONLY SINGER.. KAZEM AL SAHER!.... i love you so much! allah ye7mek!
maya mansoor

Some of you people are pathetic saying you worship a man and that he is your god, astughfur Allah you are better off not listening to music if it makes you commit shirk.

OMG i was at his concert this 2 days ago in Toronto, It was awsome! It was with Nancy but she was NOTHING compared to him!! And wow i was dieing to get a picture with him but his guards were soo protective, but hey im glad they are cuz we wouldnt wanna loose our Kadim now would we? Well.. im 14 and I love that man, and so does my mom! And wow i sure hope he cums bak for another concert soon cuz i realllly want a picture with him! Till then i guess we just have to wait and lisien to his songs through c.ds well.. I LUV YOU KADIM!! UR in EVERY IRAQI's HEART!!!

sandra BS AS

I See Iraq in Kazem... Iraq before occupation..
Asil Alsalem

i like music de kadem becouse es one chontes very very good!then i like music three h every day..
mohamed hajji

kazim is smart and well educated that every song he write or play its not forgetabul
wisam zora

Kadim Al sahir I love you and your Songs. Best wishes from Somalia.
Jamila Ahmed

Didn't know much about Kazem, but "The war is over" with Sarah Brightman, was quite impressed and emotionally touched!!
Christina -- Taiwan

i love kazem he is me life he is my god he is my familie i love you kazem forever i live in garmane bad i com form irak/suleimani

kazem is on of the best arabic singers and his songs can never be boring
from yemen

i am iraqi and only 14 but i die for you kazem i love you your da best keep goin you touch my heart
mary kate

I love Kathem >> greatest singer >>greatest composer >>greatest Poet.
Noor Eljenabi


Hi, I am a Iraqi man.... I like Kazem Alsaher so much, but i love George Wassouf who is THE KING OF MUSIC mor than Kazem Alsaher....I am from the same city like Kazem From...I am from Al-Mousel.... Best Wishies Khalid Wassouf
Khalid Wassouf


kazem all saher is best singer of the world and as I may molars between artists will I him at the same time choose and has vote can he so beautiful that better not thanks
dina !!

my love kaid alsaher my heart kadim i hate georg wasofee
abedalnaser almahanshe

i'm new to arabic music, but i think this guy is the best.i love him.
terry singh

kazim al saher is the best song writer, got the best voice and also a great producer
fariad nazari

I never pay attention to what the contemporary Arabic music is,like my friends,i think there have not much people in China to realize Arabic music and Kazem.i know him completely because of a song named"This war is over"he cooperated with Sarah Brightman.when i hear it i feel Kazem decerves his'fans'favority

kazem alsahir master of arabic music and we love him very much
jessar albedawi

kathim hes one of the best arab singers in the arabic music. although he brought the iraqi music back to its place and destiny. although he brought the music the words that satisfy the listiners and shows the audience feelings to the arab stage. last thought good luck kathim (abo wisam) wishing u all the best all through ur life and work. urs sincerlly fatina

kadim love you forever rania

He is the greatest singer in the world. He is the only singer, who is a real fnan! Kathem al Saher is amazing and I would give everything to meet him! =)

Kadim Alsahir is the Top Arab Singer,he occupies a unique position. He composes all his songs and has ability to write songs.

Hi! I love kadim al sahir with all my heart. I would love to meet him in person. I am from Baghdad but I live in America

of course kazem is the best singer.he is the king of the arabic song. i like him too much. and i wish him success in his life.
mohsen rezeky really love all kazem's songs...nice and the lyrics also so wonder if listen to the songs again and agin....keep up a good work are the best

he is avery aice and god persen and he is the best singer in the world

heyy i luv kasim

i really think that you are the best singer in the word but you have some problems with your music the iraqi songs are the best songs in the arab region. kadim you represent the arab music but not the iraqi one we love you thats why i care.....................................

I know very little about Arabic Music I feel this song by Kazem is very well produced apart that I feel his voice is not enough in the forefront I am very new to arabic music although have always had an interest My current favourite is Syrian singer Asala Nasri She has a highly distinctive voice, Pretty commercial but I have to start somewhere

i adore kazem no iworship him after (allah) i think that he was the school of love and he is the headmaster of it and the teacher i love u kazem u learn me how to love
sandra elsahir

kadim is the best singer in the hole world.and i donn't know why people like cheb somthing.....i love kathem allot
asrar saif

Without understanding Arabic- the beat really gets to you.
Mehreen Hosain

Music isn't music with out kazem

I only say to you kadim .you are the best in the world.

I don´t know neither him and his work...but if my friend Basima´s prudent to be a aware...:):)

Kadim i just want to comment that you are the best in the west and east of this world!!! good on you.
Nabil al Iraqi

i think kazim is just great. he is the perfect image of a gentle and sweet man and all his songs and work is all great! i wish him all the best and may he experience all the development and success in future life! thank you!

I think he is a fantastic artist with an amazing voice, but you will never real see the beauty of his work until u understand the beauty of the words he sings. In the Arab world nazar al qubani Is known as the women’s lawyer and kadem has made a fantastic combination of beautiful words and beautiful music . Arab women all over the world love him and will always continue to do so.

arabic music without kazem no thing

I Love Kadim....because he is the best singer in the world......your lover lamiaa

I am from Iraq, Baghdad. I love Kadim Al Sahir with all my heart. I have all his CDs and I have the songs Kadim did when he was in Iraq and I love all of them. I live in America, I think that he is came to Los Angels and I am going if he comes. And I can't wait.

when the god wisper kadhim sing !

I only can say that he is the best.All the best and continue your music.

Kadim is unique.He is splendid.Grand master.I would like to see real peace in Iraq and worldwide.All of us ought to learn from Mr. Kasem and work hard as like as he doing.God Bless Kazem and Your beautiful Country.Best regards from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

he likes the blue colore when he sow me in my blue dress and i put my hand on his shoulder he sing to me his greats song "yadokee"

kadim, i heard you perform with Sarah Brightman and I have to say I was enchanted by your voice and your passion. You're a wonder! Claire


kadim is the best singer in arab i hope to him a lot of progress
Ahmed maher

kadim is the best singer in arab he is my favourite singer i hope to him a lot of progress

Kadim i realy dont know what to say because inside i have tooooooo much for youuuu. Best wishes for you is all i can say at the moment.
Bawan (London)

SHAKOO MAAKOO!!! Kadim is the most AMAZING singer ever!! Although i live in london, when i hear his music i feel i am in iraq!!! I am so proud of him and i think i speak 4 all iraqis when i say that!! I am not an arab but i luvv all his songs so well done kazim!!! By the way everyone who likes kazim: u have very good taste!!!! =D kajost.... OH, Hi 2 every1 from sulaimani even if u dont know me!!!!
Kajost from Sulaimani, Kurdistan, Iraq in London

i am from iraq and basically................ KADIM RULZ

what ever i say for kadim i can't give him his real position in my heart when he is singing he moves my motion and play on it i really waiting his ncoming to al iraq and injoy his party .i hope the progress for him in his life and the progress in his work.

I think Kadim is great sensative and unique. There is no word to describe him.

U r the best Arabic singer.that all i can say 2 u Kathem
Mohammed Alezzi

Every thing i'm going to say is not inof but that's ok,but i can still say the best thing's about him and the drem of all iraqi girl's. he is so so so so hot man best wish's for u.kathem ,Sura

i think awarding this great singer came very late. he deserve the title " The arab embassedor of feeling" who mix the true arabic feeling with his music. go forth kazim, we love you
Yousuf Albalushi

i love kathem alsaher so so much he is my favourite singer in the world i listen to his cds every day it make me feel happy and its like he created albums for me i like you so much kathemmmmmmm

he is very specialized yet needs to keep his standard and not to be influence with the bad mode in songs and clips

The most talented and popular singer in the Arab region. Very sentimental and romantic great singer. His character and presence is extremely charming, I don’t know any singer that is better than him worldwide.
Amal AlSafi

He is a great talent, he sings in both the Iraqi dialect and also in formal arabic which is uniform in all Arab countries so all can understand and appreciate the beauty of the words along with his brilliantly composed music. He is a great diplomat for the Iraqi people where the arts have always flourished and been a great contribution.

i think its no 1 and the first songer in the world i wish some day i see him bet when i dont know i like from my heart like all ppl and i wish he will star over all ppl in arabic nation
shirak denkha

i am just in love with himm

he is the king.
walid from sweden

very talented.great voice.has excellant taste for singing the right songs.I really admire him.

Since i was little, we used to always go to kathem's concerts, that was before he was famous, after all these years its good to know that hes the best arab singer and iraqi of course..he came a long way...we're proud of u kathem!!!!

When i listen to Kadim's songs i feel that im in different world. His songs are all great and lovely and they are his songs are the menaning of songs i love kathem.

when i lesten to kadim's song ifeel iam very glad and i love kadim very very much Iam kosar in sulaimanya in iraq "I love you dear kadim"

Was any of Kazems music used for the Advert on Arabic Satellite TV for "Jeddah 25" during the Summer of 2004? Am trying to track this piece of music down - anyone know what it is? After reading all these comments I will now check out kazem and other artists mentioned.
Helen UK

excellent , I love his song and nazar portry
taha malasi

to see kadam in the best site in the world

He's the best example of the arabic songs and the arabe language. God Bless Our Country.
Bashar - Paris

a great prize for a great man

kadhim alsaher isthe greatest singer in the world he is sang for every thing and every one he sang for love,homeland,mother,father, even the children I think he is a perfect artist
wisam shamil

I think if Kadhum enters The Iraqi Presedetial elections then he will win easily.

i love kazem so much, and his songs i mean he can make us happy then in the next song is sad so we all just sit and liestin to him ,kazem don't change the way you are we love you like that so keep it that way and we are always waiting for some thing new from the best singer ever kazem

Kadhum Alsahir is a very unique singer, composer and poet as well. He is really a matter of inspiration to many Iraqis within Iraq and those in expatriation. He always brings joy to everybody who is interested in his music. Actually, he's a matter of inspiration to me.
Atheer A. Rashid

Kadim is more than great. His musical compositaions are ,in a nutshell, a legend. His latest release is amazing concerning the lyrics, his voice, performance and music. He's a real Artist, A GREAT Singer and a great great Composer.
Eman Magdoub

this was a great site. You can realy se that the person that have made the website have workt a lot to make it look this good! I relly like it.
emma engström

Try to listen to his 2004 release, wonderful album called "Ila Tilmitha", hear it & you'll see that Kadim defeats himself each release :)

without a doubt the best Iraqi/ Arab Singer of all time... his ability to convert long, tough poems into songs in unbelievable.. A living Legend.. he owes a great deal to Nazar Alqabani.. Ari (kurdistan)

mmm he's not bad but I prefer with much Amr Diab. This is a really GREAT Arab singer. I think he deserves more a prize like this. Anyway congrats to kazem...

I agree : he is our PROUD and shows the world what iraq and iraqis are worth!

he is the best example of dedication and he proved that there is nothing impossible in the live,he just getting more and more popular with his each album,because he is the true voice for mankind.we are proud of him when i saw him in Albert hall in London and singing songS picturing Iraqi life.he is a LEGEND.
Dr.Mohammed Jalal

I am from morocco i am following kadem's news for 9years.since i have 11 years i am 20 and still listening to him.he is the person who understand me.some of his songs descride my life espicialy ana wa leila. i love u kadem.go on my dearest friend
khadija Benkharraz

kadim is the best arabic singer and poet and musician his songs come from his heart to reaches ours.
fadi albarghouthi

i discover kazem for not a long time and he make me love classical music. he is amazing, when i listen to his fantastic voice i feel in another place, flying. it's a strange but beautiful feeling. in fact, when i'm sad or depressed, i listen to one of his song (especially the greatest one like ana wa layla or hal andak shak or zeedyny asqan) and i feel better, he is my prozac. i love his work and what he does to arabic culture. go kazem!!

we are in iraq love kazem so so much cos he is very sensitive &he feels of our pains so he explain them by his beautful songs
wasan tareq

i came to know about kazem after his song ( ana wa layla ) after listening to that i went all over his songs and i found out that he is one of the best singers that we will ever have, great lyrics and a uneversal music, i can understand and feel his songs wich did not happen to me befor with any other singer,his songs will last for a long long time, keep up the good work and god bless you .
omar assaf, kuwait

What about a duet with Dana International, the greatest Israeli singer? It would be a beautiful message of peace! Maybe a cover of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's "We Can Work It Out" half in arabic, half in hebrew. i think it would be a great idea!

I realy admire him so much but the only and most important point against him as an iraqi is that he never have used the poem of our greatest iraqi poets such as Al Jawahiri, Al Nawab, Al Rasafi, Al Sayab...ect. just I wonder why? is it for political reason or he wants to get away from his iraqi decent? any way I thing his greatest songs is in the poems esp. "Layla" which I feel when Ilisten to it I am in the Zeriab era, love you kadim God blease you
annana issa

kazem al Saher is realy the greatest artist i've ever seen
sana sharife


kathem has the best and the magical expresion that he include in his songs.. man i love ya for life coz ur our iraqi maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan....keep it up

My wife and I discovered Kazem from his duet with Sarah Brightman on "Harem". His voice is incredible. Moving and powerful. His music is a reminder of the beauty and art present in the arab-speaking world that mainstream media fails to show us here in the US.
Anthony M.

I feel so happy and lucky when i listen to kadim alsaher his songs is very beaoteful and he has a special words for womens ond he still the best iraqi and arab artist i lov you so much kadim
zainab sweden


When ever you want to feel free to fly over the clouds, or to dive down deep the ocean, or to smill a garden of rosses, you only need to listen to the Angel's voice of KaDiM .. he will take u to places you've never thought you'de fly to.. he translates love and passion into music which can get into your deep soul.. my GOD bless him and save him for his family and for us ,, we love you KaDiM ,, you are a LEGEND ... SaHaR KaDiM

Kazem(Kadim) music is the universal bond, our common language. He is beyond all boundries and borders when he sing the his songs. This music allows us to meet each other face to face. Heart to heart as WE have no differenceies. Listening my heart for over forty-five years it tells me Kadim is the "Spirit of the Ancestors" into todays' world.

he is good but not better than rashed al-majed dena ... lebanon

When i listen to kadim i really feel what love is!!!And no other one could make me feel the same,,,He taught me how to listen ,how to write and how to kiss,,,,and there is no impossible love with kadim alsahir,,,I will say some thing which is very important for all ,hey people just listen to kadim cos he is the only one who make our soule rise up to the sky and make us feel the true love.yousef shemali (lebanon). yousef shemali

my favorite singer...inspiring me with the finest music...beautiful warm voice full of true emotions..I remember Iraq, how beautifull it was before the war...I hope he will make a new song for iraq,about what happend to us... Asil Alsalem,holland

kazem,how can i escribe him,he is the only true meaning in our lives especially we iraqi people,thanks for him iraq name raised in london ,newyork,rome.... laith riyadh elerris

I'm very proud of him as an Iraqi because he did not forget him self after being famouse. also I like him very much when he sings Kurdish songs. Sarah M. Jaff

Although a non-Arabic speaker, I enjoy Arabic music because of Kadim's songs! Fine Music's power can transcend above the limits of language, and Kadim succeeds in achieving this. Mabruk!

I think kadim is the best ambassador Iraq has today. I would say he is the only unifying force there is today. no matter who you are or what you believe you cannot but respect this man and love his music. Thank you Kadim
nada tappuni

well...(hal endak shak)that kazem is the best singer in the arab world....i think he is .... just look at his feelingsand emotions while he is singing .... i saw him in many live shows ... he is absoulotly wonderful...and i think beside bieng the best singer he is the best composer to ...anyway there is no need to talk a lot.... but his songs can tell us what kazem el saher is ...

i am from iraq i loved kathem as a human before loving him as a singer to what i have known about how he is helping people in iraq

I think that he is the best arabic singer ever....He touches my heart when I hear him sing. Especielly about Iraq and the Iraqi people...He is muslim but he dosn't show it in his song, he sang about the bible once... I love that about him because I am christian and feel like he's not only singing to the muslim people of Iraq but to us too.... He is great !!! Rita Mezdo..Denmark
Rita Mezdo. Denmark

i must say i enjoy many of the young singers nowerdays. HOWEVER having just seen kathem perform in the royal albert hall i was overwhelmed with the emotive words that he sings. He is truely a star that shines brighter than all the rest

I think Kazem is the most amazing singer on this Earth! He has an extraordinary and enchanting voice, which makes lightening move under my skin...his songs are more than wonderful...he's simply great! am a huuuuuuuuugggeeeee fann!!!!!

A very good artist,like an arabic Whitney/Astaire with joy and sorrow he sings like an angel sent
Ali Khaoua

Amr Diab is The Best Singer in The Middle East ...

i think that amr diab deserves the award than him!!!

Don't understand a word apart from 'habibi' but his songs are simply sublime
Ida -UK

i think kathem alsaher the best arbs singer that i have ever heard or known hes a always inspiring me with his voice and songs ,like i feel my self im living in different world god blese this man and make the successful for his fate
mohammed algebory from new zealand

I am an Iarqi Girl and all what ican say to this great artist GoKazemGo. You are awsome and amazing. Thanks Kazem
Sara L.Sara

Kazem El Saher is amazing and I do believe that he is the BEST singer in the middle east. In fact, I am listening to him right now. Nobody can match his talent, and he deseves the best as he works really hard on every composition. Arabic 'Aseela' music is the best type of arabic music.

Kazem al sahir is the best songer not only in Gulf but also over the world. He is a new Abdull Halem Hafiz. His poet are the best arabic poet. However with noted From Nizar Qapani, Dr Mania Al Outaiba ,Karem Al Iraqi,Talal al rashid and Farooq Jweida. He is the leagend of 21th century. He is better than Moh'd Abdoo , Omar Diab or etc... . He always bring the best and the first in multimedia. Many songer like Moh'd Abdoo or else envy about him and his works. He is the arab caesar and the first arab songer.

I think u picked the right person to win this award but the award should be the world best IRAQI singer !! no one knows how much i LOVE KATHEM exept for GOD !!!! Rawan

kazem is a good singer but i think that there is still another singers who is better than him with the voice , lyrics and the music - and it's proved that "Amr Diab" is the best middle eastern artist when he won two world music awards in monaco .. he has every thing - apperance , look , voice and of course alot of fans all over the world .

When you have a problem, dont give have a solution....just listen to Kadim Al sahir!!!!

I have known the mans songs since I was a child and i have to say that his way of introducing his feelings through his music is amazing. He and the musicians that play on their instruments for him have inspired me through all these months I've been abroad in a strange country to complete my studies.He is just the perfect example of how rich,wonderful and very wide the Arabic music is.

Thanks Kathem for making a point to say that there is another side for the Iraqis.. It is a proud moment.. Thanks BBC for showing it to the world.. Let us sing & dance with Kathem & with the world, for peace & hope...
Ayad M. Abbas

i ihink kazem el saher is a very romantic character.Inspite of his suffers in Saddam's rule,he was able to present great albums which touched our feelings,he brought back the romantic poems & songs which we miss it nowadays.I think kazem truely deserves this prize & may god bless him & i think if he continues with that fantastic performance,he would take a lot of prizes else.

I think that Kadim is the epitomy of the greatly undiscovered (by the western world) middle-eastern music talent. His tone and mellow presence create a warming feeling of romance inside my heart,as i'm sure does likewise for many others, and i really get the feeling that this man is in touch with his emotions and the love that this world REALLY needs. Considering his birthplace, Iraq, was supposed to be very repressive and restricting to iraqi artists, this man has developed himself and liberated his soul- he has defeated the barriers held against him. Although quite clearly "the man of the awards"; "the one who stole the award ceremony", i feel that he deserved such titles. Before now, i had listened to only a few middle-eastern songs, but now i've been inspired to listen to many many more. I'm really impressed!!

I am very happy to belong to a folk who has such a great singer like kazem el saher. kazem is the king in his cathegory but there also another arabian singers like george wassouf(sultan of arabic melody)or Hani Shaker made very great hits like "kalam ennas" or "ghalta" .
Y. Ibrahim

sorry to say this , but i just think that his music is boring, i would rather cheb khaled did win, he the great!!

I think Kadim is the best artist there is now in the whole arbic world. His music, his choice of lyrics, his sensibility is just divine. I think the world is yet to discover Kadim al Sahir as a genious of present music. his music left our spirit to experince love stories beyond this world. his songs make an old women feel their feminine all over again. I can't believe a man how life in this destactive world can sings about beauty and love as if he is living in heaven and among angels, yet turn around and sings about war and make you weep. He is just incredable
Afaf Nash

i love him he is kute refqa

Kacem es-Sahir's music belongs to the deep tradition of 20th/21st Middle Eastern music stretching from Abdel Wahhab through Um Koulthoum, Fairouz and Abdel Halim Hafez. Out of this mosaic, he has forged his own style - just listen to a song like El-Hob el-Moustahil (The Impossible Love). In his music is to be found all the emotion, the yearning, the finesse the Arab music.
John Williamson

Iraq doesn't need the Governing Council or the americans,they need Kadim's Music,it fills everybody's soul with love

Kadim Al Sahir is one of Iraq’s many contributions to civilization. Today, his mastery of composition, singing, and songwriting is unparalleled in the Middle East. Kadim has also been Iraq’s voice and hero for the last two decades, and he will hopefully remain so.
Laith Alattar

Compelling. Is this the man to limk east and west, Muslim and Christian, through the most direct and emotional of arts?

he dosen't deserve it.. Cheb Khalid is the king

A great artist who deserves this title. It was brought to my attention that BBC released or will soon release a double CD containing tracks from all around the world. The track chosen by Kazem Al Sahir is "Ya Nas" which is a wonderful song. However, I thought they'd include a more recent song from the featured album on this page. I discovered that "Ya Nas" is a song from one of Kazem's previous magnificent albums.
Chandler Baldwin

I think he doesn't deserve that prize, I 'm sorry to say that but that's how I feel.
hisham yosef

Kadem is the first Arab singer I have ever listened to, I think his music is international and you can listen to it even if you do not understand the words of the song. regards, Jonathan.

Kadim is a singer who brought new things to the world of arabic music. there are lots of these innovations, but the mosty important one is that he takes Choars as important as himself in his songs, for example he has songs like (Taquleena Annee & Ta'eebit)
Alan Attuf

There is a great man who makes every man feel small, But the real great man is the man who makes every man feel great!Now thats "Kathem El Saher".., His music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life..makes you think why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to HIM!hehe..ya..he's too good to be true!..IF music is what feelings sound like! LISTEN to his & YOU tell me how it makes you feel & whether he deserves the best titles there is ever to be given on this whole universe}:-)

As my words will not describe what I would like to say about number one singer in the Arab region and one of the rarest and greatest singers ever Kazem El Sahir, but all I can add to this nice and wonderful article is that Kazem El Sahir have one of the strongest voice ever. He built his life by him self and without any help from any one, he even refused to sing to any other singer music, he preferred to sing from his music. Kazem El Sahir will be and will stay singer number one for Iraq and the Arab region. Also there are some people who don’t understand one Arabic word and they listen to Kazem, this should prove how good his music is for the Arabs and the other nations. As a Kazem El Sahir listener and from the same country, I feel very proud of him and we love him so much.
Abdullah Raouf - Sydney

kadim al sahir is the king of the music and songs , and he have astrong voice and wonderful music, and any one can see that if he listen to him.and i would like to see him win the audience award also , ana i am sure he well win . we love you kadim this is fouad ali hazza from yemen(music king).
fouad ali hazza

All Music of Kazem's I'm Chinese!
Liang Tan

go east or west kadim is best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I don't understand every word in his songs but I do like them I'm 40 years old from USA and I'm studing the Arabic History and Art and really I have attracted to this singer I don't know why? but for sure because he is good and his last album was great especially ( bare footed ) I think he is the best that's my opinion and you have asked for it

kathem.oh boy.i was 6 years old when i first listned to kathem first hit(al teldga alhaya beda).from that day,untill now i'm 21.i cant let the day go without listening to his songs.for me and many's quite amazing to see an IRAQI singer came up all the way to the top.there is no such a word to describe how we are proud of this man.not just as a singer.but also as an iraqi human.he simply represent the warm,peaceful,well educated and simple iraqi person.kathem deserve more and more.for his personality,his great and i mean great music.and his deep,warm voice.kathm or as iraqis call him(abo ajwaeda)has done alot and done very well.and belive me he is one step away from being a well know world singer.i wish him all the luck.kathem we are all with you.god pless you.o inshallh you stay like this until ur 100 years old.remember iraq is proud of you and your people are very lucky to have a great legnend person and singer like you.thank you for all what you have done and we still want and need alot and alot from you.
muhanad albaghdady

As an Iraqi man, I understand the suitation Kadhim developed in. On his way to majesty, Kadhim suffered too much inequality and pain under a regime that hated art and tortured artists. Today when I see Kadhim is flying high in the sky of glory, I can understand that this man is blessed by God. Kadhim is the true voice of humanity.
Laith Zainy

I was introduced to this singer through an egyptian friend. From the first time I heard him sing, I felt my body hair stand 'on end.' It was a strange feeling, but it was a good one! Four years later, I have all his albums. I ask my friend for translations, and I am surprised at how deep this guy is! When he loves, he truely does. When he cries, you feel all his emotions through the speakers. When he's betrayed, you want to respond to it. His music is wonderful, masterfully done. It's quite magical actually, that sometimes I feel that this singer is not of this age. His voice hugs the words, and expresses them very well. I recommend Kadim Al Sahir to all my friends because he is of a very rare group of artists. I hope he makes it this year to number 1!
John Hobbins

Very nice! I found out about Kazem Al Sahir when I listened to his song La Tetnahad on the CD Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms. It was one of my favourite tracks. I like his voice and his music, but unfortunately I don't understand his lyrics. That didn't stop me though from voting for him.
B. Jameson

I listened to all music samples here, and I think this artist Kazem (Kadim) Al Sahir should be the winner in this category. I also voted for him because I liked his music and I'd like to see him win the Audience Award also. I hope he collaborates with Japanese musicians in the future, it would be nice to see Arabic music mixed with Japanese. It sounds odd, but odd can be very beautiful.
Masako - from Japan

Arab artist Kazem El Saher has reshaped the face of Arabic music today. He paddled against the prevalent current and founded his own distinguished and sophisticated artistic line. He’s an innovator who creates his music from within. The outcome is hard to define into an existent music category. His music is not fully classical nor completely folkloric nor pop-oriented. His music is more of a Kazemian style of music. Kazem El Saher sings about the loved one, the concept of love, the child, the friend, the father, the mother, the neighbour, Diaspora and the Arab homeland to which he has dedicated numerous tribute songs, as well as humanitarian songs depicting the suffering of the Iraqi and the Palestinian people. His songs portray themes like love and compassion, forgiveness, peace, equality, and freedom. Kazem doesn’t just write music, it feels more as though he paints images with music notes. When listening to his songs images automatically project themselves into one’s thoughts.

Kadhem is one of the most distinguished singers and composers in the Arab world these days, if he isn't the best. He is talented in so many ways. He is not only a singer and composer but he also a lyrics writer. His choice of poems to be characteristic thing about him poroves that he has chosen the difficult way to reach his audiance. His music ia a piece of fine arts, it reaches your feelings and touches your soul easily. He has a heavenly voice which captures your senses once you listen to it. His way to choose what he sings is a certain proof of his wounderful taste in picking up words that touch his audiance and remain so long in their minds. For these reasons, all his fans consider him the voice of romance and love these days as no one arouses to this magnificent and charming feeling in people's hearts as Kadhem does. Si if you want to detach your sorrows, listen to kadhem and enjoy a brilliant artist.
Amani Wissa

Kadim Alsahir is an Arabic sensation. His emergence was a breath of fresh air to Arabic music. As well as singing in Iraqi and other Arabic dialects Alsahir excelled in singing classical Arabic poetry. In the past ten years Kadim has released some of the best Arabic love songs. I recommend his 99 Album My Love and The Rain to western listeners
Ashraf Ibrahim

His voice is warm and his music is pleasure. It may take me a life time to write about an artist like Kathem Al Saher simply because there could never be words that describe what I think of him, perfection doesn’t even begins to describe him. In a world where all we hear about is war and hatred Kathem’s music brings back hope, love and old romance. It’s not about what’s “in” it’s about what moves people and what touch’s their soul, it’s about what people need at times like this and that’s songs like Zeidini Ishqan , Ana Wa Laila, Al Hob el Mostaheel and many more of his great work. Kathem, thank you.

kadim is the best arabic singer after abdel alhalem hafez . and no one have his personality.he always sad and his eyes show that. but i love him so much and cant spent one day without listining to him

I think that Kazem succeeded to become simply the Greatest of all because he is a man made of feelings, feelings that he transfered into each one of us and awakened our soul to make us cry for true love! that love that rarely exists today in this materialistic world we live in. U got that marvelous voice, never stop shouting this "Ahhhhhhhhh" dearest Kazem and May God Bless you and protects it for u!!
Dima Baltagi - Beirut

When you listened to Kadim Al Sahir you will feel that you can touch the sky.. that everything in this world is beautiful.. you feel your heart is taking from you thru out his strong voice but more over one can give in our days a perfect song in composing, lyrics and in performance like Kadim Al Sahir.. in fact that's what i feel every time i listened to his albums..he's so talented..i love him so much but most of all i respect him..he is not only a singer/composer but he was always present for the human causes..Kadim you are the best.wish you good luck

i beliene that Kadim is the best and he is the only one that remind us to the past singers....and the evidence to that that my father and mother like his songs very much.... i think he has every thing great voice, nice looking , wonderful music and the best lyrics from the great poems.... in my view point that we can't give Kadim all what he deserve by words... thank you...

Kadim is the king of the arabic song in the 21st century,he is a great singer, composer and poet.He is so sensitive and he have a great voice.Words can't explain how i love and like kadim ,i'm proud that there is an arabic singer like kadim in this world these days.I advise you to listen to his music,you will feel that you are flying.
Marwa Bahar

Kadim Al sahir is the best Arabic singer in our time. He is the Arabic Frank Sinatra
Hiba Alsudani

To really understand why this legendary singer is so unique, one must see him performing live on stage. Just watch how he interacts with his inner self, with his audience and with his orchestra all at once and u can not but be amazed by the highly sensitive person. And to add to his personal charm, you get dazzled by the lyrics, music and performance of his songs. Rarely are the ones who can compete with such a charming combination.
Rola Hodeib - Lebanon

kadim is the best singer in the arabic world. he is the the king of romantic song.

when I look around me nowadays and see the arab singers,i feel shame of being arabic person, the arab singers nowadays are so bad theres no a good word or poem to be sing, or no good composers, even theres no beautiful voices, any one could go to the studyo and fix his voice.but kadim is different he has the good word the good compose and the romantic and lovely voice, i think he is complete.TAREQ.

Kathem is the best singer i the Middle East, his voice and music together with the best words from the best Arab poet is out of this world. I live in England and Kathem's voice is my only thing that can put a smile on my face when I am sad and alos to remind me of the middle east.

Kadim Al-Sahir's not just the 21st century's legend but he is the musical legend of all times.....not just his voice....his songs .his lyrics.....his music that point out an amazing singer musican and poet....but his amazing personality and love for his homeland that is crystal clear to everyone.........his music has gone soooo far ,beyond the middle east; Malaysia was where his last "out-of-arabia" concert was and it was a great success .....we never know maybe some of the habitants of mars love him too :))

After listening to the sound file provided I understood why this artist is so loved and revered. This sound file touched in a unique way. I've never heard anything like this before. It's absolutely magnificent, that's why I voted for Al Sahir.

Kadim Al sahir is the best arabic singer and composer,he became a friend to our hearts and souls by translating our feelings and sufferings through his undescribable wonderful music ,his beautiful tender voice and his so sensitive charming personality,we love and always will love him and we are so proud of him.
jawaher abdullah

Kadhem Al saher is not only Iraq's voice,nor the Arab world's voice only.Kadhem is the "WORLD'S" voice to all humans.You can listen to his music and words if you understand Arabic,but you can also listen to his unique music which opens a gate to every person to enter a place near heaven!...Kadhem is a legend,so don't miss listening to his magical works!

I've been collecting several tapes of Kadim and saw him in a sold out venue in Paris. Besides being an archetype of the arab poetic artist, great composer/arranger his singing has a definite effect on girls/women from the region. There are less known arab singers which are good but none of them has that Sinatra-Barry White effect...
Dj Dieu

It's Enough to mention Kazem Alsaher Name..then you will find that you mentioned..the legend of arabic Music..he is not a singer only he is..composer..& poet ...Kazem Alsaher linked to all the meaning of excellence...glitter..& ..sensetive..i wish he can reach the Top of popularity not in our arabic world only but in the international world. Kazem is the voice of love in our Music
Thouraya Khalil

I first heard Al Sahir in 1990, since then I was so fascinated by this great singer and King! Every year he impresses millions of his huge audience by new, classical songs that was never heard before, and will never be heard again. We all pray for him, and for his family in Iraq. Truly he's a legend!! I strongly recommend his songs for those who never listened to his extra-ordinary voice!!
Fufu Al Sahir

Kadim is just amazing,talented & clever.his song ana wa layla (Layla & I) is a translation of our bitter love to iraq i call it (iraq &I)thats why it was a big hit all over the arab world because of all the hidden meaning in it ,now his songs are all i've got from my lost iraq, we are listening to his songs & dreaming that we will get iraq back one day. then the other song (be safe from ahh-ah in arabic resembles pain-which was composed by him during the bombing of iraq in the 1st gulf war- he avoids politics, but his songs tell all,he is the best living arabic artist. love

im very proud to be one of kazem al saher fans..he is a great human being before being number one singer and composer here in arab world...i wish him all the success in life .,.,may God bless him...also wanna pass my regards to kazem fan club on internet..yours always lana
lana.Amman Jordan

What can I say...? Kadim Al Sahir superstar He's not only one of the most popular singers in the Arab world but also poet who blends classical Arabic music and modern poetry. He's the best
Amany Abdulla

I see kadim as a successor of Abd el-Wahab. In fact, he surpasses him in the overflow of his compositions. Besides, he is also a lyricist. Moreover, Kadim has a more stunning vocal range of octaves more than Abd el Wahab. I expect that Kadim will make an overwhelming change not only in Arab music, but also in the world one, very soon.
Medhat el Masry

He's the one who brought arabic music back to the top.. With his unique the perfect words that he chooses..and by the great human feelings that he reflects when he sings and even when he talks.... We are lucky and blessed by him and by the his creativeness.. He's a legend walking!

kazem al saher is the greatest singer not only in arab world but it is more fair to say in the whole world . he is simply the greatest and I hope that he will be always at the top as he is now and I hope that luck will be always beside him we love him and respect him sooooooo much

Kadim got many talents, he composes all his music by himself since his first album in 1987 till now, try to listen to his music, will take you out of this world.

i dont know how to say about this singer, he is really a big legend in the arabice world with his classical songs
Ali Moh'd

I found out about Kazem/Kadim through BBC World's 2002 Top Ten in The World award. I was introduced to Kazem's amazing song "Laila and I" when it actually won as one of the world's top ten songs of all time in this competition. I became interested in this artist, but things happened and I couldn't follow up on his work. Then I heard him again when he recorded a wonderful song with Grammy Award winner Sarah Brightman (The War is Over). I've purchased Kazem's album (Bare Footed) and it's truly fantastic, especially the title track. His album also contains a slightly different version of The War is Over. I recommed this artist to anyone who's interested in Middle Eastern or world music.
Joseline Manayoza

Kadum is the best arabic singer..his voic is like an angel...the way that he sings is totaly magical..he is the voice of Iraq...he is ...simply the best...we all love him
Nihaad Jari

Kadim AlSahir is a great singer and a great composer.He's so selective and sensitive,his vioce and performance are so moving.

Kadim is the best

kathem al sahir is the legend of the arabian song and has a melodious voice which is very rare nowadays.Kathem is the best singer in the world.
Rawia Tayara

Kadim himself is a song, A song that will last so so long. The best one of Arab singers, Sure the oud loves his fingers.
Tarek Badr

Kadim Al Sahir is the king of arabic music and song, he's not singer only but composer, poet and musician too. You have to listen to him.
Amal Ahmed

Kadim Al Sahir is Arabia's 21st century legend. The best singer in the middle east nowadays.
Mohaned Al Nuaimy








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