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Club Global DJ Dolores and Orchestra Santa Massa shortlisted in the Club Global category

DJ Dolores and Orchestra Santa Massa (Brazil)

Song : Catimbó
Album : Contraditorio? (Stern's, UK)

It may seem incongruous, but one of the leading champions of traditional rural music from Brazil's Northeast doesn't think of himself as a musician. "I'm a producer and a DJ," explains DJ Dolores, a.k.a. Helder Aragão de Melo. Nor is he a woman, as his playful stage name initially led many of his fans to believe. "Brazil is a very macho place, so it's a kind of provocation," he says with a chuckle.

He began DJing in 1989 in his hometown of Recife - 'the Venice Of Brazil' - and soon made a name for himself on the local 'mangue beat' scene, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lenine and Mundo Livre. By 1997 he was making his own music, grateful of the new technology which made this possible for a 'non-musician'.

In 2002, after three independent releases (which included music for theatre and film) Stern's licensed the Contraditorio? album he'd recorded with his group Orchestra Santa Massa. It combines local ingredients such as rural maracatú, the rap-like embolada style of vocals, the côco beat and the unique rabeca fiddle with live trombone and guitar, drum 'n' bass grooves, samples and assorted electronica. He cites hip hop, house music and avant-garde electronic composer Edgar Varèse as formative influences. And when the Belgian label Crammed Discs asked him to remix a song by Taraf de Haïdouks for their recent Electric Gypsyland compilation, he jumped at the chance, being a major fan of Balkan music.

He's currently working on a new album, tentatively titled Aparelhagem - a Brazilian term for a sound system. This will focus on the little known music of Belém in Brazil's isolated Northern State of Pará - the city's sound systems and the quirky Caribbean flavoured guitarrada style.

When not triggering samples and spinning discs live with his band, he still DJs as a solo artist, though he predicts he will soon ditch all his gear in favour of just one item: "Now I'm in love with a lap top. A small lap top."

Jon Lusk, November 2003

Read other peoples comments

Your Group was the boom at World Youth Day in Germany. now im looking for your CDs dont know where I can find them but if anyone can let me know besides on line or down load. I did ask one of our stores here in Arizone if they know of the band but will not find out unitl friday 2 days away I cant wait but hope they have your CDs. Native American of the Tohono O'Odham Nation.

the best thing about Glasto this year by far. The hot sun and dancing to DJ Doloris - wicked!
emma jones

looking forward to see them and meet if possible at g-burry fest 2005
israel bhooshi....sheffield/kodaikanal india

DJ Dolores rocks my world - even my 7 year old son loves him and listens to his music every day VERY LOUD! Brasil, you know how to move
Beverly, Canada

dolores is a genius, and live is unbelievably good

Saw him in Istanbul... with a live band and a great singer. Music was marvelous. It would be nice to getmore information about the band and singer.

I think you could count him to the club of dj shadow, amon tobin, squarepusher... (his on the top of contemporary music)
herr tienn, belgium

Wow. Isn't just great?? Hope that our messages and support will only introduce more people to Dj Dolores' sound. He is fantastic and deserves any kind of complements we can give. Check it out!!! I'm from northeast either...
Marivone Vieira, Sergipe, Brasil

That's it!!! If you want to know what is the real sound from Brasil, check it!!! And if you think that's over we have more to show you guys! If you are thirsty of culture drink our music (from northeast)!!!!
Sheyla Ventura, Recife, Brasil

congratulations from an early believer to helder and all the brave orchestra members. I'm am very happy to see that you become respected more and more for your straight work!
josef gaffl, austria

really liked the grove,keeps the whole sambaloca thing going syrong.
jonny press

DJ Dolores is the world electronica genre's best kept secret. Check out Contraditorio? without delay. You'll only be sorry that you didn't find it earlier.
Joel, Boulder, CO, USA








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