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Africa Cesaria Evora nominated in the Africa category: credit - Joe Weurfel.

Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde)

Song : Amdjer De Nos Terra
Album : Voz D'Amor (Feb 2004 - BMG, France)

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Cesaria Evora is one of the superstars of African music and one of the few world music artists to have crossed over and won a large mainstream following. In France she sells CDs by the hundreds of thousands and can fill venues normally reserved for top rock/pop acts. Not bad for a woman nicknamed 'the barefoot diva' who had never left Cape Verde until she was in her forties.

Evora's fame is almost unique in these media manipulated days – it is not down to her being a sultry young singer or being fed songs by top producers or hyped by a massive marketing campaign. Instead, it literally rests on the weary beauty of her voice and the eloquent morna (Cape Verdean ballads) she sings.

Cape Verde, an isolated archipelago of islands, was one of Portugal's poorest colonies and its people are descended from the African slaves the Portuguese originally imported to work the barren lands. Drought, malnutrition, malaria and famine have blighted Cape Verde and Evora knows all about hard times – born in 1941, her father died when she was seven and by ten she was an orphan. While a teenager she made a reputation singing in bars. Spots on national radio followed. But Cape Verde's isolation and poverty determined that the wider world would not get to hear Evora until she was sent to sing in Portugal in 1985 as a representative of Cape Verde.

Singers as individual as Evora are rare finds and Paris-based record company boss Jose da Silva signed Cesaria and in 1992 issued the Miss Perfumado (Melodie) album which has gone on to become one of the defining world music albums. Fame in France, Portugal, Holland, Brazil, Spain, Italy, America, Poland (Poland!) has followed. Cesaria remains un-phased by her success, still living in Cape Verde and singing barefoot.

"I’m not impressed by all these big Western cities," she says. "You have more resources than Cape Verde, that's all. If I could change one thing in my life it would be that my success came earlier."

Garth Cartwright, October 2003

Read other peoples comments

I love her and have many disks of her. When I am a little sad, I just put her disk, hear her voice, her music and start dancing. etti, Israel.

She makes this world more and more beautiful!
Amra, Bosnia and Herzegovina

she is the greatest singer in the world,thanks to her everyone around the world now about cap verde paradise

Absolutely beautiful, deep, amazing voice I love her songs I can hardly wait for her concert in Cleveland

I have no words to describe how her voice make me feel...I think that we would have to full all our empty spaces with thing like Cesaria's voice.

Cesaria has opened a new world for me; everything that happens to me appears beautiful when I listen to her music. Thanks, Cesaria, for you exsist!
Nune, Armenia

When I listen her voice, her music..I cannot describe what I feel. IT IS NOT EASY TO FIND A TREASURE LIKE THIS! For me she has been a wonderful discovery.

I have been fortunate to have seen so many performers in so many places. But Cesaria Evora Rocked us to peices in a small church in Portland Maine.We had a ball. Edward martins
Edward Martins

she's the best!!

Can anyone tell me if Cesaria Evora has any appearance scheduled for the U.S.?
Jack Giuliani

I’m from Colombia. I discover Cesaria's music for accident in a superstore music in USA, I have not proper words to define her music, she is unique. Thanks very much for your music Mrs. Evora

she is the gratest. her voice is sublime i love her
joao tiago almeida

Well I must say that she is one of my most favourite singers. I simply love her voice. Its so relaxing even though I dont understood the lyrics. She sings with a passion and devotion and with all this she is so humble. I cannot explain the joy that I get when I listen to her. Its like completing myself and filling my soul. She is simply the best.
Shahzad Ahmad Tiwana

and god, cretaed Cesaria.

To think that I'm only 18 years old and just LOVE Cesaria's music...!!!!

Listening Cesaria Evora I decided to learn the language portuguese.I love Cesaria, her voice and her music.
mihaela paduraru

I love cesaria,she is perfect.

no comment Simple the best
Moises Alves

I am italian, I discovered this angel voice thanks to a trip to Cabo Verde, every time tht I listen to her songs I can feel the breeze of those wonderful islands.... Cesaria you are in my heart!
Clara Ugricich

i love her, she is wonderfull

i have no words to describe the emotion which fills me when i hear her voice....
heidi vandenbroek

I love Cesaria Evora* her voice, her feeling, so calm... Just love her..!* sara

the queen of cap vert "cize"

October 28 is the happiest day in my life. Cesaria will perform in Tbilisi, Georgia this day.

Shi is the best for me.I adore her,Thank you Cezaria for your music!

I totally love her music. She is amazing. Sweet, peace out.
Matt L.

She deserves to win! She´s great!

Cesária Évora simply the best..........

one of the best voices in portuguese language.
Gustavo Fernandes

Cesaria's singing reminds me the presence of God. She's a kind of " Ella Fitzgerald" - that would undoubtedly be classified as "calssics". As a singer i pray to have the honor and sing woth secaria!

I came across Cezaria’s music some years ago in one of the Indigo stores. I didn't know who she was, I was reading a book and all of a sudden her music embraced me. I asked one of the store clerks who was singing... At the end I did not buy the book, but I went home with "Cafe Americano" in my pocket. I never missed any of her Toronto concerts since that day.

she gives the meaning of humanity which is lost in this world all around the world which the prophets had donme their best to raise the human moralas but evils still do it ,i hope ore peole like cesaria not only tnhrough singing but through working to save the human race from decadnce

This woman is one of the best fado singers of this moment. I absolutely adore her and wish she would come to Amsterdam soon so I can see her perform life. That would be a dream come true! I just love her!

Great artist.

it is enough to know in this world that from the pains of wars and opportunism still some voices sing the peace and the pains of poor oppressed people i greet cesaria from my haert does she marry me ? :)))))))))))000

Cesaria is the best.I love cesaria's music.Full of soul. speechless.
Denilson Silva

Cesaria is quality,wether you're sad or happy she can always reach your heart.She is a delight to anyone's ears.
Alice AlmeidA

I have known Cesaria since I was a little girl in S Vicente. She use to sing at my father's bar with other local musician. I am so proud of her. Fame has not changed her and she is and will always be the Cise that I have known for years. Everytime she comes to London I go to her concerts and if she has time she calls and sometimes we meet. She is a great ambassador for Cape Verde and an humanitarian lady.
Cidalia Araujo

Peter Shablovsky

Iam Cape Verdean, one of Cesaria's greatest fan, for me personally,Cesaria has one of the world's best voice and I admire her greatlly. .Cesaria is the Queen of Cape verdean music with of my heart I love her talent. "Cesaria can not be compared"
laurinda rosa

It's not much to say, because it'already said. Cesaria is God's Gift to the world. Love you Cesaria. Thanks to bring my wonderfull country to all the conners of the world.
Hermitao Rosa

She is the best !!!!

I came across Cesarea in Santa Cruz Bolivia. I went there from Chile to accompany my mother last days. In a family reunion making reminiscences of our childhood, probably during a pause her soft, deep, unique voice emerged softly, no word could be understood, but somehow she was sharing our sentiments. From that moment on she has a place and a time in my life, I am very fond of music classical as well as popular and I recognize that this woman is a real talent.

I am from Cape Verde and currently working in Manchester...Just want to say thanks you to show Cape verde to everyone, because to my country is one of the most interesting country.
sandra Moreno

I've been a fan for about 10 years .. I would like to vote for Cesaria Evora

Singing songs I even do not understand a word of but get the goose bums. What a blessing to have this musical ambassador from Africa. Difficult to imagine now how anyone else deserves this title more than C Evora.

I loved this story. Cesaria Evora music is beautiful, lovely and nostalgic. I was curious as to what inspired her. Her music has helped me discover and what to learn more about Cape Verde.

Wow! I just love her... She is the best singing woman in the world!

she an exquisite singer she makes me proud to be a cape verdean she's the one of the best singerof the cape verdean islands

her songs are just beautifull.Thank you Cesaria
Aminata from senegal

I love her. I was going all the way to california to see her sing by the sea, but for some reason its been cxl'd. I hope you're ok. I want to hear you sing some day. Peace and love, Tonia
tonia zambrano

Cesaria Evora illuminates and moves the heart to experience an entirely new level of emotion and understanding. Her soothing voice and true lyrics allows for her listeners to identify with the pain and struggle she once experienced in her eariler life. Her compassionate "closed eyed and bare foot" performances cause her listeners to reflect on their once mournful memories that spring powerful emotions within the heart. She is truly an inspirational woman who is able to express her power to rise and overcome unbearable times in life. Cesaria, thank you for expressing your experiences and memories with us, you sing what I and many others have felt or experienced at somtime or another in our lives. May you continue to touch many through your singing and compassion towards others. NicK

I discovered Cize by accident. I had never heard of her. Had the TV on one Sunday morning while I was reading. Suddenly I was crying. I looked up at the TV and saw this video of a woman singing and walking barefoot, who looked like me! I was transfixed by her sound and her music and had to know the name of the singer and the song. The song was Bia Mama. I have never been able to find that song, but I bought almost every CD I coud find. I listen to them over and over again, having at various points favorites. Right now its Bia Lulucha and Mar Azul. The music and her voice and her rythmns respond to some ancient longing. I love her!

Absolute joy to hear her voice ... hope she returns to Seattle someday soon.
Mike from Seattle WA USA

It 's the best singer in the world , like billie holiday before i like it

Patrick From Haiti

Emotion!Perfection! But so simple !
Dominic France

I'm just in love with her songs!! I discovered her just few months ago! Now she is my favorite singer!She is the best! Her voice just super! Unfortunately i don't speak Portuguese.. :(.. but it's temporary! :)

I Think she should win, she's great!!!
Melissa Leite

She is the BEST!!! Wonderful music!!!
Yvette from Latvia

She is musically unique.
Marih Zerep

Iam a capverdean and for my point of view: Cesaria is the best singer in the world. Her voice reflects the tranquillity, the simplicity of our wonderful country. her voice enchants and inspires tranquillity by the soul. It is pain that i could not go to her concert there in Tenerife (canary Islands) but my friend had told me that it was brilliant.
Isabel Lopes

she is the voice,pure.the one in a million artists across the world.

Oh my God! I only discovered her a month ago, but now I cannot imagine my life without Cesaria's music!
Irakli from republic of Georgia

Cesaria Evora could've been more famous if her talents had been noticed earlier; But you still the best.
Helio Barbosa

cesaria is a great women she have a nice voice she is the diva of marna.

Best of the best,should be place on classical music,very lovely ,should tried one big hat off for diva cesaria
Dominique bala

She is just unbelievable. I have no wards to describe when I hear her voice singing along..... Cesaria is phenomenal

I love Cesaria's music, she is doing a great job representing us Cape Verdeans. she is one of the best artist Cape Verde has, she is also unique in her own ways, such as she does not like wearing shoes.
Jacqueline Barbosa

i like the music of cesarea and really ,she is so nice i want to know more about her...
monica florez

Cesaria is the best ever. As an african and a performer, i think that she has been able to show the world the softer sides of african music

For me, She is the best singer in the world. Her foot is big, but her talent is biger. Over ten million people all around world fallen in love with album "Mar azul".
Isa Correia Rosa

For me, She is the best singer in the world. That is all
Isa Rosa

Cesaria Evora,is just the best.
Rossana Delgado

She is the best!! I love her so much... thank you just for existing! Much Love

She is an amaizing woman, i met her in mexico city concert, i realy like her music, I hope you win Cesaria

i love her so much. she is the best capaverdean singer ever. as a capeverdean i am proud of her for being where she is. good luck.

I love her for her voice
Anna Mirzoyan

She is the best.
Val from Germany

Her voice is a gift from God

im very happy to find this site, especialy talking about bbc. i will like to recive more musical information, i really like cesarea. im writing from mexico i will wait for your response,good luck.
eduardo arriaga

She is the best
Humberto Correia

She is just amazing!

Cesaria is in one word magnificent! So simple, so pure, so honest.

Word beautifull is not enough.

i think she is one of the most spontaneous voice in the modern capeverdean music, her feeling of saudade is sublime
tchida lopes

touches your soul

She is wonderful...her voice is sultry....jazzy...relaxing...we have a yacht (my boyfriend) and I just love to play her music....I grew up modestly so I feel she touches my soul
Rita Casanova

Her beautiful music is for the mind, body and soul. Her concerts are fabulous and her barefoot policy truly epitomizes the humble nature so very few artists exibit these days.
Alfonso Galiano


I love your song @ music Thank you for your songs
alexey astakhov

My uncle Totinho plays 2gether with Cesaria and I was already in many Cesaria's concert and she's really the best female singer made in C.V...Her voice is ..Soo uhh from Heaven..I feel Peace & Harmony !!On this moment I take part on the MUSIC STAR competition in Switzerland..My big show gonna be Live on the 19 of December @ the swiss tv channel SF1... Kiss & hugs 4 Cesaria..Good luck by the awards competition...She haves 2 win..Nr.1

her music reaches the hearts of people of all ages and backgrounds. peaceful, joyful and inspirational like no other.

i think im really impress about her achievement.she should keep up the spirit and take caer

Cesaria is a God's gift for my soul. Her homesickness, her sweet voice, her wonderful music let me dream of peace, love, of the new time and new world are close!
Piero Gottardi

i think this is most orginal womem women artist on this globe!

Cize, I am a Capeverden too and you don't imagine how important is your song's in my life, when a hear you i think in my country, in my familly, in my life and i just want to back to my home. I just want to say that you are unique, you have a great voice, no, you have the best voice in the word. The Cesaria Evora language is the "criolo" and not de portuguese. Thanck you Cize. I love you.Kiss's
Gilda Monteiro(Bela Vista)-Bélgique

Cesaria is the best. there is a consert in Oslo today, and I am going to hear her singing.It doesn't matter if you cannot understand the words in the musicYyou do not have to understand to feel.It is about feelingand emotion. I feel allways moved when I hear hers songs.It´s most alike to be in CapeVerde. It is about touching people in ways they never experienced before. CESARIA, your voice transcends all barriers,races,cultures and differences in the world. MY God bless You. and I wish you all luck.
Maria Rosario B da silva, Oslo Norway

I do not evene have anough words to describe how great her voice is. She is simply the best.
Nikodimos Kifle

I really like cesaria evora´s voice, i think is one of the best i´ve ever heard. I would like that cesaria evora and her team come back to Mexico again.
vianney corrales esparza

I love her since I have seen her first on a german TV talk show. Her voice contents so much more than just a voice - its love, its all the up and down in life, its warm heartet, its all this what the word saudade means and much more. she is the goddes oh the hearts.

Every where I go I am proud to say that I am Capeverdean now because we have our only superstar Cesaria representing for us
Manuel Gomes

cesaria, you really impact me with your voice. you are unique. bravo Cesaria! sincerenly fred also im planning to visit cape green and im learning your languaje. love fred

I heard her not so long time ago... now I just can't stop listening... She's a miracle... Her voice is my dream of siesta near the ocean; this is light blue, happy sadness. She's the symbol of strong will and talent.
Nikolay, Russia

This is one lady I admire and respect,even at the age of 63 she can still pull crowds. May God grant her a long life and may the Barefoot diva record many more Morna albums.

She is just wonderful!
Uwe Dittmer

She is wonderful, she sings very beautiful. I love Cesaria Evora. But I not listen his song in my PC, why not?
Elizabeth de Moraes

She has a voice from Heaven.. Her songs touched my soul, in a way I have never seen before..

When I first heard l stopped for a while. Great, fascinating music from the soul of Earth, Soul of Ocean, soul of unpoisoned people. Great feelings, harmony and vibration of soul from a seasoned singer. Purely great
László Bujtor

She is simply great !!

Give her the credit she deserves! She can promote the beautiful islands of Cabo Verde as no other. The world may now where these islands are..... Maybe in this way the economic position of the people will increase, they need some econonomic input badly......and they are worth it!

She is great and refreshing. She reminds me great Ella Fitzgerald, however her style is better, african velvet voice and European fado tradition!
jan gorlach

i love her voice she's wonderful!

Cize, i don't think words can sum up what your songs make people feel and how they make our hearts tremble. God bless you.
Emil, Israel

A voice like no other. Smooth and refreshing. Lyrics that have meaning and deep soul. (-:

i think that cape verden can be a little poor country in the coast of africa but it is know to be the best place 2 go and explore the past cape verde is a place every race should go to see and fell da past i'm a cv for life and i think in my reason that cesaria did a good thing is should be reconized to be cape verden superstar cause she did some thing no one did
elda ramos

I think that C. Evora has one of best the voices in the world. she sing wonderfuly and i think that "mar azul" and "sodade" it´s one of the most beautiful songs in thewhole world.
Carlos Cardoso

Cize, God bless you! God save all Capeverdian! You are the best voice in the world! I love you so much!
Vavahsier from Maceioh/Brazil

Cesaria is awesome! We all love her in Cape verde Islands. She is very good with her people, never forgot where she came from... helps lots of poor people and does not brag about it. She keeps it in a low profile. Gives lots of clothing, food, toys for the poor kids and school suplies. I whish one day a reporter could investigate and write good things about this awesome individual, Cesaria Evora. May God bless her and her family.
Gutty Duarte Gomes

When i heard that voice sing to me for the first time, i fell from the world and i desided to learn to speek her language. love andes.

I was a few hours ago, for the first time, in a show from Cesaría Evora in Hamburg, Germany. She was more than perfect in the stage! She is a wonderful singer! I can't wait to buy some of her cds tomorrow!
Jose Lima

I had the chance to see her in DC, USA and it was just magic, summer time, the star wearing no shoes, smokes a cigarette and maybe a drink and she just does what she knows: sing and make people feel earth can be a happy place to live.
Eliana (Chile)

It doesn't matter if you cannot understand the words..It is not about that, you do not have to understand to feel.It is about feeling,passion and emotion. After hearing Cesaria for the first time a few years ago, I was instantly moved. Her simplicity,elegance, and passion is what music is about. It is about touching people in ways they never experienced before. CESARIA, you're voice transcends all barriers,races,cultures and differences. May God continue to bless you!
Roberto Mauricio Chavarria

her voice is from sky.god send cesaria to make capvert more beatiful than it is. thanks u all to listen her song...

I met Dr. Simone in the summer of 2000 when she spoke with me for a little bit at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles; but before that, her music had taken me through many years of my caged existence in these the USA.
mario perez

Saw her in a music video shown by World Music. Fell in love. What a lovely voice and rhythm. Oh.. don't understand Portuguese, however, since then have heard her sing in Spanish.

Her songs decorate my soul on these cruel everyday
Jose Furtado Fernandes

Just come back from Cesaria's concert at the Barbican. It was one of the most passionate and moving experiences I've had in a very long time. A Goddess

I was captivated by the music of Cesaria Evora a few years ago after hearing her singing on a world music radio program. Her CD's have been among the most often played in our home. Tonight I was priveleged to attend a concert in Edinburgh's Usher Hall and was struck by how humble and unsophisticated a woman she is - she might be small, she might not have fancy stage prescence, but her voice is one you could listen to forever. Her songs have the qualities of being both strong and soothing, washing over and calming the soul like a lullaby.

I love her. She looks like my dead grandma. She sings like an angel. And if I die want interred in the song tiempo silencio. Thanks miss Cesaria I love you Ahmet Munich

When first I listened to Cesaria I cried.The music came to me from somewhere far and forgotten. it reminded me of sadness and hapiness.Simple songs tell me a lot though I don't understand the language. her voice is really unique. She is the best. I love you cesaria

I have heard her voice for the first time the last week. She is magnificent.
sasha (RUS)

I do not understand the words, but her voice weaves the story in side my head that tells me about the most beautiful places. Cesaria is made of sun shine
nadia mihova

Madam Cesaria is the Queen of soul.
Cassoma. F

Cabo Verde enlighted my life

she is the best africa female singer ever

Cesaria has got incredible voice. Wow . Beatiful music

she's simply the best..her voice is the mirror of her soul and her soul is the mirror of passion...
lorenza (Crotone)

I remember the consert at Lisbona Expo. Fantasctic!

i have been 3 times in brussels to hear her and delightfull to see cesaria, discovered 15 years ago, happy every one knows her now

i love Cesaria music. it's full od spirit and have the power to get you into the mood of dancind whatnever you hear the lirics.

i`live in taunton cesaria she is a diva

Icome from East Africa and Idont understand The Portugues language.Her music can take snake out of the cave.KEEP UP U A STILL YOUNG .
Ibrahim Mzee

Wow! what a voice. African blues April 2004 Preston
Michael hughes

no words to tell what her soul gives to me. emotions - freedom - love - feeling - near to all -listening cesaria is like touching her voice .. sorry for my english-- thanks cesaria - violetta

I just heard Cesari for the first time and I am 73 years old I am going out today and buy her music thanks Cesari
arthur cooke

hello,i don`t writing very well,but i`m go to say i live im the (portugal)i came from cape verde 1977,and i remenber every music cape verde,but for me the best music is (CESÁRIA EVORA),becouse wen she singig i remenber my cauntry, my home,my family,my friend`s and every body when i was are kid`s and i cry when i listing the melodie cesária evora,thanks soo mucht for evory people in the world too listing the cesária evora becouse cape verde and cesária evora it`s beautiful. ps: i`m sorry for my words
paulo renato

i am facinated by Evora's art and her voice , she is unique as some of great artsits of the world and it doesnt matter when she had her fame , the important is that it will remain for ever , because the best can never be forgotten:)thank you

She is a famous artist not only for her own country but for the whole world, making the listeners feel the real good sound of music.
George Poparlan

Her voice is so crystal and so calm, that I'm scare to breathe when I listen to Evora's music.

It was one of the most important musical experience in years. Can't wait to see her in concert here in Romania. God was that good for granting us such a gift.
Remus Radulescu

I love listening to Cesaria's smooth and rich voice. I wish more young Cape Verdeans in the usa would support her.
Gilda Spinola

She's the best singer in her categorie Viva Cesaria!!!!!!! kadia from Burkina Faso


I just had the chance to listen to Cesaria Evora in concert and to talk with her afterwards. I was very impressed by her voice and her kindness.
Hanno Rheineck/Germany

My opinion is that Cesaria Evora is yhe most famous singer in Africa and the world too. Cesaria play the real music, the music that go to the heart and some fex singer play that music and they are all famous. I am Moroccan and in Morocco we love Cesaria . Thank You Cesaria and stay play your music that we like.
Krari Yassine

Cesaria Evora, a Cape Verdean with a rich voice and Voz D'Amor is her best album.She is the Perfection.

Césaria Evora is one of my favorite artists. I love her music, and I wish she had more exposure in the US. It would be really nice if she would stop by New York during this tour
Aisha Richard

cesaria evora Sensorial, full expression and passion of music on to whole life.
Piotr Kwieciński

Cesaria Evora is the best of the best of singers. I love so much her music, she have a extraordinary voice!!!!!I have all her albums since miss perfumado, she's great.

She is such a geat singer and her voice is full of WOW
Marlyse Bieri, CH

We were in Den Haag and is was great!!!Sippy
sippy veltrop

I love her!!! Voz D'Amor is her best album!!! These marvellous arrangements, this quasi-bossanova lightness she has in each song of it are just what her music had lacked... just that very last small step to the PERFECTION.

I like the music very much and tonight I will visit her concert in Utrecht. kind regards, Henny
Mw. H. van Gelderen

Cesaria is in my heart since year 2001 and I've never regret I'd let her in. Peace, sweet melancholy and love - that's what she is for me. I'm happy she loves to be in Moscow, Russia. Don't stop singing for us!

I love all her songs and she is a great singer.
adelina vicente

robert deo

Super & delicate
Peter Munk

I picked up 'Miss Perfumado' purely on speck and it's played very often. I am transfixed by the power and depth of her voice, from another time. Wonderful!

One word : Beatiful Sound

I really like Cesária!! She has a lovely voice, full of joy!! The melodies are warm and embracing by the mornas, full of rhythm by the coladeras... A real jewel!!!

For sure Cesaria is the best! For me, she's my best gift from God! My words are too poor to tell: morabeza! is what I feel when I hear her music, life and death in the same time. Met her in Bucharest, 2003. I steel feel the emotion of that day!!! And hope, one day, I'll meet her in Mindelo, too. Love you, Cesaria!

The instrumentation and arrangements are superb on all of Cesaria's music. The voice, of course, is beauty. Please visit us in Texas.
Joe Rabago, Houston, Texas

She's a queen, althouh i don't understand the language i enjoy the sound and feel so inspired. Laten, mellow, warm, and a role figure byherself. great band by the way.
Ammar al-Medany

According to me, Cesaria is the best singer. What a great strength and personality she must have to make the whole world discover a little archipelago, that can hardly been seen on a map, and its culture! I have pratically all her cd's, and they are all remarkable (except maybe "distino di belita"). Each one is a different aspect of the capeverdean poetry and music. I recommend you all them. In this globalised world, she has the power to prevent a local culture from vanishing or fading, and her generosity is one of her most wonderful feature. May she continue on this way! Congratulations Cize, and good luck for the future.
Martin Rose from France

you are a gift from haven to the mankind , i love your expression you are phenomenal
tarik benhabiles

She takes you to the heart of Cape Verde, her music speaks honesty and hope. Shes a legend for me, i truly love her for her gift of songs and her ever beautiful poetry. Thank you Cize.

When I am tiered I just put my Cesaria cd on and it helps me relax. Love her voice.
Debora de Carvalho from Holland

Barefoot I dance my life on the rythm of Cesaria Evora's songs

First time i heard of her is her Carnaval de Sao Vicente, and I am hooked... all i can say is WOW!!!
Gary Chen

Met Her in Mindelo Capo Verde at january 2004. Just got an invitation to visit her home, while fotographing the building! Met friends and a people who work for Her. Morabeza - friendliness!

Cise, like we Capeverdean and others abroad call her, is a great singer and really dignifies our culture, i wish some day she will be singing songs that reflect the Universe of the world and forget a little of our home town. Best wish Cise. Love you.
Helder Brito

I think she is "unique". Her voice is calm and sweet,when you listen her singing you have always the feeling that you're in a magic world. You are the best Cise.You deserve it!

Cesaria is poetry. Simple, her voice shows herself. She deserves to win,because of her voice, the way she sings and her melody. She is an african woman face's. Instead of all their suffering, they are powerfull. I hope she can be the reason to people try to know more about Cape Vert, Africa and its music that is wonderful.
Alicia F.

As a capeverdean, away from home, i can tell you that here voice always brings me back home! All the best "Cize"!
JP Ramos

Cesaria is the best (100%).
Elizete Fernandes

She sings very well in her languages and also in other languages When she sings she really transmit a message and never mind where she is she is always herself.
Olivio Teixeira

Cesária Evora is the best of Africa. I suport you Cesaria.
Emilio Sanches

A contemporary greatest lusophone female singer, on the footeps of Bana. Cesária real is the best.

I've just met Cesaria in the streets os Mindelo, her hometown, and mine as well. She's definitely a story of great success and an inspiring personality in this small part of the world. Despite of the great success in the world of business, Cesaria has not forgotten her humble roots. She's done a great job divulging the is the richness of the capeverdean culture and deserves to be our special ambassador in the world.
Jacqueline M.Silva

Cesaria's music is wonderful, and real. It brings back the African roots, it helps you stay tunned to your country and culture. Her music has always touched my heart, whether it's about migration, love and mother land. I will definitely vote for her anytime, she keeps the Capeverdean culture and tradition alive!I am so proud to be Capeverdean and I thank you Cesaria for keeping it real.
Auriza Mett

There is a depth in her voice and a richness that are hard to find. The lyrics of her songs, is magnifics. The listening to them stirs me emotionally, illustrating the power of her songs and beautiful voice.It's just like to come home to Cape Verde. Indeed, as Salome Duarte, said she is the best.As a Capeverdean,I'm very proud of her.
Filomena Ramos-Larsson

Cesaria, singing Amdjer De Nos Terra (Woman of our Country), certainly sings for the woman of Cabo Verde. The family pilar, the strength, the life struggles, raising children mostly on their own, caring for their elder family members, doing whatever it takes to keep their dignity. Cesaria is one of these women. She well deserves her fame. Though she remains very humble, opening her home doors to everyone that need a plate of food or shelter. I am proud of her not forgetting her past and where she came from. "Chapeau Cesária"!
Linda Barros

I cannot listen to CE without emotions. She reminds me my late granny who by the way in 1941 was left behind under Germans with my father then 10yo. IMHO she is the voice of all kind and caring women in the world. Wish her all the best.
sk, Moscow, Russia

you are the bammmmmmmmmmmmm! you go girl!!

As a capeverdean I'm very proud of what she has accomplished and through her music she shows the real Cape Verde. I'm sure any capverdean in the world would have the same opinion as me.
Salomé Duarte

no words on earth can really express all that i feel for this woman. her voice so deep and richand her manner of singing make me admire her. Thank you for your songs, Cesaria and the feelings you spread around with them.
Lilly George

I saw her in concert last summer and she was captivating.

I have 4 of Cesaria's CD's and love them all. She has such a unique voice and the music is bliss, well worth a risk in buying something unheard - I think you will grow to love her.

i have never heard about her until when i was browsing through radio 3 awards for world music.Her profile Shows that she must be a good singer.She has rich experiences.

She is simply the best.

Buy any Cesaria Evora's albums and you won't be disappointed. There is a depth to her voice and a richness that are hard to find. I don't understand the words of her songs, yet listening to them stirs me emotionally, illustrating the power of her songs and beautiful voice. Indeed, discovering Evora has been one of the highlights of my life.








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