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    Radio 3 Wilfred Owen Season
    12th November - 18th November 2006

    The complete canon of Owen’s war poems are broadcast on Radio 3 during the week beginning Sunday 12th November (Remembrance Sunday).

    During the week you will be able to hear the poems positioned throughout the schedule.

      Benjamin Britten
      The Choir - Sunday 12 November - 18:30

      Britten’s War Requiem (dedicated to 4 of Britten’s friends who died in WW2) Aled Jones launches the Complete War Poems at the beginning of The Choir. His introduction to include a reading of Anthem for Doomed Youth before the Requiem by Ben Whishaw.

        Paul Farley
        Sunday Feature - Sunday 12 November - 20:00

        Strange Meetings: Wilfred Owen and the People and Places that Shaped Him and his Poetry. Paul Farley presents a biographical feature about Wilfred Owen through the places that mattered to him.

          Drama On 3
          Drama on 3 - Sunday 12 November - 20:45

          In Parenthesis by David Jones (repeat)
          Described by the New York Times as 'probably the World War I monument most likely to survive', a dramatisation of this unique prose-poem.

            Ben Whishaw
            The Complete War Poems through the week

            All of Wilfred Owen’s War Poems, newly recorded for Radio 3 by Ben Whishaw.

            Single poems dropped into Morning on 3 and In Tune through the week (each poem with single line introduction from Paul Farley)

            Short readings of poems introduced by Paul Farley
            (Mon – Friday)
            5 mins at 14.00 -14.05 before Afternoon Performance
            5 mins at 23.55 -24.00 before Composer of the Week (Monday to Thursday)
            23.25-23.30 before Jazz on 3 (Friday) 

            View all Wilfred Owen 5 minute readings

            Wilfred Owen also features in Night Waves magazine programmes (Tuesday 14th November 21.45 - Gabriel Gbadamose discusses German war poetry from the First World War).

              First World War Cemetery
              Twenty Minutes

              Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

              4 Wilfred Owen Twenty Minutes Programmes in the intervals of Performance on Three, (the evening concert).

              Monday 13th November 20.20- Owen's Anthem - Jon Stallworthy on the drafts of Anthem for Doomed Youth

              Tuesday 14th November 20.30 - After the Guns - Alison Brackenbury explores Owen's poems not directly about war.

              Thursday 16th November 20.15 - Your Own Wilfred - Dominic Hibberd on Owen’s letters

              Friday 17th November 20.10- To Break Earth's Sleep - Lavinia Greenlaw on the poet's relationship with landscape.

                Judith Bingham
                Performance on 3 - Thursday 16th November 19.30
                Part One  Part Two

                A concert of choral settings of the works of war poets concentrating on Wilfred Owen. Music to include the first performance of An Ancient Music (BBC commission) by Judith Bingham imagining the meeting in London between Owen, H G Wells and Arnold Bennett. Music to be interspersed with readings of war poems.

                  Imperial War Museum
                  The Verb - Saturday 18th November - 21:30

                  An outside broadcast from the Imperial War Museum including a focus on Owen’s legacy, war poetry being written now and some new work.

                    British Army soldiers
                    Between the Ears - Saturday 18 November 22:15

                    The Soldier's Poet - Soldiers serving today, including General Sir Richard Dannatt, respond to Owen’s poetry.

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