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Thinking Earth - Contributors
Thinking Earth, three distinctive programmes which capture the world in sound, will be broadcast across Radio 4, World Service and Radio 3 over the weekend of 1st and 2nd January 2005
Find out the names of the contributors to the World Service and Radio 3 'Thinking Earth' programmes.

Radio 4­ - Thinking Earth: An ABC of the Night
Saturday 1st January 2005 at 8:00pm
A is for Amsterdam (Marlies Cordia)
B is for Brisbane (Lawrence English)
C is for Coromandel (Greg Ward)
D is for Deutchland (Pavlica Bajsic / Vedran Peternel)
E is for Eire (Dennis O’Driscoll)
F is for Firth of Forth (Matt Thompson)
G is for Greenwich Village (Israel Horovitz)
H is for Helsinki (Niko Ingman)
I is for Iceland (Hallmar Sigurðsson / Elísabet Jökulsdóttir / Álfrún Helga Örnólfsdóttir)
J is for James Clark Ross (Jon McGregor)
K is for Kenya (Michael Kaloki)
L is for Lapaz (Trevor Matheson)
M is for Maputaland (Angela Impey / Joyce Moholoagae)
N is for Norway (Daniel Saul)
O is for Olkonsky District (Anastasia Tolstoy / Boris Isarov)
P  is  for Pentonville  Road (Nick Fisher  / Damian Lynch)
Q is for Qala-e-Fatehullah (Sharzad Akbar)
R is for Rome (Carlo Catalogna)
S is for Suko (Sally Avens)
T is for Tehran (Negar Roshanzamir)
U is for Uzbekistan (Ibrat Jumaboyev)
V is for Varanasi (Alistair McGregor)
W is for Wales (Nigel Brown)
X is forXimen  (Daniel Saul)
Y is for Yorkshire (Patrick Wildgust)
Z is for Zagreb (Pavlica Bajsic / Vedran Peternel)

World Service - Thinking Earth: A Little Piece of Earth­
23.00 Saturday 1st January 2005 at 11:00pm
Contributors include:
Glyn Maxwell (Poet)
 Yoko Ono (Artist/Songwriter)
Tim Smit
(director of the UK Eden Project)
Iranian video installation artist Shirin Neshat
Indian storyteller, Vayu Nadu 
 Zimbabwean songwriter and athlete Henry Olonga

Radio 3 'Drama on 3' - Thinking Earth: Earth Mapping
Sunday 2nd January 2005 at 8:00pm
Contributors include:

Lin Coghlan - originally from Ireland, a dramatist with many theatre, TV and radio credits Lin provides the linking narrative of a man lost in a wood who comes upon the memory of himself as a child with an old man who taught him his first rules about mapping and the importance of connecting to a sense of place.
Lyn Gardner - theatre critic and journalist on the Guardian, she offers three journeys in London, each capturing memories of her past amongst the streets and turnings that she passes. The piece was conceived for the LIFT enquiry 2004.
John Hull - Australia - A lecturer who speaks of mapping from the perspective of being blind.
Paul Heritage - Britain, recently based in Rio de Janeiro, theatre-maker, researcher and programme maker, Paul's piece is recorded on the frontier between two warring districts that are separated simply by a street and men with guns. (tbc)
Kazuko Hohki -an artist, singer, musician, animator, director, performer and storyteller. She has created an acclaimed trilogy of solo shows (Toothless, The Shining Princess and My Husband is a Spaceman), and is currently working on the interactive installation and performance Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers.
Vivienne Jake - United States - a respected Kaibab Paiute elder living at the Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation in Utah. Co-director of the Salt Song Trail Project dedicated to revitalizing the Salt Songs of the Southern Paiute people and an environmental activist. Recorded by The Cultural Conservancy and Stillwater Sound.
Silke Mansholt - Germany. a writer and visual performance artist, twice winner of the Freudental poetry prize for New German Literature.
Graeme Miller - Britain - Artist, theatre-maker and composer - recent works include LINKED - a chain of radio transmitters charting lost houses along the M11 Link road in London and BASSLINE in Vienna. Graeme made three journeys for his contribution, a personal pilgrimage.
David Qujaukitsoq - in Greenland - recorded as the birds were leaving.
Shirazuddin Siddiqi - Afghanistan. As a teacher he was exiled in 1994, currently director of Afghan Projects BBC World Service Trust.
Karen Wimhurst - Britain - Composer - Karen's piece maps the journey of a baby told through the voice of a midwife.
Paddy Woodworth - Ireland - an author and journalist, specializing in Spanish politics and in natural history. He has been following migrating cranes in Europe and the US, and is researching a book on habitat and species restoration.

Cleary is played by Jim Norton, Kevin by Lloyd Hutchinson and Young Kevin by Daniel Price.

Vocalists - Kaouri Murakami, Juliet Russell and Rowan Godel

Original music by BillyCowie - the Scottish composer, choreographer and film maker. Since 1980 he has created over 30 live performances for dance/theatre company Divas. He has made two short films for the BBC and two for the Arts Council 'Capture series. Twelve cds of his music have been released.

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