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Radio 3 regularly covers poetry in its arts, culture and ideas programmes. In particular,

Words and Music
The Verb  featuring Poetry Lab
The Essay
Night Waves

For BBC's 2009 Poetry Season Radio 3 added to its regular coverage with:  

    Poetry Season
    Presenter recommendations

    Radio 3 presenters recommend poems and share their reasons.

      Sara Mohr-Pietsch
      Poems for Today

      41 poems in Breakfast over 6 weeks.
      Listen online for a year.

        Alfred Lord Tennyson mini season

        Proms Literary Festival, August 2nd 8.20pm Andrew Motion talks to Matthew Sweet and introduces poems by Tennyson read by Fiona Shaw. Watch the video

        Words and Music, August 9th, To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield. Tennyson bi-centenary programme. Readers : Beth Goddard and Michael Pennington.

        Between the Ears August 15th,Tennyson in Skegness
        An off beat look at Tennyson's relationship with the town where he wrote some of his most familiar verse.

        Drama on 3 Saturday August 29th, Crossing the Bar - A headlong plunge into the sea-narratives of Alfred Lord Tennyson, with sea-songs from the acclaimed acappella trio Coope, Boyes and Simpson, centred around his most popular work Enoch Arden.

          Ian McMillan presents Radio 3's The Verb
          It was just the loud tick of the clock...

          On the 1 July 2009 edition of Breakfast Ian McMillan invited listeners to send in serious limericks and selected lines suggested by the audience to create the Breakfast limerick.

          Radio 3 BROADCASTS that featured as part of the BBC's 2009 Poetry Season
            Words and Music - Radio 3 presenter's poems
            19 July 2009: Words and Music - Radio 3 presenters' recommended poems

            As part of the BBC Poetry Season, a selection of poems recommended by BBC Radio 3 presenters together with music.

            Ruth Padel
            2 Aug 2009 : Sunday Feature - Searching for Alfred In the Shadow of Tennyson

            200 years after Tennyson's birth, poet Ruth Padel investigates his legacy in art, film and music of all kinds and reveals that Tennyson is a poet for our times as well as his own.

            3-6 Aug 09 : The Essay   - Tennyson 200

            Four contemporary British poets each choose a single poem or extract by Tennyson and give a personal account of why it means so much to them.

            LISTEN ONLINE - readings of poetry and Sonnets were available online for a year. These readings are no longer available.
              Rob Cowan
              30 May 2009 : Music Feature - Ode to Whitman

              Rob Cowan explores the enduring attraction to composers of the poetry of Walt Whitman, discovering the importance of song to the poet, and the inherently musical aspects of his writing.

              Ian McKellen
              Shakespeare sonnets

              Listen online to Sir Ian McKellen reading 14 sonnets.

                Philip Larkin
                24 May 2009 :   Sunday Feature - Children of the Whitsun Weddings

                Poets Kate Clanchy and Paul Farley take a train through ‘Larkinland,’ as they explore their mutual admiration for Philip Larkin’s work.

                The Essay
                18 - 22 May 2009 :  The Essay - Under the Influence

                Series in which contemporary poets write about others whose work has influenced their own.

                  Ian McMillan presents Radio 3's The Verb
                  I pressed the buzzer, shut my eyes...

                  Listeners to Radio 3's Breakfast on 21 May, spurred on by The Verb's   Ian McMillan, created a rather lovely poem.

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