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BBC Darwin Season - on Radio 3 

7 - 15 February 2009
BBC Radio 3

The BBC Darwin Season marks 150 years since the publication of "On The Origin of Species". Radio 3’s contribution includes two Sunday Features, a week of The Essay, and special editions of Words and Music and Night Waves.

Date: SATURDAY 7 February
Time: 1215
Petroc Trelawny and guests discuss the links between Darwin and the evolution of music.

SUNDAY 8 February 2009
Time: 2130
SUNDAY FEATURE: The Origins of the Origin
Andrew Cunningham explores the intellectual context of Darwin's thinking.

Date: 9 - 13 February 2009
Time: 2300
THE ESSAY: Darwin's Children
Five writers from different cultural fields examine the impact Darwin and evolutionary theory has had on their discipline.

Date: THURSDAY 12 February 2009
Time: 2115
NIGHT WAVES: Charles Darwin
Presenter: Rana Mitter
In 1950, Marx and Freud would have been acknowledged as the most influential of 19th Century thinkers; some half a century later, is Darwin's intellectual legacy more significant still?

Date: SUNDAY 15 February 2009
Time: 2130
SUNDAY FEATURE: Darwin's Conundrum
Angela Tilbury explores Darwin's complex views on faith and religion - his personal struggle, set against the popular beliefs of the time, and the resulting effect on his family relationships.

Date: SUNDAY 15 February 2009
Time: 2215
WORDS AND MUSIC: The Ascent of Man
A sequence of words and music inspired by the theme of Darwin.

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