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Gavin Bryars.
A new music commission inspired by Viking legend
Interviews with the composer
Robert Worby interviewed Gavin Bryars on 2nd March 2004 shortly before he started composing From Egil's Saga.

Part 1
How did the commission come about, who was Egil and what happens in the saga?
How do you go about turning a Viking saga into a piece of music?
Why are you researching East of England place names?
What's going to be happening on this website?
What's the first thing you do when you start work on a new piece?
A commission, a website and a Viking (11'45")

Part 2
How do you structure harmony, melody and rhythm?
What ideas have you got for the use of technology in this piece?
Do you use technology for composing? What is the role of your editor?
Harmony, rhythm and technology (17'38")

Part 3
What criteria do you use to tell if a new composition is going well?
Do you get excited as you compose?
Do you find fulfilment through composition or does that not come until the performance?
Do composers talk to one another about their work?
Excitement, fulfilment and other composers (4'53")

Part 4
Robert Worby asks Gavin Bryars about his earliest auditory memory, his choice of 'Desert Island Disc' and his reading preferences. Lastly, Gavin reveals from whom he would most like to take a lesson in composition.
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A book, a record and a lesson in composition (4'20")

Previous BBC interviews with Bryars
In September 2003 Robert Worby interviewed Bryars at BBC Maida Vale studios in some depth about his music and influences.
Listen to the September 2003 interview (33'23")

Bryars Feb 2003 interview on Radio 4's 'Front Row'

Mark Lawson talked to composer Gavin Bryars, who had recently celebrated his 60th birthday, about his sources of inspiration. 
Bryars on BBC Radio 4's 'Front Row' (8'00")

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