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British Composer Awards 2009

In association with BBC Radio 3

Petroc Trelawny

The nominees for the 2009 British Composer Awards were announced on Radio 3's In Tune on 20 October 2009.

Radio 3's Performance on 3 will feature a selection of the nominated works in part two of the programme on five evenings (23, 24, 25, 30 November and 1 December).

The complete programme on Wednesday 2 December at 7pm will be devoted to coverage of the Awards Ceremony when the winners will be announced.

Find out more about the winners via this PDF download

The 2009 nominees listed by category:


Work: String Quartet: The Tree of Strings
Composer: Sir Harrison Birtwistle

Work: Since Brass, Nor Stone…Fantasia for string quartet and percussion Op 80
Composer: Alexander Goehr

Work: In Time Entwined, In Space Enlaced
Composer: Christian Mason

Winner: Alexander Goehr - Since Brass, Nor Stone…


Work: Shakespeare Requiem
Composer: Judith Bingham

Work: The Death of Balder
Composer: Bernard Hughes

Work: The Spacious Firmament
Composer: Gabriel Jackson

Winner: Gabriel Jackson - The Spacious Firmament


Work: My Secret Heart
Composer: Mira Calix

Work: Moving Music
Composer: Howard Moody

Work: More Glass than Wall
Composer: James Redwood

Winner: Mira Calix - My Secret Heart


Work: Schweben; aye But Can Ye?
Composer: Barry Guy

Work: Rain on the Window
Composer: John Surman

Work: Rhythm & Other Fascinations
Composer: Jason Yarde

Winner: Jason Yarde - Rhythm and Other Fascinations


Work: The Message
Composer: Sir Harrison Birtwistle

Work: Prism
Composer: Patrick Nunn

Work: Soliloquy V - Flauto Acerbo
Composer: Thomas Simaku

Winner:Thomas Simaku - Soliloquy V, Flauto Acerbo


Work: Doctor Atomic
Composer: John Adams

Work: Dominoeffekt
Composer: Peter Helmut Lang

Work: Seht die Sonne
Composer: Magnus Lindberg

Winner: John Adams - Doctor Atomic


Work: Voce Mea
Composer: Tarik O’Regan

Work: Stay With Me
Composer: Roxanna Panufnik

Work: Ex Maria Virgine
Composer: Sir John Tavener

Winner: John Tavener - Ex Maria Virgine


Work: A Few Seconds
Composer: Anthony Powers

Work: I can’t do this without you
Composer: Robert Szymanek

Work: The Serious Side of Madness
Composer: Elizabeth Winters

Winner: Elizabeth Winters - The Serious Side of Madness


Work: Speakings
Composer: Jonathan Harvey

Work: A Table of Noises
Composer: Simon Holt

Work: Mambo, Blues and Tarentella
Composer: Mark-Anthony Turnage

Winner: Simon Holt - a table of noises


Work: Entomophonix
Composer: Robert Jarvis

Work: A Quiet Reverie
Composer: Mark Peter Wright

Winner: Mark Peter Wright - A Quiet Reverie


Work: Into The Little Hill
Composer: George Benjamin

Work: The Minotaur
Composer: Sir Harrison Birtwistle

Work: Reel
Composer: Graham Fitkin

Winner: Graham Fitkin - Reel


Work: Good Dream She Has
Composer: Luke Bedford

Work: The Dream of the Rood
Composer: John Casken

Work: Riverwork
Composer: Anthony Powers

Winner: John Casken - The Dream of the Rood


Work: Penlee
Composer: Simon Dobson

Work: Farewell
Composer: Adam Gorb

Work: The Gilded Theatre
Composer: Kenneth Hesketh

Winner: Adam Gorb - Farewell

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