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Stuart Maconie's subject is guilty pleasures, broadcast around 8.30am in Breakfast on 5th August. Or listen to it online right here the next working day.

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Rita, London
There will always be snobs around - and I include so-called "inverted" snobs, although I've always thought that (snobbishly) begged the question . . . Surely de gustibus . . .if you like it you like it, then it's up to you whether and how you feel the need to justify your taste. Ironising it could be be seen as a lack of self confidence.

Harry, London
Before switching to Radio 3 from Wonderful Radio 3, Stuart should maybe have done a bit more research into current perceptions of Ravel. I don't think anyone today would consider his music a guilty pleasure. He's an acknowledged genius. Even Bolero can be justified on an intellectual level as a precursor of minimalism - though it's much more fun than anything produced by Glass or Adams. As for Verdi, another acknowledged genius, I'd say there are a few rough moments where he's a bit more guilty-pleasurish than the ever-fastidious Maurice.

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