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30 Have we destroyed the dream of equality?

The gap between rich and poor grows wider. Science tells us that more of our life chances are determined at birth. And we value difference as much as shared experience. What hope for equality? Roger Phillips hosts a debate including Bishop of Liverpool James Jones, bioethicist Tom Shakespeare, and writer Munira Mirza.

Responses from festival-goers

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Free Thinking 07 Event Poll 30

Is equality possible in a globalised world?

  1. Yes
    6 votes
  2. No
    10 votes
  3. Don't know
    2 votes

Total votes: 18

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion

Your thoughts

crazee D
equality is possible but we would all have to contribute to it. Could we possibly start with feeding all families .then perhaps together waging war on the threats to mankind other than war .what's the definition of equality ? we all get a crack of the whip?haha! work, food, self respect ,shelter ?.we should all be so lucky ! haha! the wine's working. love ya ! crazee D

andrew wilson dorset england
I eat bananas and grapes, and use petrel, and share a comfortable life, comfortable as most in this locality. I live globally in this certain way, parasitically global. Locally however with people here, my education and class have separated me, my cultural interests really shaped by not present people not shared, my beliefs shaped by not present people, not local,not locally shared. I am pretty alienated tho thoroughly integrated, ie British born and bred. Identifying with the critique of the local or the global does not give me a sense of freedom, indeed it is immature to centre this notion of freedom in the priviledged materialism I live in.

charlotte, liverpool
If you look at equality from a class difference, If we were all equalised, what would be left to acheive?.. the way human nature is is to suceed.. would you see a pack of lions sharing their kill with a pack of tigers? we know that we should respect others, but its a case of the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. if you are brought up to respect the rights of others, you will be a better person. I was from a poverty stricken family, but i knew their was enough places to go and achieve something, which is why i am studying law.. and proud that i have escaped the attitude that if i can't see past the end of my "estate" i won't know any better...

Scott, Warrington
What a naive notion!! Unfortunately the desire for power, selfishness and corruption are human failings which will always undermine this ridiculously unachievable Utopian ideal.

JV, Liverpool
Very thought provoking question: yes, equality is possible if the will is there to make it happen. Currently globalisation works in favour of those who can best direct its benefits towards themselves.

A festival of ideas in Liverpool 9-11Nov 07, on radio and online.

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