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7. Are you a prisoner of yourself?

Civil liberties and human rights put freedom in the headlines, but have we forgotten that the most powerful freedom we have is in our heads? With psychoanalyst and acclaimed writer Adam Phillips and motivational speaker Jane Kenyon


Free Thinking 07 Event Poll 07

Are you a prisoner of yourself?

  1. Yes
    17 votes
  2. No
    9 votes
  3. Don't know
    5 votes

Total votes: 31

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion

Your thoughts

Robert Smith, Stockholm Sweden
We are all free in our minds and bodies, but we surrender this freedom in exchange for security. Security is more important to us and we are prisoners to a capitalist system that makes us insecure, in order for us to be more productive (and more easily exploited) and consume more; a religion that tells us that we are sinful and can only be "saved" by - yes - surrendering our freedom; a brutalised system, which releases tension by war, terrorism and random violence. We need systems in our brains like we need smack in our veins.

nick, anglesey, uk
I would say we are all prisoners of ourselves. the human mind is far far vaster than we normally experience, but due to the limitations of brain consciousness, we lose all sense of the greater reality of our spiritual nature. thus we tend to cling to religous beliefs such as Islam, Judaism or Chrisaianity that tie us into a mode of belief that is nothing short of superstitious, historically without foundation even though superficially these beliefs give some measure of comfort to those who have not learned to think cleary for themeslves. the great authority on all this is the free thinker, Thomas Paine, Age of Reason

Malcolm Southampton
I have lived in this village just outside Southampton for 68 years. In that time I have sailed round the world and visited many countries. I have not yet found a better place or society to live in. I have my health, my friends, my boat, my bycycle, computor and website and yes I am content.

Simon Fay, outside the Metrodome
But in a very real sense, aren't we ALL prostitutes? And isn't ALL property theft?See also item 11

A festival of ideas in Liverpool 9-11Nov 07, on radio and online.

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