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Who will decide what's right and wrong in the future?

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Please add your comments to the debate 'Who will tell us what's right and wrong in the future?'
Did you change your position on this subject because you heard a new point of view?

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The United Peoples
LOVE THE CHILD, SAVE THE PLANET !Evolution, Class Struggle and Culture are the three inter-related fundamental laws defining human life on Earth. Culture here means the ALL deciding aspect of the culture: the way we treat our children. This is the subject of this appeal.While Marxism presents the general economic/political laws of development, the mistreatment of the children explains why the world revolution has not already taken place and the vast majority has not taken over the political power. It also explains the background of the sadistic psychopaths appointed by the banksters, why they go far beyond a purposeful suppression of the working class and nowadays even go after all planetary life.Because the said aspect of the culture creates the human mentality and identity, this mechanism normally is hidden from and hardly can be recognized by the creations themselves. The unreflecting majority unconsciously assume that the mental individuality is inherited, and therefore always ask the wrong question if human *nature* is good or evil.Consequently the factual personality-forming process has no easy name. The reactionary victims of the process make it a hush-hush subject or call it *up-bringing* while practicing the opposite. Contrary to the two other fundamental laws governing human life, this hitherto missing link has not been developed and attached to the work of one single person but is rather common old wisdom expressed for instance in the proverb *The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world*. Facing extinction, mankind no longer can afford to ignore this decisive old wisdom.Modern science has confirmed that the sum of nerve paths in the brain created by the good and bad experiences during the first few years of life after conception, in accordance with evolution are maintained throughout life and determines the character of the grownup individual. No later experiences will fundamentally erase this first programming of their brains.The natural four imperative needs for the thriving of the baby are: unlimited and unconditional love, respect, security and freedom to natural unfolding.The lucky minority of organically grown kids, perhaps 10 – 15 percent in western culture, who in this way have been programmed for life with goodness, grow up and form the spearhead of constructive creativity and determination in the global struggle against the destructive forces of the less fortunate revenge-seeking individuals who look at life as through more or less dark sunglasses. Anything short of the four basic needs is torture of a more or less severe character and consequences and results in ALL OF THE EVIL on the planet. The worst hit victims spend rest of their lives with striving for POWER, especially money, and typically attach themselves to any of the numerous religious, political or other alledgedly respectable groups, parties or societies that are disguised under officially social purposes, but the real aim of which exclusively is realization of the evil minds of their members.Extreme examples are Hitler and Bush, both of whom were extremely violently abused and humiliated during their childhood. So on one side you get the GOOD (revolutionary, progressive) individuals formed by happiness and thereby love of human beings and life, on the other side the EVIL (contra-revolutionary, reactionary) individuals formed by suppression and humiliation and thereby hatred of themselves, other human beings and life itself.The grownups - the evil ones only to a limited degree influenced by their inherited instincts for protection of the offspring - will inevitably pass their own good or bad childhood on to their children, and thereby define the mentality of any society.The cultural background influences immensely the attitude to and outcome of the class struggle. If all working class members had come from GOOD homes, the working class would have won long ago.But a child of the working class having been mistreated and lost zest for life typically becomes a soci

first i wanna tell who will tell us what is right and wrong in the future, althought it is Godcase to predict what is coming future,first allah knows what future holds every one.second,, if you make use of your chance while you are young, you will able to clasify what is wrong and right becouse you studied,,

George Spencer
The arguments of clonning have two main points one: Is it wrong to clone and play godL. Two: Natural clonning happens all the time, plants use it to create new plants and it twins are clonnes of eachother. There are many comittes on the rights and wrongs, they have decided for the moment that clonning in a lab cannot be done on humans. Dolly the sheep was a clone however she lived for only 6 years only half of what a normal sheep lives, so perhaps clonning can shorten life. This evidence has been taken in by committies so this is why they have decided to not allow clonning on humans for the moment but in future it could change...

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