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Patricia Hughes
Patricia Hughes - former BBC Radio 3 announcer

Patricia Hughes caught on the hop.  Listen to her story.

    Tasmin Little. Photo by Clive Barda
    Tasmin Little - violinist

    Listen to Tasmin Little revealing the early influence the Third Programme has had on her musical tastes.

      Bernard Haitink
      Bernard Haitink - conductor

      Listen to Bernard Haitink revealing a musical secret passion.

        Judith Bingham
        Judith Bingham - composer

        Listen to Judith Bingham on the breakfast habits of the Binghams.

          Peter Donohoe
          Peter Donohoe - pianist

          Listen to Peter Donohoe who always had the ambition to appear on Radio 3.

            Ian Gordon
            Ian Gordon - listener

            Listen to Ian Gordon who shares the Third Programme's birthday.

              Mike Westbrook
              Mike Westbrook - Jazz Composer and Band Leader

              Listen to Mike Westbrook's memories of 'Big Band Rossini' at the Proms.

                Radio 3
                Michael Zev Gordon - composer

                Listen to Michael Zev Gordon's memories of the Third Programme which he sees as a backcloth to this life.

                  Mitsuko Uchida
                  Mitsuko Uchida - pianist

                  "Music for me is only in the foreground.  When I turn it on, I want to listen"

                    Michael Collins
                    Michael Collins - clarinet

                    It was listening to the Mozart Clarinet Concerto at the Proms on my transistor radio that inspired me to play.

                      Doris Licence
                      Doris Licence - listener

                      Listening to the radio has bought back to me memories of performances from when I was a child before the Second World War.

                        Cormac Rigby
                        Cormac Rigby - former Radio 3 announcer

                        "I sat cross legged on the floor under the grand piano with a wonderful panorama of orchestral legs."

                          Radio 3
                          Timberlake Wertenbaker - playwright

                          I think radio is quite an unconscious mediurm, you are solitary in some way even when there are other people in the room. 

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