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The Chopin Experience - Piano Tutorials

David Owen Norris - Chopin Experience

Chopin Piano Tutorials

For Radio 3's Chopin Experience the pianist, teacher and broadcaster David Owen Norris has filmed 3 video piano tutorials.

The videos focus on two of Chopin's well-known piano pieces, and are aimed at amateur pianists and those still learning.

From advice on how to play Chopin on modern pianos, to tips on pedalling, fingering, rhythm and interpretation, they offer valuable insights into playing Chopin's music.

     Introduction to Chopin - press play to start.

    The Chopin ExperienceIntroduction to Chopin

    Find out how modern pianos differ from those Chopin would have been writing for.
      Watch the tutorial

      David Owen NorrisPrelude in A Op.28 no.7

      The importance of chosing the best fingering for you, and tips on pedalling.
        Watch the tutorial

        The Chopin ExperienceMazurka in B flat Op.7 no.1

        David dissects this lively Polish dance to try and understand what Chopin's intention was.
          Watch the tutorial

          The Chopin Experience
           Download the Sheet Music

             Prelude in A major

             Mazurka in B flat major

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