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Rising Stars
Night Waves is profiling potential British architectural talent of the future. Who is in line to become household names like Sir Richard Rogers and Sir Norman Foster? What are the concerns and aspirations of the new generation of architects and what do they think about those who have so recently led the way in making architecture count? The five architects were selected in consultation with Sir Richard Rogers, Paul Finch of The Architect's Journal and Amanda Baillieu of RIBA journal.

Listen to Richard Rogers' introduction to the profiles
Alejandro Zaera Polo Alejandro Zaera Polo
Paul Finch describes how Foreign Office Architects first made their breakthrough
Alejandro Zaera Polo, in conversation with Paul Allen
Read the profile
Building proposal from Niall McLaughlin Niall McLaughlin
Amanda Baillieu talks about McLaughlin's work
Niall McLaughlin, in conversation with Richard Coles
Read the profile
David Adjaye David Adjaye
Sir Richard Rogers talks about David Adjaye's work
David Adjaye, in conversation with Isabel Hilton
Read the profile
Alison Brooks Alison Brooks
Amanda Baillieu talks about Brooks' work
Alison Brooks in conversation with Paul Allen
Read the profile
Kathryn Findlay Kathryn Findlay
Paul Finch introduces Findlay's work
Kathryn Findlay in conversation with Sarah Dunant
Read the profile
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Rising Stars
Night Waves profiles the potential Architectural talent of the future.
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