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Browse through our archive of interviews, features and investigations into architecture.
Durbar Court, London Night Waves: Building Words
Night Waves commissioned three writers to give their responses to three of the London Open House venues.
Listen again [Sept '03]
John Pawson Night Waves: John Pawson
Following a commission from Marks & Spencer, Pawson reveals why he thinks the British shopper is ready for his austere style of architectural design.
Listen to the programme [Feb '04]
Rem Koolhaas Night Waves: Rem Koolhaas
Influential Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas talks about his latest and largest project - a new headquarters for China Central Television in Beijing.
Listen to the programme [Feb '04]
Whiteley Primary School, Hampshire - photograph by P Carter Night Waves: school architecture
On the eve of a nationwide program of school-building, Isabel Hilton and her guests discuss what makes a well-designed school.
Listen to the programme [Jan '04]
Peter & Alison Smithson Night Waves: the Smithsons
A discussion of the 'new brutalist' architecture of Peter & Alison Smithson.
Watch a slideshow of photographs of the Smithsons' work
Listen to the programme [Dec '03]
Cambridge architecture New architecture in Cambridge
A twenty minute walk around architectural developments in Cambridge. (Broadcast 14/11/03)
Watch a slideshow of photographs of some of the new buildings discussed
Listen to the programme [Nov '03]
Frank Gehry Interview with Frank Gehry
Interview broadcast on the eve of the opening of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
Listen to the programme [Oct '03]
Interior of Guggenheim Museum, New York Night Waves Landmarks: The Guggenheim Museum, New York
Listen to the programme [Oct '03]
Rem Koolhaas Sounding the Century - Rem Koolhaas
'London - the only city that combines the damaged, the europhobic, the village and the metropolis'
Listen to the programme [Oct '99]
Richard MacCormac Night Waves: The value of architecture
The debate broadcast from RIBA, with Richard MacCormac, Amanda Levete, Paul Finch, Michael Cassidy and Roger Madelin
Listen to the programme [June '03]
I.M.Pei John Tusa interviews I.M.Pei
"The most important ingredient for an architect to do a good building is to have a good client..."
Read the transcript
Listen to the interview
Renzo Piano John Tusa interviews Renzo Piano
"Architecture is not just about making good solid buildings, it's also about telling stories in some way... because buildings talk.."
Read the transcript
Listen to the interview
Nicholas Grimshaw John Tusa interviews Nicholas Grimshaw
"No amount of hot air in terms of description and so on can let people escape from buildings which actually don't really work."
Read the transcript
Listen to the interview
Daniel Libeskind Daniel Libeskind
Daniel Libeskind on 'Work in Progress' discusses his proposed extension to the V& A Museum, London.[Jan '01]
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Rotterdam Night Waves : The Architecture of Rotterdam
'It's a city that realises.. that this notion of being a place where people work - big factories, big boats - is coming to an end'
Listen to the programme [Oct '02]
Harry Gugger Harry Gugger
Harry Gugger talks about working on the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in Deptford.[March 02]
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Building the Future Building the Future
'... any building that is exploring adventurously an opening space is a building of the future'
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[Sept 99]
Daniel Libeskind Proms Lecture 2002 - Daniel Libeskind
'You couldn't really have a spatial experience of any meaningful kind without remembering the past...and without having a future'
Listen to the programme
Frank Gehry The Towns that Frank Built
'Goethe once described architecture as "frozen music" - a fitting description of [the Walt Disney Concert Hall] that Frank Gehry designed'
Listen to the programme
Le Corbusier Swimming towards the Sun
'Le Corbusier stands out, even today...there's no other architect alive today who's even his near equal'
Listen to the programme
Listen Again
Listen to...Night Waves Debate: "This house believes that Prince Charles has been good for architecture"
(Broadcast 28/06/04)

Listen to...Night Waves Debate: The Value of Architecture (Broadcast 12/06/03)
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