Want to live it up at university without breaking the bank? Martin Lewis, the expert on all things financial, tells you how you can do just that.

Send us your tips on how to save money whilst studying:

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Your ways to save money when you're a student...

Learn to cook and share meals with others in your house/halls! Takeaways and convenience foods either cost a fortune OR are cheap and very unhealthy. Cook a meal with some mates and share the cost.

Now, I do understand why I'm always in debt!! Thank you so much about your brillant video

Wouldn't it be better to put your interest free overdraft e.g. £3,000 into an ISA? Rather than a Bank Account.. I hear you get more inerest from ISA's.

Dont upgrade your mobile phone if you extend your contract, Vodaphone HALFED my monthly bill for the same deal saving 210 a year!!

Like the tips however I am only 17 years of age but will be 18 this October.How can I get a student loan my parents have financed my last year at musical theatre. It is a three year course which is paid by my parents plus Iam £240 per month for accomodation not including utility bills or food. My parents stay in Scotland and I have to study in England. Can you help me please.

Kate O'Kane
With the cost of fuel and food, make a stew using meat that can be found at the supermarkets marked down at the end of the day and use a slow cooker or pressure cooker. The cost of these are minimal compared to using an oven.

This video is brilliant! I hope some freshers or potential students watch it. I'm just about to go into my third year and spent the first two years of my degree learning this stuff on my own. It was hard work!Get a job is the best tip really! It meant I could reserve my student loan for rent, bills and food in one account, and have my 'fun' money in another account.

Look at the cost of the University accomodation as this timed over three terms over three years can make a big difference. University of Teesside and Bangor University accomodation sarts at around £40-£45 per week. Inner city Universities can three to 4 times this per week.

I work at a University and we would like to be able to use this video permantly on our website. Can you tell me if we are able to do this. We would be quite happy to provide links to this area if it is staying on this page.

1. Get a job (Weekends, evenings, vacations)2. Don't spend ALL your time in the bar3. Study something that is likely to lead to a job of some kind4. Graduate and WORK

Don't go shopping when you are hungry. You'll buy more than you need and also convenience foods as you'll want to eat something very quickly!

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