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You Really Got Me
The Kinks
Ray Davies
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He has an amazing voice in this recording

Linus, Cornwall

Bill from Rochester
what a song this is, its the start of real guitar. It lays down roots for Rock and britpop/indy guitar. Ahead of its time one. of the defining moments in british popular music. Also leaves a lot for young guitarists to work with in their bands. A great song,a real 60s gem!!

Sandra Thomas, Merthyr Tydfil
This song is wonderful; perfect. Ray Davies has been overlooked as a songwriter for far too long while everyone concentrated on Lennon and McCartney. It's time to correct that.

Draco, Runcorn
I absolutely love this song. It sounds aggressive and raw, before punk even came along. The Sex Pistols sound tame copmpared to this classic!

Mark Wegman, Columbia, MO USA
There have been transcendent momonts in Rock & Roll in which nothing that occurred afterwards was ever the same. Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Police all have contributed to the list. 'You Really Got Me' was one of those moments. If The Kinks had quit after this single, becoming "one-hit-wonders", their position and influence would still be retained today simply by the greatness and influence of this record. It still retains its power and freshness 41 years afterward! Amazing.

Nicola, Manchester
Well deserved, and about time one of the most influential songs of OUR TIME (let alone of that decade!) was given recognition. YRGM has stood the test of time, sounding as fresh now as it did 40+ years ago - wonderful riff, great raw sound, powerful bassline, great vocals....what else is there to say? God Save The Kinks!

Dave, Gillingham, Kent
As a long long time Kinks fan, it's nice to see the band finally getting the recognition they so richly deserve!!

John Harvey, London
A sound right out of nowhere, supposedly in imitation of "Louie Louie" by The Kingsmen-but it's nothing like it! The most explosive single ever, unmatched by any of the punk bands who tried to emulate the Kinks firepower. The layered sound is gargantuan (there's even a piano in their) and the possibilities for bands who wanted to make loud music were endless after this. The following year, Davies would compose another blueprint in "Well Respected Man" the tightest piece of English portrait writing and socila commentary ever put to pop music, and a wonderfult reposte to the stuff Dylan was doing at the time. The Jam never matched its dense imagery and vivid observation.

greensburg pa usa
This song took r&b to a new level, with chords next to none.

jan inge svensson 7500 stjordal norway
best riff ever

rob wallser plymouth
This was the sound of English blues ,a glorious accident ,exploding in the middle of Carnaby Street ,on its way to Chicago and forever changing the sound of pop music,the birth of the rock riff - possibly !

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