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'Wuthering Heights'
Kate Bush
Kate Bush
Is “Wuthering Heights” the most impressive debut single ever? Has there ever been a better use of literature in a song?

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I always remember that diminutive elf whirling about on Top Of The Pops - it was amazing no-one had seen anything like it before

Sarah - Glasgow

Fell in love from first viewing on TOTP. Loved the Live show at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Queued for signatures in London, saw her at the Albert Hall with Cliff Richard and Labbe Siffre too :)

Ross McGlinchey, UK
I missed this one the first time round as I was born in 1981. I first heard Kate Bush as a little kid sitting in the back of the car. My parents had Hounds of Love and something by Paul Simon copied from LP on to a casette and they played them on the car stereo over and over again. I never really listened to Paul Simon again, but Kate Bush really stuck. Wuthering Heights is a real theatric piece as her voice (or rather the voice of Cathy's ghost) travels up and down octaves like no other. Even when the guitar solo kicks in that haunting voice (excuse the pun) is still echoing in your head. So unique and beauitiful, like much of her work it seems other worldy, as if it occupies a space and time of its very own.

I was 14 when this came out and it wowed me. It was always a toss up between Bush and Blondie from then on!

phil taylor sydney
A tour de force. Superb melody, delightfully complex and soaring. Kate's voice and the backing/arrangement are perfect. No way you could improve on this. Perfection.

Brian, Melbourne AU
I was only 4 when it was released - still have vivid memories of that strange, high pitched voice! That voice has now changed into a beautiful instrument that vibrates with emotion (as exemplified by 2005's Aerial). Though, Wuthering Heights remains the most striking debut song ever.

Lori - London
The best debut single ever. This song will last forever as it sounds and hits you deep as if it was written yesterday. An evergreen song.

Pete Fenelon, York
Disturbing, uncanny, and straight out of left field. I'd never heard anything quite as weird when this came out. A brilliant start to a brilliant career.

Sharon Le Marinel, Jersey, Channel Islands
Crack your chest, bear all within, emotion surging out. Compelled to share, painful glare. Privileged are we to peek inside. Exhausted in the aftermath; we picnic on your soul. You throw, we catch. Ever enchanted in your spell. Perturbed, perplexed, elated. Our hunger, more more MORE ! Our hearts are vacant. All consuming Kate. Privileged we are to peek inside. Privileged are we.

Haunting, hypnotic, sexy & original. There's a magic going on throughout that captures the listener again and again. A masterpiece quite honestly.

Carlo - Manchester
Strange and Beautiful the start of a great recording career

Andrea C., Washington, DC, USA
They just don't make strong female singers like they used to.

Marc, Manchester
I shall always remember her singing "Under The Ivy" live on The Tube, just her and her piano and at the end she looked up into the camera as if she had emparted her most precious secret. It was beautiful and will stay with me always.

glad to have her creative genius back again.The genuine article.

pete lichfield
to take a good book and make it in to a song and use your own unique style and perform it yourself and make it a hit is just fantastic kate bush is a very tallented lady

Mike, Brussels
I had the pleasure of working with Kate briefly on her first U.K. tour after Wuthering Heights. I remember her as a very warm, funny young girl who handled the pressure of stardom extremely well. During one rehearsal sound-check she asked me to listen and to let her know if it sounded OK in the theatre. It has always been my 'claim to fame' amongst friends and family that Kate had personally sung Wuthering Heights to me.

a true masterpiece, amazing to think she wrote it at the tender age of 16- a true original

Sarndra - Christchurch (NZ)
Wuthering Heights.... the first song i remember that enabled me to dance like a free spirit (and i won a prize for it!)

Cecil Thomas Newbury Park/Ilford
So glad she's back. Fell in love with her when she sang. Totally original sound, cannot be imitated by anyone currently in the music industry or anyone to come!

Kate, Sheerness, Kent
Wuthering Heights is a haunting, dramatic song which still manages to captivate the imagination with its unique gothic romantic style, it has to one of my all time favourites, along with Kite and Hounds of Love.

Nat Hall, Lerwick
Kate's back from Wuthering Heights to whistling wind on top of a mountain... At last! We're reconnected with her voice.

S.E. - Plymouth
Kate's school choir and that of its twin school (the boy's one) where I attended in Sidcup, got together for a production of the Lloyd-Webber/Rice musical 'Joseph'. One of Kate's class mates told me that Kate had been nagged by her music teacher to sing with the choir, but Kate had refused, as the teacher wanted to alter Kate's singing style and was critical of her technique. Thank goodness Kate had the strength of character to stand up for herself (not something we were encouraged to do in those days), or we might all have missed out on a wonderful talent. It's great to hear that she's back!

Jon - Cleveland, Ohio
I cannot wait to hear more kate. I've had to substitute Tori for too long. I was 18 and in Picadilly with my mother when I saw that bus advert. I've been in love with Kate ever since. Please don't tell my wife!

morag Aberdeen
what a fantastic new song,i took a radio into work today so i could listen to kate Bush's new song on radio 2,I love it,it's been so long,good to have you back Kate

Graham Myers, Nottingham
Shes wonderful, i only wish i could go back in time and see her live. If i could pick a star from the night sky i would hand it to her in exchange for one song.

We've been waiting for so long, and eventully comes along this KOTM... it's like it's not been 12 years at all...!! This song has a strange mood; very Kate Bush'ish and immensely intersting. Brings me back to her best album, The Dreaming, but also reminds me of Rocket Man and Rubberband Girl. I look SO much forward to more... keep it going, Kate! We were with you from the very start among all of those wuthering heights!! Take care.

Samantha from Nottingham
I fell in love with Kate's music when I was 9 years old when I caught just a glimpse of the Babooshka music video. Then that was it! I was hooked. No one else comes close. She has something that is just magical. Now 25 am I so excited that I am an adult able to buy anything Kate related when this new album comes out instead of saving every last penny of pocket money

Richard, Luton
Growing up in Australia, I remember vividly being mesmerised by Babooshka. This lady was strong, sexy, crazy and seriously talented. No surprise that everything else she produced was sheer genius. Welcome back Kate. It's been far too long!


Peter Tumelty, Ashton Under Lyne
Kate has the ability to raise my emotions to new heights and also calm me with one verse. A true musical genius

marjorie / london
what a pleasure to listen to Kate's wonderful voice again! I've been listening to her for 15 years!!Thank you.

Her music truly touches my soul. Her originality makes her unique. Her music is timeless and is the only artist that I enjoyed listening to in my teens and still enjoy listening to now that I am in my forties. Thanks Kate.

Phil Hume, Norwich
I did an English GCSE on the life of Kate Bush at the age of 26! I loved her music whilst at school and ever since. I have waited patiently and with growing excitement for this new album. There is no other person that gives me so much please to listen to

Adam Hicks, Shropshire
Hi,Ive been a fan of Ms Bush's from the moment i first heard her peform Wuthering hights, at the time i was probebly only two but some things really touch you, no matter how old you are.Kate Bush is a truley remarkable woman and i just know that her new work will have been worth the wait. I would like to thank her for the music and for being a big part of my life, her words and music always have and will always will be my most loyal friend.

Stephen Watson, Brighton
Hearing that single on the Alan Freeman show at its release was such a defining musical moment for me. I just stopped and thought - WHAT IS THAT? But minutes later I was hooked. I bought The Kick Inside as soon as it was release and I've been such a fan ever since - she is still a unique and original talent after all these years. Even my mum still remembers that video and that's the only one she's ever talked about in 30 years! Her dazzling and heartfelt singing, and the originality of her material, the way she crosses boundaries and sings songs from such unexpected angles (Heads We're Dancing) remains a revelation to me. I've been waiting for Aerial for 13 years :-) All the very best to you Kate, if you ever read this. Stephen Watson, Brighton Uk

Andy Stroud/ Manchester
I've been waiting for this album since The Red Shoes, and I cant wait. I was 17 in 1979, and I remember my friends and I just being in absolute awe of her songs and her beauty. She is a person with huge talent who definitely broke the mould.

Dan Leeds
One of the greatest singer/songwriters this country has ever produced

Ceciel --- Austin, TX, USA
"Wuthering Heights" was the song that awakened me to Kate Bush. I heard Pat Benatar's cover of this song, and I wanted to know more about the incredible talent who actually wrote it. The record store folks pointed me in the direction of our beloved Kate Bush. Since my discovery of Kate, I have amassed all of her works, except the box set, which I would love to have. Both my daughter and I love Kate. We eagerly await this new CD, and we can't wait to get our anxious little hands on it! Best of everything to Kate and her family. It would be a dream come true to actually see Kate in concert. I wish I could. Take care, Kate fans!

chris brighton
what an incredible song for someone so young,who went on to be the greatest british female artist ever.

Craig Mann - Wimbledon / London
AMAZING!! Kate is a pure musical genius and she has been very much missed from the music industry. Im so happy that she has finally let us into her world again, and that we can experience the delights of music and life with her one more time . :)

Davey from Carrickfergus
Can't wait to hear this new song of Kate's. It's been a long 12 years! Thanks Kate.

Emma, Paris
I was 13 when I first listened to 'Wuthering Heights". I bought the 'LP' "The kick Inside" a few weeks later in a market in Cambridge. I'm still one of her fans nowadays . What a voice! What a style! I'm glad she's coming back to share her new creations with us.

Amy, Cheshire
Kate Bush is such an idol to me, I look up to her a lot. I agree with Peter, she is an incredibly independant woman. She wrote her own songs, directed her videos, produced her albums, played her instruments, and she has real style. She never followed the trends and that's what made her look unique and timeless. I've grown up with Kate Bush, and my dad is always getting her LPs out and playing me songs I've never heard before (like The Night Of The Swallow- which blew me away). Any fans of hers should check out The Futureheads cover of Hounds Of Love, some of you may not like this punk version, but the band have great respect for Kate, and I like it.

Peter from The Hague
What does Jan from Amsterdam mean by mentioning that Kate Bush 'sadly' decided to travel other roads? Maybe he's just jealous of her succes? More likely Jan objects to strong women. But... let everyone learn for him or her self... Rumour has it that Kate is still working to come back after taking time off to accomplish that other Womens' Work. I can't wait!

Jan - Amsterdam
One of the best songs of all time...too bad Kate decided to travel other roads. More of this would have made her immortal.

I am only 15 years old but kate bush wuthering heights is the most unique song ever i love it and play it all the time

Diane, Lierneux, Belgium
To be honest, I wasn't born when this song was released(I was born in 1979) but I remember hearing the song at home when I was 3 or 4. I immediately fell for the song though I was little and in top of that french-speaking. The point I want to here is that for me, you can know for sure that someone's a true artist when his music can go through the language barricades and just touch you because you find it amazing and beautiful. Since I was a child, I've been listening to Kate Bush music and when I learned English, I was able to truly appreciate the poetry and the metaphors present in Kate Bush's lyrics and I've become a true fan of Kate Bush myself. Being a singer and a musician myself, I am just amazed by this woman and I must say that"Wuthering heights" is my favourite song of all time! The lyrics are extremely well-written, the melodies are unique and the piano parts(as well as the other instruments) are simply fantastic! For me this song is one of the best ever made!The woman's a genius and one of the best artist of all time!I wish there were more artists like Kate Bush. Besides Tori Amos( who's also for me a true and very talented artist), not a lot of musicians can touch me that way these days.

Scott, Sydney Australia
I was 7 years old when I first saw and heard this song. I was mesmerised as I watched this beautiful phantom dance and sing like something from the heavens. It will burnt into my memory till the day I die. Truly unique, magnificent and stunning. Simply one of the finest and most daring songs ever performed.

Becki, Cumbria
Kate Bush - true genius. stumbled across Kate accidently whilst listening to Tori Amos and have been hooked ever since! Absolutely love 'Wuthering Heights' and also 'Jig of Life' and 'Man with the Child in his Eyes'. a fantasic singer with so much talent. Cannot wait for her return!

Phil from Dudley
China Drum's cover of this song is very good. It would be a brilliant if you could listen to it for me !

Brad Van Stone, Sacramento CA
It's been so long now since this album came out that I don't remember how I stumbled onto it--quite possibly on a late night college station. However, I introduced this song to so many people over the years, and yes--songs like this are hard to come by. It's such a beautiful, engaging song. I won many a female over by playing it for them in an age of New Wave and Punk. Whenever the question of who is the one person in the world you'd like to meet--it's always been Kate Bush for me. I was so impressed by her talent-and she was only 19 (I was around 22 at the time). I have continued to follow her music and own all of her albums released here in the States.

Christine Turley Belfast Ireland
I love Kate Bush and Wuthering Heights is the greatest song ever!!!! I learned the dance and perfomed the song for my school in a star in your eyes competion and they loved it. why? well that song rocks!!! :)

Tom Bradley /Manchester
Never has there been a most charismatic female artist in our time... talented original female artist, deep, fascinating and bizzare!!! the USA even does not have some1 as original we should be proud of our diverse ms Bush no 1 can compare seriously. I await with baited breath for the release of our unique Artists new album good on u Kate for being u and for showing the UK music industry that with talent u can span decades and still have us all waiting!!! with gr8 gusto. and yes I was 11 years old when Wuthering Heights was unleashed and she completley shook my foundations!!! who was this strange lookin (witch) with wild hair? punk was still around and this strange gothic vamp intiguing and odd appearded.. have been a fan since...wuthering heights original!!!!of course it is... it's the best interpretation of a novel I have ever heard (u heard any other novel interpreted in the same way.!!!! I have'nt......ever).

The songs BRILLIANT!!!! I first heard it on Stars in their eyes!!!

nektarios zigouris/athens/greece
kate is the best poet, musician, composer, songwriter, singer,piano player that i have ever listened to.she is the complete and complicated,in her simplyness, musician of our times.even though she was off scene for about 13 years she has never been out of our minds and we were eager for her next poem.

Stephen Leader, San Francisco
Ah yes, Kate Bush "The Dentist's Daughter" as she was called. Thanks for settling a bet with friend as to whether Kate or Pat wrote 'Wuthering Heights'

Jack, Glasgow
I remember this strange beautiful creature with an extraordinary voice. Looking and acting like a cross between a young joan collins and Dame Margaret Fontayne and maria callas..quite unique... an eternal image.

Quuen B ,London
Outstanding song Heres hoping she wins the Brit Award - well deserved. xxx

Andy - Bradford
It's a good use of literature, yes but both Cloudbusting and Sensual World proved to be far more accomplished in putting across the complexities of the source material. However Wuthering Heights is truly a great POP record and it's source material is probably irrelevant apart from inspiring the music in the first place.

Nick & Melissa, Australia
Your song came & found us like a wayward breeze from the moors, and danced it's way into our hearts to nestle in a special magical place, that our hearts had waited for. Your song perfectly captures the feeling and passion of Emily's romantic and beautiful images, to an extent that you feel you're there with Cathy while she searches for Heathcliff. Kate, we love you.

Alicia Droylsden Manchester
I was studying Wuthering Heights at grammar school for 'O' level English Literature when this came out. Thanks to Kate and her interpretation I got an A!

jonathan / oxford
wuthering heights and the kick inside album were the first records i ever bought aged 8....I didn't understand the majority of the concepts and lyrics on her albums initially but they have grown with me..especially Never Forever and The Dreaming (my favourite) which are from another world. Listening to Breathing now is chilling.......even the song Experiment 4 doesn't seem like science fiction any more. My dad waited in line on the day of release of Hounds Of Love in Oxford Street to get me a signed copy.........and if the house is burning and everyone's safe, that's the one thing I'd go back in for :-) Looking forward to the remasters and new album this year. Cannot believe we have been waiting 10 years but would have waited 20. To see Kate in concert.........just a dream...but a beautiful one! jonathan

susan sharp nottingham
kate always has been the brightest star burning in the sky, she moves, inspires and creates dreams.She is slmply perfect.

Antonella Rome Italy
Undoubtedly Wuthering Heights is great as much as Kate is. Noone else could have made it that way, she is absolutely unique and the feelings rising listening to the whole "The Kick inside" make you feel good, happy,sad,terrified,fulfilled... but they're so cracking strong!! and definitely unique. Thanks Kate and feel proud for giving us (but only us, fortunate and sensitive people) such strong emotions. Antonella

luke Liverpool
When I was a kid I was subjected to a lot of the 80s sound. From U2 to the Thompson Twins, all of which vanished into the past but there are one or two that stay with you forever. Kate Bush is one. My mother used to play Hounds of Love and The Kick Inside endlessly and it never got boring. Whenever I listen to kate it really does take you to another place. A true British gem with an eternal sound who has had a long deserved break and I am sure will take the world by storm again!

KB: the most subversive musician in history; makes most other musicians just irrelevant. Volumes could be written about the structures and intricacies of each one of her songs; even the ones that sound so deceptively simple and heart-tugging.

James Lumbard London
Her voice blows you over on the first word

Fiona in Sheffield
This artist is my very favourite female artist. I've been a big fan since I was 16. She first released this amazing and unique record when I was only 6, but it was one of those odd few songs that I remembered from my early childhood music memories, and it just stuck in my brain. Me and my sister you used to impersonate her as little girls, swinging our arms about singing 'It's Me I'm Cathy'. Even then we wondered who the hell she was, I thought she was some sort of fairy or angel, she really stood out. For years I had a vague memory of the video for the song, and I remembered in her in a black studio wearing a red dress. It was only when I saw a repeat of the video years after on TV, that I noticed she was wearing a white dress. My mind must have mixed up this video, with the one she did outside with the red dress. Anyway, after also seeing the brilliant vid for Babooshka, that was it, me and my sister were fans for life. I possess every album, and I know every Kate Bush fan is awaiting her new album, due out hopefully this spring, with anticipation and excitement. Thank you Kate, cannot wait to hear your new stuff, I know it will be fantastic xx

MT Welles, New York
I remember first seeing Kate Bush on televisio in New York on Saturday Night Live. She was sitting on top of a piano wearing a sort of gold lamč catsuit and singing "The Man with the Child in his Eyes". I remember stopping everything and just watching her. Time stood still. It was such a beautiful performance, that I had to hear more. When I heard Wuthering Heights, I fell in love with the song and the video. I have all her albums and eagerly look forward to the next one.

Hannah - London
I love this song. It is so different. Hayley Westenra has covered it on her album too and it is just as good

Paul Jones, Aberystwyth
As already said, there'd been nothing like it before, and nothing since. Anyone want to bet aginst her long-awaited new album going straight to number one when it's finally released?

Cendrine Vedel
I want to buy the album which contains Wuthering heights. I can guess that its name was intitled Wuthering Heights too. How can I get it?

ALexander - London
It's bloody amazing how she can capture the feeling of Old England and at the same time sound so cosmopolitan.

Michael, Glasgow
This is my favourite song. Each time I listen to Wuthering Heights it provokes a feeling of awe in me. I fell in love with Kate when I heard that song.

Tere Mak Bridgeport Connecticut USA
#46? This song is #1 on any chart, as far as I'm concerned.

Rando Wilson Columbus,OH USA
First saw Kate on Saturday Night Live, doing "The Man with The Child in His Eyes" and "Them Heavy People" and I frankly thought it was too good to be true. When I bought the album soon thereafter (no easy feat in the US at the time!), it was "Wuthering Heights" that stood out even more. It is no small compliment from me that she changed my vision of music as much as The Beatles did when I was six!

darren australia
it was such a liberating breath of fresh air,so out there and energetic..... i want more!

Joanna, Farnborough, Hants
for me, her music is like discovering a secret garden everytime you listen.

Siobhan/ Sheffield
for sure...

John - Watford
Astounding....& we've loved her ever since.

Joe Reichstein
She `s GOD

Glenn, Mansfield
"Wuthering Heights" is an excellent song but the highlight of Kate's career has to be the wonderful "Cloudbusting". Where are you Kate ? Please come back to us with some new material ?

blepat luxembourg
It simply changed my life. Pretty childish but the spell was too strong to be repelled or countered by my heart... so it grabed a part of my soul away.

Sally Jones, Bracknell
I remember this when it was in the charts. It's not as good as their other hit but I think this band produced a great kind of pop that is still underrated today

Fridaynite Videos back in the late '70s. Beautifully choreographed video of Kate performing "Wuthering Heights" Proof she's Great!

Alex -Newport
The most important artist of this century- Wurthering Heights was just the beginning- heres to the many more masterpeices that followed and are to come...

Kate Bush is from another world! thank god she stopped here

antony jakymiw woodstock ontario
kate is an enigma, wrapped around a chypher, all covered in secret sauce !!

Richard, Wandsworth
Wuthering Heights is still a massively impressive song over a quarter of a century after its debut. When that voice arrives your ears prick up and your senses stand to attention. Kate has an emotional quality to her voice which just gets in there and makes you feel what music can be all about. In this instance the song is a breath-taking use of inspiration and if I remember correctly it was the old black and white film which initially inspired her to compose the song.

Donna K., Portsmouth VA USA
I absolutely agree that this is the best. She stole my heart with this song, and my devotion to her continues after all these years.

Thom - Sunderland
Kate bursting onto the world's stage, screeching and wailing with a will, acting out the role of a lost soul, is surely THE most striking debut in pop history. Whirling and weaving its magic into existence, she staked a claim that Britain had produced another genius of rock - original, inspiring, almost uniquely modest - and she even stretched the envelope of the term "drop dead gorgeous"! How rare a combination is that, I ask you?


Rachel - Florida, USA
I was stilled and silenced when I heard that voice for the first time. Not only was Wuthering Heights impressive, but Kate herself has remained one of the most inspiring and striking musical artists of the past half century. A real class act indeed!

Sandra, Measham
Don't even need to hear the song to go all goose pimpely!!!!!

Ian Hamilton
It's amazing to think that a singer who only managed one number one record on her own in the UK become such an icon in the music business and entered the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. It usually surprises people when they realise that a singer who was so internationally famos and who has recorded so many pop classics only made it to number one with this record in her own right.

Paul Meade from Rickmansworth, Herts.
Kate Bush's music, from Wuthering Heights to her last great album, The Sensual World, is quintessentially timeless. Much of her music could have been written, in its poetic textures and fluttering ambience, anytime since perhaps the 15th century. Obviously it is couched in a modern sound, but nevertheless, influenced by literature, philosophy and folk traditions (both musical and spiritual), it is not married to any specific era and so drifts lovingly through all. I guess that is what so many people like about her music - its undeniably ethereal and haunting quality, as though it has always been waiting for them. At times seeming Tudor-like in its structure, other times evoking the brooding mood of a Victorian ghost story, Kate's music often reintroduces us to echoes of fading dreams and lingering childhood wonder. I love Kate's music, and find the artist herself to be most perplexing. A beautiful woman who defied the confines of her early media image and struggled to exert both artistic control and ownership over her output. Not as a mere statement but because it was all she could do to be herself as completely as any great artist must be. Her new album is currently brewing in the wings as we speak, and with contributions from the late Michael Kamen amongst others, it will hopefully be worth the wait. What less would you expect from an artist who melts through time with such melodic aplomb?

Les Abergavenny
An amazing song - still great to listen to. Despite such an epic start to her career she managed to build on this. The Hounds of Love album is still awesome

Janet - Oldham
Unusual talent, fascinating.

Keith DeWeese, Chicago, IL US
Utterly incredible song and artist. Nothing like it or her since. All pre-Raphaelite beauty and sensuality rolled up into one fantastic package. Thank you, thank you, Kate.

Barbara, Wakefield
Pat Benatar's version isn't as otherworldly as Kate's original, but it's so much better than Hayley Westernra's attempt.

David Hussey Greatstone in Kent
I have grown as a person with Kate Bush and can find one of her songs to fit every part of my Life, a truly original artist and one of the most important female song writers of this country.

Simon - London
This song is eternal and hearing it and Kate Bush being played on Radio 2 just makes you ache for her return.

Keith, Chicago USA
Very nice page! In the U.S. very welcome. Keith

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