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Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney
Do you think Wonderful Christmastime should be regarded as a Christmas classic or best forgotten?

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Disclaimer:The BBC will put up as many of your comments as possible but we cannot guarantee that all e-mails will be published. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments that are published.

Tim in MN
Take this for what it is- a catchy song about a happy holiday. It isn't supposed to be Dylan. It sounds right on the radio during the holidays. It achieved its goal.

Elaine Green, Birmingham, England
I cannot believe this song was written by supposedly one of the greatest songwriters of our time. It must have taken him all of 5 minutes to write the lyrics and the music. One of the most irritating XMAS songs EVER!!

Aaron Arnold, Austin, TX, USA
I think this song gets a bad rap as so many are quick to compare it to John and Yoko's "Happy Xmas." Of course "Happy Xmas" is a powerful, hearfelt classic, and just because "Wonderful Christmastime" is by a former Beatle, it doesn't mean it was an attempt to recapture the glory of "Happy Xmas." It's not trying to be the same kind of song, McCartney went for traditional sounding holiday fluff, and I believe he adapted that style to the sounds of the late seventies quite perfectly.

Ellen Pell Dagenham Essex
Christmas classic.I love that song so much that I listen to it on Christmas.

Sara / Raleigh
I love this song. It is so upbeat like a good Christmas song should be and captures the joy & excitement of the season.

Steve Petrica, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Christmas classic, definitely! If you want profound, go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. But if you simply want to have a wonderful Christmastime, you won't go wrong with Sir Paul!

Claudio Dirani/Sao Paulo- Brazil
Nice track, underrated as most of Paul's songs and albums. Written in a hot day of July, in 1979. Paul plays all instruments. It isn't one of those presumptuous Christmas tracks that pretend to be "the last word on Christmas music"'s just Christmas fun with positive lyrics and cool melody. I like it.

Christy Woods / Belfast
I'm afraid I have to say, as a massive fan of Paul's work, past and present, that it does stand out as probably the worst example of his talent. He will not be remembered for that song at least, hopefully! Roll on Merry Xmas (War is Over), the true christmas classic!

Joanie Alford, North Carolina USA
My fave secular Christmas song -- it's a mix of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and just makes me HAPPY. I love remembering that happy time when Paul had Linda and the kids and how happy they all were....

Eliza Ashburnham ,Ma
i think that this should be a christmas classic. it is one of the coolest xmas songs ever

pedro maldonado VENEZUELA
i love this song is one of those songs to start the day ... that man is a genius

Howard, Glasgow
I feel so strongly about this song I've been moved to comment - ITS RUBBISH. It really is one of the worst songs that I've ever heard. Paul should have retired to a desert island after The Beatles. P.s I think Paul hates christmas to ruin it with this song.

Peter Bailey/London
This song seems to have gained in popularity over the years. I remember it didn't do too well when it came out. It was recorded in the middle of summer and was entirely played by Paul, having quite a lot in common with the solo album 'McCartney II'. I particularly like the solo towards the end of the record. On issue it was paired up with McCartney's reggae version of 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer', a song that had recently been acquired by Paul's music publishing business, in a treatment you don't hear at all!

Simon Alexander, DALLAS
Not only an underrated song from Paul, but an underrated song in general. Aren't ALL Christmas songs supposed to be about bringing cheer and love to mankind? The man's been doing that in non-festive songs for decades. Why not Christmas, too?

graeme kerr paisley
it's as much part of christmas as the tree and presents.

Kelly Chastain Georgia/USA
It's one of my favorite Christmas songs. I agree with the article when it says you love it or hate it depending on your personality. I'm cheery and optomistic, so I love it/

Dan Querin, Montreal, Canada
A great, cheerful Christmas melody that I always enjoy hearing at Christmastime. And what's wrong with that?

Bavid Barrett, London
This is my favourite Christmas song. The song is very uplifting. It sounds so simple, and yet it has an amazing mix of instrumentation - traditional and new. Musically, McCartney has never released a poor quality record. Obviously, some of his tracks are more popular than others. This is due mainly to the vast number of musical styles that he uses, creating new ones along the way. From classical music incorporated into Eleanor Rigby, The Liverpool Oratorio, Standing Stone, She's Leaving Home and the Frog Song, to heavier sounds like Helter Skelter. If you are into heavy guitar sounds, then you may not like the classical stuff and visa versa. This does not mean it is musically rubbish. The Frog Song is musically brilliant, if not to everyone's taste. It was written for young children, and my kids love it. I have to play it every night before they go to sleep.

Rob Alway, Bristol
Wonderful Christmastime is my all time favourite Christmas tune. It is vey upbeat, with the classic sleigh bell sound, mixed with a unique electric guitar sound. The criticisms against some of his other classic tracks are totally unfounded. Musically, they are brilliant, even if some people do not like them. For example, the Frog Song is a clever piece of music, which fits the classic annimation perfectly. Mull of Kintyre has a beautiful melody, and any other artist could probably not have achieved the masterly use of bagpipes. Bagpipes were traditionally a weopon of war to scare the enemy during battle. Macca gives this warlike instrument an uplifting peaceful quality. Very clever!

Lauren Rassam, London Town.
My favourite Christmas song, of all time. :0)

Nuff Said, Somewhere in England.
Pop Quiz, Possums! What does Paul McCartney and Irving Berlin have in common? Answer(s): Both successful songwriters of their generation. Both can't read or write music. And both wrote a Christmas song. P.S.It's also known that Irving Berlin loved the melody of 'Michelle'.

Dan, Detroit, Michigan, USA
This song is all over the airwaves during Christmas season here. It is my favorite Christmas song. It has an ear-catching tune and impeccable instrumentation and vocals and a simple message of how precious the time we spend together with one another is. These factors all make it a modern Christmas classic.

Richard, Northampton
I thinks its great and superior to Johns Happy Xmas War is over.

As fun Xmas records go its one of the best, Don't compare it with the Pogues or Jona Lewis as their songs were more on more serious matters than just having a fun christmas.

Sarah - Yorkshire
One of my favourite Christmas tunes. I always feel really christmassy and happy when I hear this tune. I never tire of it, I think it stands out. I love the tune, the instruments and especially the choir part, its a real novelty. Christmas would not be the same without it. Well Done Paul!

Jon Edinburgh
Christmas singles - Roy Wood - Slade -they're not in this chart - this twaddle is. What about Macca's other atrocities? Mull of Kintyre / Frogs' Chorus / Silly Love Songs... An afront to all sentient human beings.

Bill - Irvine, CA (USA)
This song is a classic. It is enjoyable, and full of good cheer. There is nothing wrong with simple, happy times.

Mark, Isle of Wight
My favourite Xmas song. Really captures the mood!!

Briggsy, Manchester
It's a great Christmas song. One of the classics from a time when Christmas songs did exactly what they were supposed to do, Cheer us up, get us in the spirit (and make lots of money for the artist!) Coming from around the time of Macca's ground breaking 'McCartney II' album, This certainly stands out as musically one of the most interesting Chritmas productions.

Anthony, Newport
I'm a big McCartney fan, but I think this festive dirge is best forgotten. It's too repetitious and just doesn't compare with The Pogues & Kirsty, Bing or the mighty Slade.

Sunny Ellesmere Port
An attempt to just put it down in words-Christmas is nice: it can be fun. Old Paul and his ilk keep getting stick for being of their age-we didn't have all this razz then-Christmas was tinsel, it was Wizzard, it was top of the pops and another 're-showing' of Jason and the Argonauts'-slack cutting commenceth-NOW.

Jess Moore/Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire
I love this song, it sounds christmassy, it has a great tune and it gets you in the festive mood! I say well done Paul and whats the point of putting him down, everyone knows he is a fab songwriter, there is no getting away from that fact!

Brian Jones
best forgotton - sounds like it was written by a 12 year old !!

Alan Sullivan Burnt Oak Middlesex
Of course it's a great song. It gives everything a lovely soft focus with a sparkle here and there. The only reason people don't like it is because it gets under thier skin and gets the toe tapping. Relax and enjoy it. Happy Christmas everyone ;-)

Paul, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
It is quite fantastic, esp. the harmony and counterpoint in the ding-dong part. Someone who couldn't read or write music but came up with that was truly a genius! I love it!

Gary Ashford Kent
best forgotton , just the same words repeated over and over again!

matt, wales
its a decent tune even though the music is kinda cheesey, but what do u expect from a xmas single?

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