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Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd
Is Wish You Were Here the best Floyd song ever? Do you prefer the old Syd Barrett tunes? Or are you a bigger fan of their more grandiose moments? 

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A haunting melody that perfectly matches the refrain of the song, wishing a missing collegue hadn't gone away. Even sadder when you understand the song is about Syd Barrett leaving Pink Floyd but one that emotes across many layers.

Andy Poulton

rob young taunton
a breath taking song which so much more now RIP Syd

Rob, Taunton.
This song means so much to me, it moves me everytime I hear it played. To me its the best Pink Floyd song ever.

Mark McManus, Burnham
Just when you think you have it all you realise you don't. Present but absent. Oh.... and a lovely song as well, even after 30 years.

Ben Wilson, Bideford
Beautiful, a song that will stand the test of time

jef, scunthorpe
the best song ever written

Deepinder Cheema Birmingham Blighty
There are very few songs that exist before they are written..just like classic guitar riffs..Wish you were Here is one of those. It is simply the E Chord and David found the acompanying notes before anybody else happened across them. It is clear that this song was written quickly..or should I say was discovered quickly..and it fulfilled an emotional yearning that the Floyd were searching for regarding absence . I particularly love the transistor thin LoFi redolance that colours the sounds wafting across like Medium wave being affected by an adverse atmospheric condition

Rob Hopeman
Amazing song that just stirs your emotions

Rob Cruickshanks
No matter how bad it seems, I put this on, close my eyes and immerse myself in the most fantastic song. It can make anything seem better.

Chris Rood
The first song I ever heard from the Floyd in 1999 whilst travelling round Australia. A great song which holds many great memories for me.

A song so amazing that the Royal Academy of Music study it as part of their degree courses.

Matt Maysey Gloucester
Probably one of the greatest songs ever written! It sums up all of the thoughts, emotions, hopes and fears of all of us. In a life where the edges are so increasingly blurred, can we really tell the difference? And of course there is at least one point in all our lives, where, we have wished someone was there....

That simple and catchy guitar riff was the first thing I ever learned on the guitar. Realizing what I was actually playing had sparked my ambition that led me to where I am now. It's one of my favorite Floyd songs.

david / Oakland CA
A heart-stirring song that still gives me goose bumps whenever I hear it. Check out the Radiohead/Sparklehorse version

John Ayres/Winchester U.K
Brilliant, after all these years, fabulous to here it again. Millions of people for LIVE 8, but the song still sounded gave you that intimate feeling.

colin - dartford
I just love the line "... 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year..."

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