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Unfinished Sympathy
Massive Attack
Massive Attack

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Roo, Phuket
I first heard this when waitng for the big push forwards in Operation Granby, not in a nightclub. Still brings tears to my eyes. Never bettered.

Court, Bristol
Having just purchased Blue Lines again, I am reminded how this song phased me on first hearing. The texture and layering of sounds together with the lyrics and that stunning voice meant dance musuc had grown up. This wonderful track, always at the head of my personal top 10, is truly timeless and prompts deep emotions in me. Massive Attack helped make a lot of Bristolians feel pride in their city as the district of Montpelier attracted the attention of music and cultural commentators from around the world.

Anne van Diem, London
I was 11 when this song came out. I even remember the first time I heard it. I was at a freinds house and we were playing with toys and stuff and when this came on, I just stopped and listened. Its the most beuatiful song I have ever heard. It's like no other piece if music I know and I can listen to it over and over again. Without a doubt my all time favourite!

Mia/Aaron. Blackpool.
This is not one of, But The Best Piece Of Music Ever Done.Theres not a band we can think of who can even come close to it. I dont care who you are,young or old,Play Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy and the hairs go up on the back of your neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Mia!!!!!!

andy, glastonbury
Every time I hear this even after all this time a great warmth rushes through my body and all troubles seem to melt away. Brilliant!

Jeroen, Amsterdam
The perfect fusion of singing voice and instrumental choices makes for an emotional and flawless listening experience.

alister, birmingham
This is the best song ... ever. I'm only 14, and I wish some of today's music could be so ...... good. The song is atmospheric, ambient...everything that makes up a true, brilliant song.

Claire, Suffolk
I cannot describe the feeling this music leaves u with. It is so haunting - the vocal and orchestral mix near the end of the track. I love it.

Andrew, Bedworth
Chilling to the bone, always gets my hairs standing tall.

mick, cramlington
A true classic, my personal all time favourite with shara's haunting vocals intwined with a swirling and mesmerising musicai accompiament

Pete, Bristol
I live up the road from Daddy G - he's genuinely massive! Unfinished Sympathy is so good, it can even survive a mauling by Tina Turner, because the melody is so strong. Simply awesome.

chris webster croydon london
i am 33 years old and when i hear this song my eyes tend to glistern,and it makes me wish for time travel

Manoj Mistry, Austin, TX, USA
After all these years it's still as fresh and cutting edge as the day I bought the 12" mix. definitely one of my most prized records of all time. Even the music video was ahead of its time!

Con Carroll Dublin Ireland
Unfinished Sympathy by Shara Nelson with Massive Attack is inspirational, empowering and moving. it is anti war and deserves recognition. I hope this song is nominated for the Brits Awards in 2005. Nice one Shara.

a real soul trip

Victoria - Newcastle
The most amazing song of all time. No matter how many times I hear it, I always get shivers down my spine!

H, Preston
Guaranteed to give you goose pimples

Scott Perth UK
Definitely one of the greatest tracks ever!There is a melancholy to the tune but also a sense of hope for the future. Definitely the best of 25!

Ian Thomas, Barton, North Yorkshire
A ground breaking piece of British music. Somehow captures the stresses, drama, fear and emotions of inner city life in the modern world

Derek Pilling - Glasgow
Who would have thought that a song that combined dance music with an orchestral arrangement could work so well and have such long-lasting apppeal? A modern classic.

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