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'Thunder Road'
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

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Gary - Swansea
The Boss and then some! Bruce writes in differing genres as he takes us with him through his catalogue but when does he come up with a dud? Thunder Road took me from Leeds to blue collar USA with just a piano and harmonica many many years ago - a classic

Paul - Paisley
What a song! One of the few I know the lyrics for as it assaults you orally, visually and musically, gradually introducing scenes, characters and the narrator. As the crescendo approaches you are willing Mary and her suitor on to action, hoping for success but knowing that somewhere down Thunder Road it might just unravel the thread of their dreams.

Adrian Davies, Cardiff
"A screen door slams, Mary's dress sways..." Wow!! How emotive/iconic is that? And then the song just gets better!! Fantastic.

Alan Donegal
I sing Into the Fire, usually followed by The River, to my four-year old daughter to get her to sleep. On those rare nights when she just won't settle, out comes the secret weapon: Thunder Road. Always gone by the roses in the rain, but I just keep singin'. I don't know what we'd do without it.

Geraint Scale Stoke on trent
No one can submerge you in a song more than the boss, I get lost in every listen.

Mike Gloucester
When all is against you and nothing is going right you can sit down and listen to Thunder Road knowing that by the end of the song everything will be ok 'cause your pulling out of here to win. Another life saver.

Jayne, Derbyshire
Even though this master of his craft has many hundreds of songs in his repertoire (you just need to go to a few of his concerts to get an idea of the scale of his talent) this is definitely my all time favourite. It encapsulates everything that is great about Bruce's work - it tells a story, it's full of hopes and dreams, it takes the listener on the journey and yes, every time I hear it I do "roll down the window and let the wind blow back my hair". Pure genius, there are many pretenders but no one gets close .....

Fred, Durham
Just a classic one of the few songs I can remember all the lyrics to (its an age thing) often sing it to some unsuspecting workmate

Keith Annal
Its just the best darn lyric ever. Bruce does write poetry....this track ,jungleland and Born to Run should be studied in English Lit. He is a great storey teller

Pete Fenelon, York
A perfect introduction to a new age of Springsteen. Suddenly we're not in a world of smalltown loss; we're cast adrift in some very Mean Streets indeed.

Lilian Vernham, West Calder
Quite simply the greatest song of all time from the greatest writer and performer of his generation.

kim, norwich
This is my favourite ever Bruce Song, the lyrics are just Perfect...!

mark urban roslyn, ny
The sheer poetry, the upbeat imagery, the haunting images of a lost and bittersweet youth, the demand to seize the day - these are the things that make the tears well up in my eyes every time I hear this song. The damnable sin of it is that Springsteen first came out with that garbled "wall of sound" version on the Born To Run album. I never quite understood what the hell he was talking about after he said "You ain't a beauty, but, Hey! you're alright." When I heard the acoustic version a while later, I was completely overwhelmed. If he had never written another song, he would still be one of the greatest songwriters who ever lived based solely upon THUNDER ROAD. "...There are ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away. They haunt this dusty beach road in the skeleton frames of burnt out Chevrolets. They scream your name at night in the street. Your graduation gown lies in rags at their feet...." It has been some thirty years since I first heard Thunder Road and it is still relevent, still vital, still capable of moving the listener to respectful silence and anticipation. "...So Mary climb in. It's a town for losers and we're pulling out of here to win."

Brick Springhorn, Manchester
"So, Mary, climb in..." This wonderful song features absolutely beautiful lyricism from the greatest storyteller of them all. Magic.

Jim Gilbertson/ Exeter
The moment I hear the opening harmonica, I know I have to stop what I'm doing because this song is going to control the next 5 minutes of my life. In my opinion there is not another song that matches the raw emotion of Thunder Road.

martin swansea
Songs written and performed from the heart will always have a huge impact . Springsteen is the blood sweat & tears of all his art !

Andy W - Norwich
This song grabbed me as a teenager with its excitement and lyrics of escape and then, 10 years later, Bruce slowed it down to a poignant acoustic number that seemed to me to be more about broken dreams and missed opportunities. Same song, just a different delivery. A couple of years ago I saw him sing it as a mid-tempo rocker and he let the audience sing the line " Maybe we ain't that young anymore". It seems to work on lots of levels for lots of reasons and that is quite a songwriting achievement I think. Perhaps my favourite all time song by anyone.

Sandra, Wyboston
It's like a little movie, out there all on its own. Oscar winning! One of my favourite Springsteen tracks.

Russell Simpson, Wendover, Buckinghamshire
This is a fantastic track. Bruce at his best. Others may say that Born to Run is his best, but in my eyes Thunder Road just shaves it. I've seen him perform this song a few times live, and it never fails to get everyone singing. Thunder Road shows Bruce at his Master Storytelling best, and illustrates perfectly why he's called the Boss, and always will be.

John - Reading UK
"You ain't no beauty but Hey you're alright..." Who else could get away with a line like that... and then get thousands to sing it at every concert!! Nice one Bruce...

les newman
from the gorgeous piano at the start a powerhouse of a song about hopes and dreams

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