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'That's All Right'
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
Is “That's All Right Mama" (Elvis' Sun debut in 1954) the most impressive debut single ever? Is this the best Blues meets Rock track of all time?

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These songs and others of the middle to late fifties awoke the teenagers of the time,the music style was new and exciting wow we had never heard anything like it.Where did it come from etc. who is this guy called Elvis? Mum can I have a pair of blue suede shoes? Great times that in a musical sense will never happen again.


Kirk Wilde, Denver Colorado
Impressive, but it loses points for not being an original composition. There are many candidates for most impressive debut. I always think of "Different Drum."

Lisa - London/UK
As far as I (a hardened rock fan!) am concerned, if you don't like Elvis, if you can't understand what all the fuss is about or why he is so important, take all your albums and CDs and just burn them! You have no right owning music if the name Elvis Presley doesn't make you want to run for the stereo and throw on a classic by the man! That's All Right Mama, like so many Elvis tunes, sounds as brilliant today as I am sure it must have done in the 50's. Thank you to everyone who was there in the beginning and helped make Rock n Roll so much a part of my World! :)

Sean Ford, Weybridge
The fact that this singles first official release in the UK in 2004 saw it peak at #3 speaks volumes about its presence and importance.

dave from gillingham kent
i personally think that elvis made most of his better music in the early days of sun records

Steve Buttercase, Cambridge
For an age of post-war infected youth, this was Penicillin.

Amanda in Atherstone
Thats all right mama still sounds as raw today as it did in 1954 and is definitely the first rock n roll song. In the words of John Lennon 'before Elvis there was nothing' . The reason Elvis is so unique is because of his voice. He could sing Gospel, rythum and blues, country and pop. Not many artists today could sing half of the songs Elvis recorded - vocally they would struggle. God bless you Elvis - your still Taking Care of Business....

Martyn Moor/Swindon
Elvis has proved that he is the greatest recording artist of all times a talent so many people do not appreciate

Jan Joshi, Almora
This was in the late fifties. I mean when I first heard Elvis, it was on the radio, as "western" music recordings were hard to get in India those days. Songs like "Teddy Bear", "Blue Suede Shoes" "Are you lonesome", "Wooden HEart" etc.etc But I didn't get to hear "That's Alright", till nearly 40 years later, when I switched on a recently bought Elvis collection. This song struck me immediately as one of the greatest Elvis songs ever. It's a gem and a masterpiece whichever version you hear Elvis sing it. Thanks for this nugget about the song. Makes me feel Alright!

Darren Gilling Liverpool
Elvis Presley has made such an impact on my life from such a young age. You can keep your Robbie Williams and sad Boy bands etc.. Elvis will be remembered for many more years to come. God bless you Mr Presley

bambi manchester
I just adore Elvis and all his music, thank the lord for thats alright 50yrs ago

Gogsy - Aberdeen, Scotland
The music had been about for some time before Elvis recorded "That's All Right" but boy, it had never sounded so good. With his good looks and amazing presence, Elvis elevated Rock and Roll onto another level and single handedly changed the course of popular music.

René Vis Haarlem, Netherlands
Indeed it awoke the teenagers of the time. Like some of my musical heroes, such as John Fogerty, Neil Young, John Lennon and Keith Richards. Keep on rockin'!!

roddy/fanham surrey
if there was no elvis. there would be no rock,n,roll no bob dylan also remember elvis gospel. all ways in are hearts thank you elvis.

Paul Bulmer York
That's Alright Mama a legendary song with a southern feel , Elvis is a legendary Artist who will always rock in our hearts.

Elvis was mever a part of my family when i was growing up - pretty much down to my parents being into the beatles. I never understood why people where so interested in him until i was given a copy of 'Thats the way It Is'. Since then I've never looked back, I've seen every one of his films and own a copy of somesort of every album. 'Long Live The King'.

David Adey/Stoke-on-trent
this song is the resone we can all enjoy music today and the past 50 years thank you Elvis and all at sun studios for giving the younger genaration a resone to enjoy music

Elvis fight the prejudice using his own peaceful way and won for all of us ..we owe him our artistic freedom..

Brenda, Barrowford
It just blew us away after listening to all the bland our parents were listening too, Elvis is still no 1 nobody has come along to take his crown

Steve Brown/Northwich/England
50 years on. How time has flown by. but put on an Elvis Presley track and i am instantly transported to different points in my life.

Steve Brown/Northwich/England
It is perhaps hard to remember now just how this record touched something deep inside. Brand new sound, raw energy, our music. One of the best times of my life

this track lit the fuse of an explosion that shook the world,and still shakes mine 50 years on.

Simon Mendham
I first heard this track in 1979 on the Sun Sessions album and immediately became a fan of rockabilly music. 25 years on I have heard nothing better than the Elvis Sun Sessions. Other artists such as Charlie Feathers, Johnny Burmette & The Rock n Roll Trio, Gene Vincent & The Original 56 Bluecaps came very close

dale enderby leicester
great show i am a big elvis fan but it would have been nice if suzi quatro hosted the show just for this week regards dale

Dawn, Reading
Elvis rocked the world with this song and he still rocks today - he will always be the king!

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