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'Summer Of 69'
Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams
Does Summer Of '69 remind you of your own memories of the summer of 1969?

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I just love this song. I used to play it non stop when in my sixth form at school. It reminds me of hot summers and parties that went on all night...those were the days! Each time I hear it now it takes me right back there...


Jools, Hampton Court
Great song from a great album. Defies time, as I was 7 when this album was released and at 28 I love it just as much now as I did way back then!

Michelle Hastings-Wellfleet Nebraska
I Love this song. It is one of the best songs ever written. I'm in school writing about Bryan Adams because he is my Idol. Bryan Adams is my inspiration in life. I wish him the best in life!!

Ronny, Whitwick
Summer of '69 is just brilliant - the Album (Reckless ) from which it was released is so inspiring.

Montse /Spain
I don't like this song. To be honest, i think the latest album confirms that Bryan Adams have a conservative and superficial interpretation of rock, and are rather repetitive in the subjects that sing about. Thank you.

whenever i listen to this song IT reminds ME of my school days.. when we used to bunk our classes and sing songs in backyard of our hagout place.....

Donnie, Stornoway
I used to listen to this on my walkman while cycling...with this at full volume I would do a power of riding!

Sammy Cole - Southampton
I was born in the Summer of '69.

Lisa Ireland
This song is a classic. One of my favourites of all time. My friends and I just go mad when this song comes on.

yvette brown hexham northumberland
I think your songs are just fantastic all of them. i play them all none stop. thank you

I love this song. It brings up a lot of memories about my summers! The first time I played a guitar, I played this song!

TJ , Derbyshire
The magic of this song is that it made me believe that the time just gone was the best day of my life.

ibtissem tunisia
This song was the last song I heard before leaving Derbyshire in England. It reminds me of the best days in my life I lived in England

Eugenia from Salta, Argentina
I love this song, once it made me cry. I just love Bryan and his music! Come to Argentina!!! (To Salta, not Bs.As)

Moses - Derby
I only really 'discovered' this song in the early 90s - a full 10 years after 6th Form (when I should have been rockin' to it) but when I listen to this it always makes me feel like I'm there again - those were the best days of my life!

Simon, Middlesbrough
It's amazing that after 21 years this song is still being played in clubs all over the country. What's even more amazing is that this song never reached the Top 40 (it peaked at #42) but is rightfully considered a classic.

Pete, Preston
This song is absolutely fantastic! It's got a definite 'feel-good' vibe, especially when you've got nice summer weather!

Justin. Marlborough
This is such a good song. Everything that you could hope for in a rock/pop song. Class. Shame he's not so admired these days. Everyone should listen to Reckless. Sooooo good.

charles, durham
wow, just such a classic song! reminds me of so many good times out with friends, dancing rather badly!

Alexandra yateley
i love this song i never ever stop playing it its great. p.s i am 10 years old

richard margate kent
this is the one of the best songs ever writen bryan and jim vallance had a great partnership on this and many other early albums .i wish he would get back with him and write some more great rock tracks.

Kyle, Newcastle
I think that Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams is 1 of the best songs ever, and he is by far the greatest singer of all time

bryan is brilliant and i can't wait for his new album.

Andrew, Chatteris
Cant get enough of this song even though it is nearly twenty years old, i love it!

karen allcock crewe cheshire
i loved the song way before i saw bryan in concert but when i heard it live well what can i say your the best bryan!!!!!!!

Emily, Newport
When this comes on in the club the floor goes crazy. Classis rock!

The song that turns me on cuz it says all it could about my life, i even bought a guitar to play along as i listened

Denise Timmis Lincoln
I love this song, reminds me of when we girls go out on the town, and recently when I was competing in Aarhus Denmark, they played this just before my race!!!

Sue, Norwich
This song is a real classic! But I may be biased because I love all of Bryan's songs - he's the best live artist I have ever seen.

Moya , Rotherham.
This is my ultimate favourite Bryan Adams track and always creates an amazing atmosphere live in concert. I never get tired of hearing it.

jwhite/walton /liverpool
i started to listen to bryan in 91 and love this song

Karen Oultram/ Astley, Manchester
There are not many songs (maybe 10) that make my heart skip a beat, this is one of them. I cannot sit still or not mime the words when I hear it, lets have more of Bryan on R2

Kate, Bristol
This song is great to dance to, it's a rock anthem, and Bryan is an amazing artist! I don't think I know one person who doesn't like it!

Not many people realise that this song is not about the actual year '69

Emma droitwich worcestershire
whenever i hear the first chords of S69 a tingle goes up my spine and i want to squeal!!! Awsome!! Especially live!!,, Ba singles the first line and the crowd sing the rest!!!

Andrew, Cardiff
I almost see this song as a soundtrack to time at university.

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