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Romeo and Juliet
Dire Straits
Mark Knopfler
Does Romeo and Juliet make your heart soar or your toes curl?

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Graham, Southampton
I cannot believe it's 26 years since I first heard this song - the emotions it evokes now are as fresh and as raw as they were when I first heard it. Mark Knopfler is a great poet as well as the most distinctive guitar player I have ever heard.

Griff Cain Ottawa
Romeo & Juliet is just one of dozens of masterpieces MK has written. One of a very few artists whose new solo stuff continues to improve with age. Saw him front and center in Ottawa in July/06. Effortless and masterful stuff.

Alex Ross Henton, Oxon
Makes my heart soar, Fantastic song!

MIcky Boo, Bexley
MK and Dire Straits are the best.The live versions of R&J & Tunnel of Love on Alchemy take some beating.R&J was the 'signing song' when I married my second wife in 2003.We play it all the time and never get bored.

Tom D, Up North
R&J is so extremely sentimental, cheesy, and boring - did I mention predictable? - that I can't fathom how Knopfler can stand playing it anymore. Maybe to please them fans stuck in the past...

Anthony Bentley, Darwen
One of the most powerful love songs written, Mark Knopfler is a musical mastermind.

Eternal. Blissful.

Jackson, Melbourne, Australia
Romeo and Juliet just amazes me. Mark Knopfler is a songwriter like no other. How could he have come up with a song that none have shown a natural ability to create. His guitaring is just excelent as well. One of the best of time, if not THE best. I only just came back from a concert of his... 12/3/05

There is also a great cover by the Indigo Girls on their "Rites of Passage" album.

MaiTe _ BaRCeLoNa (sPaiN!)
This is my favourite song since the first time I heard it! it's absolutely beautiful! two weeks ago I went to Mark's concert in m city..and when I heard the begining of this song I died! I love it soooooo much!

Gary , Thetford
MK is the only guitarist who can to truly make a guitar sing!This king of music should be called "sir" Mark.His talents as leader of dire straits, his solo work and also his music for films place him at the top of the list for musical and lyrical talent.knight this man soon!!!!!

Sunny Banerjee, Kolkata
Extremely under-rated... second best (after brothers in arms)

juliet from dublin
this is mine and my boyfriends song and we fall in love everytime we hear it... hes my romeo... no kidding...

Dan, Durham
An unbelievable song. How anyone can not like this song is beyond me, the live version on Alchemy is mind blowing, as is knopfler on any song. A great great song. Awesome. Buy money for nothing album and you wont be disappointed.

Gareth Knight, Suffolk
Hi, I saw Stuart Moffat last night at the Edwardstone White horse Folk Club playing with Dave Shepherd,the fiddle player from a magical combination. If the person who set up this website knows Stuart, please persuade him to make an album with Dave.This is music just too good not to be recorded!!

Sunil, Bangalore, India
Went to his concert here yesterday - it keeps getting better every time.

Gillian Birdsall - Bournemouth
Brilliant Song, must have listened to it hundreds of times.Masterpeice.

Mark Smith from Manchester
This is one of the all time classic Dire Straits songs, unbelievably perfect. The song was written after a failed romance for Knopfler which affected him hugely. The verse when he is just talking is so emotional and perfect, it really is the best love song of all time. PS if you want to hear a great version then listen to On The Night, it is the best version of the song and one of the top 5 Dire Straits' live perfromances ever!

I'm addicted to this song. I listen to it over and over without getting tired of it. Perfect combination of mellow/mournful guitar with Knopfler's melancholy voice. It really captures the emotions of unrequited or lost love. You can actually feel the longing expressed in such lines as "...I love you like the stars above/I'll love you til I die..". There are a number of other Dire Straits' songs that sort of capture this mood, "Your Latest Trick" for example. Definitely one of my favourite groups.

Telmo Marques/Oporto - Portugal
This is a lovely song.I still think this is one of MK's finest moments in songwriting.

david, lincolnshire
simply brilliant....a very under-rated song but in my humble opinion one of MKs best...and as always guitar is perfect. Easily the best guitarist/songwriter bar none. ps his best guitar playing is the guitar solo at end of tunnel of love (money for nothing)

mark smith Brackla S Wales
the guitar solo towards the end is probably the best but rarely gets played fully to be appreciated

Louise, Andover
Fantastic Song by a Fantastic Group

Natalie. Loughborough, Leicestershire
I can't listen to the lyrics without wanting to cry. Mark Knopfler expresses the sorrow and desperation that 'Romeo' is feeling for Juliet so well that I feel it within myself. The guitar and piano fills are perfect for the mood of the song, e.g. after the line "...but I'd do anything for you". The lyrics and orchestration are a stroke of genuis but I find it hard to listen to because I get so emotional.

stuart hames. st.ives, cambs.
dire straits best version of sultans was at nelson mandela birthday concert at wembly with eric clapton.

Lee, Newcastle
I will never get bored of this song, fantastic lyrics, and knopfler's guitar music is sheer excellence!!

Maureen Isle of Wight
Romantic without any slush !!!

Mike Child, Southampton
Well, Mark Knopfler, in my opinion is the greatest pop/rock guitarist of all time. As well as that, it seems that he can be inspired to write a song by just about anything (eg 'Quality Shoe' from 'The Ragpicker's Dream'). He has the ability to write incredibly effective music and is still doing it now. 'Romeo and Juliet' has that wonderful acoustic guitar solo in between each section and, like so many of Mark's guitar riffs, it sounds absolutely beautiful. I reckon a lot of the song's success is down to that guitar riff. I also like the tongue-in-cheek aspect of the song with the lyrics. Every element of this track works perfectly. My favourite version is the live performance of it from the 'On the Night' album. I think that's the most 'soaring' version of it.

Mik, Leicester
A truly birlliant band, a truly brilliant song. Eclipsed by Sultans of Swing or Money For Nothing, this must surely be one of the most underrated songs ever.

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