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Puppy Love
Donny Osmond
Donny Osmond
Do you remember hearing Donny Osmond perfoming Puppy Love?

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grace and pauline erdington birmingham
ever since we heard puppy love we have never been the same we have been fans for 34 years he is the best enterainer in the world

Karen Lawrence/Coventry
I met Donny Osmond Sept 28th at the NEC after waiting 33 years and I am just as madly in love with him now as I was as an 11 year old in 1972

Im only 17, and just discovered wonderful Donny and his family. I have got to say that although this song is from the 70's, it really stood throughout the test of time, and i love it! Its a song that everyone nomatter how old can realate to. Everyone in some time of their life can realate to donnys puppy love, because we all had crushes or relationships that we believed would last forever,(like ours w/ donny) but other people would say its only puppy love and will never last. GOOD JOB DONNY ON CREATING SUCH A WONDERFUL SONG!!!

I was sitting in bed with my parents. I know it sounds odd. But it was 1973. This song was on the radio and Dad was reading in The Guardian that little Donny's voice had broken... The rest is history...sort strange to realise that someone as famous as donny in 1973, can be typed into google in 2005 and initially give you a link to a stock feed merchant!

Anne Savill
I too used to spend many happy hours listening to 45's and L.P.'s of Donny and all the Osmond Family; collecting their magazine Osmond's World ... love to hear the old stuff but also the new. As a song I think this really captures some of the teenage angst of being 'young and in love'.

Debra Buckley
Donny has been my teen idol sense I was his age I watched him on the Andy Williams show and I have been a fan ever since and will always be a fan of the Osmonds forever.

Maureen surrey
Makes me feel like a teenager again. I used to sit in my bedroom and kiss Donnys pictures. Never ever dreaming i would finally meet him 30 yers later and feel exactly the same about him.

Jacqueline Fowler, Stockton on Tees.
I can still remember where I was the first time I heard this song, and every time I hear the first few bars with those wonderful strings, I get goosebumps and am transported back 31 years!

Donna Robertson Perth
This song reminds me of my childhood. But I, like Donny, have grown up and so has his music - give his new stuff a listen - you might like it!

kim wheaton welling kent
if you loved Donny in the 70s you cant help but adore him now

Kim Alger.. Basingstoke
Love it but its had its day , im still a huge fan and Donny has oh so much more to offer now.....leave " puppy love" where it belongs , in our memories.

sally essex
i have followed donny and his family since they where on andy williams shows, great entertainers, fantastic singers, and still doing well and terrific singers and entertainers today, this song started it all of in UK and is really brilliant, brings back so many great memories

shaun luton
i thought it was a girl singing back in 1972, i grew to love the song and admire the singer and family i now have over 100 osmond recordings i respect there talent

Julie Andric, Mountain Ash, South Wales.
I realised a 30 year old dream when I saw Donny in concert last year. I saw him again on the "Summer Nights tour" this year. Excellent!!!!!! What a really nice man and a wonderful performer

Laura King London
This provokes the best memories this was before I was caught up in real life and I was definatly going to marry Donny Osmond

Maureen in UK
I adored this song and Donny Osmond was a major part of my teenage years. Glad he's grown up in to a wonderful person and still manages to maintain a faithful fan base in the UK. Think he has proved to a lot of people he's not just a pretty face,with the release of his new song " Breeze on by" highest new entry this week!!!

Angela, Malvern
I will always LOVE Donny Osmond !! He is simply the best!! Good luck with Breeze on By in the charts tommorrow!!

petra day Nottingham
Makes me feel young,innocent and romantic

sally . Liverpool
makes me feel aged 10 again when i hear this song .I adored donny then and still do now

Carrie Norhants
This song sends goosebumps up my arms. When I hear it-it reminds me of the days that I used to share with my mother. The stories she would tell me about the song and its previous singer. But as an Osmond fan I still maintain that this one has to be the all time fav. Keep them coming Donny.

Jackie Gray, Bedfordshire
Donny has truly stood the test of time, and this song even when he sings the updated version makes me feel like I am 16 years old again

Sally Partridge, Essex
The first record I ever owned. Still love Donny to this day and I am now 41, saw him 3 times this year on his Summer Nights Tour which was brilliant.

Mercedes /Isle of Wight
I have loved Donny since the family burst onto our scenes in the early 70's and I still do. Puppy Love will eternally spark a special flame in my heart and put a smile on my face. Can't wait for the new single Breeze on By out 20th Sept. also new CD and DVD in November - fantastic new material Go Donny!!! You're the best! xxx

Christine Noone, Enfield, Middlesex
I was about 12 years old when I heard'Puppy Love' and it went to number one. My love affair with Donny Osmond and his brothers began and still continues 32 years later.

elizabeth kelly darlington
i love the song and i love you

Maureen Isle of Wight
Who put this terrible son in this great list????

donny osmond was and allways will be my one true love. and this song brings back great when i was a teenager.

Lynne Truelove, Brighton
This song just makes me feel 10 years old, carefree and happy. Can't wait for the new CD in October 2004.

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