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One Sweet Day
Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey
Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey
Why did it spend so long in the charts? Is it the song or the singers? Or both?

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Cathal, Dublin
Why do you not give more credit to Miss Carey in this songpage? It is a duet- at the very least she has equal presence on vocals. It appears on her 1995 'Daydream' album, and she co-wrote and co-produced the song. Her name should be there beside Boyz II Men in your listing. Despite this, I am glad to see this song so high on the chart. It's a good, old-fashioned, American kitchen sink type ballad. And the song itself is terrific. I once heard a busker perform a beautiful, understated cover of it with just an accoustic guitar. Broke my heart. I was surprised to see it feature so highly on a survey of British people. I didn't think it had anything like the classic status it has in the States. Anyway there you go. Good stuff.

Christopher Green.Neath.Wales.
In my opinion Mariah carey is the best vocalist we are ever likely to see, there will never be anyone like her, she is truly unique. Her voice truly makes the song a hit, with her inspiring range and the way she sings her siongs. The vocals Mariah did with boys to men are amazing, all credit to her and the guys on a well deserved 16 weeks at the top of the U.S charts, good on ya Mariah.Well Done!!!:):):):)

Stefan, Queen
One Sweet Day is a beautiful ballad that deserved to have been #1 for sixteen weeks.

Renee Sacramento/CA
Everytime i hear this song it reminds of my friend Michael Alvarado who passed away on 12/30/04..only 18 yrs old. It makes me want to cry everytime...just wish the song would play longer than 10 seconds

Michelle Turnersville NJ
I love this song! They played it at my friend's funeral! I listen to it all the time! He was only 12 years old! He died the day after Christmas! This song is so sad but so true!

filiz 16 from kent
every time i listen to this track, it touches my heart. recently my friend died in a motor bike accident, and it effected many, many of us, very much. we literally thought that none of us would ever get over it. however this song brought out a very special message...that no matter how far they, shining in heaven, they'll always be there around us, not pysically, but with their soul/spirit. that we have to one day let go, how ever still miss them, and keep them true, true in your hearts, minds, and soul.that of course when our time come, we will, as Mariah, and Boyz II Men say, eventually be together, one sweet day, in angel heaven, where he will be meeting us,along side our dear lord, and our crossed over relatives, and friends! this song will always and forever be treasured in my heart, and many grateful thanks to Mariah Carey, and Boyz II Men, for releasing this heavenly, indeed special song, to many, many fans, who needed that comfort from the song, for them to move, and continue their bright life, as that loved one, would have wanted them to!

Myc, Nottingham
My good God, you are joking aren't you?

brittany north augutsa ga
They played this song at my friends funeral who died in a car wreck recently and it hit the spot -it is so beautiful.

Michael Pitt - Birmingham
The singers and their passion clearly define any song, they are the picture and the music is the frame.

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