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Is One U2's finest moment? Or has Bono bettered this?

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One by U2 is the most stunning and beautiful tunes. It has melancholy lyrics that are powerfully hopefull, mournfull, deeply personal, and touching. The music emotes and soars and lifts your heart up while breaking it.


Jed - East Sussex
This is one of the greatest and most moving songs ever written. No matter how often you hear it, it never fails to affect you with its lyrics and deep emotion. A masterpiece.

James hessle
One song, one album, one band. What a song, what a band, what an album. I am hope the repetion of my comment does not bore you. I thought it was a intresting way to put the point.

Kuldip Sokhi, Enfield, Middlesex
"One" has to be U2's best song. I have been a U2 fan since 1991. Achtung Baby was my first U2 album. I have been hooked ever since. Every time you listen to this song, it sends shivers down your spine.

Andrew Scully, Edinburgh
I love this one very much. It belongs up there with R.E.M's "Everybody Hurts" as being a beautiful yet tearjerking classic. And Johnny Cash's version was superb too.

kgallagher manchester
one is a briiliant song and inspiring if you love u2 you will love this song

NJH Lobo/ London
What a beautiful song! So brilliant, calming and excellent.

kelly wythenshawe
i think that one was an excellent song and still is its like a story of bono trying to say sorry for something a truly excellent track

Sean in Dublin
Is there a vendetta against Johnny Cash? His version was better than either of these! Great lyric but Bono drowns it out with an overblown performance.

Natalie - Rochester
This song is just amazing no words can do this one or U2 justice !

Elijah May, Krakow
Don't forget Johnny Cash's rendition of "One"....worth a listen.

Scott, Leicester
Haunting yet heartwarming, wound-opening yet healing, somber yet blissful.

ian, skipton
classic song' great lyrics great driving tune

jimbo north wales
Bono is the all-time legend. With Or Without You is the no.1 track of all time.

alan dickson fae fife
best u2 song man smell the flowers while u still can.

Chris Cole/ Haywards Heath
Not a die hard U2 fan but this is lyrically one of the best. Jonny Cash cover is spellbinding, heartbreaking almost especially 'did i ask to much, more than a lot, you gave me nothing now it's all I got.'

Kevin Mowatt
Johnny Cash did a version of this song that is on the American 3 album, I emplore you to listen to this version. Its as good as the original.

Martin - Lichfield
Johnny Cash did the best cover version of this song. Without doubt. His cover makes you understand what it is really about.

Vicky, Leigh
"One" is a great U2 anthem with all the trademark inspirational lyrics and layers of sound you've come to expect from this band. U2 don't just tell a story, they create a soundscape which in this case is poignant but ultimately uplifting - a celebration of unity in diversity.

Eliana Santiago, Chile
I am actually listening this show from down here in Chile and is awesome how this song bring tears to your eyes the very moment it starts, WOW!

Andrew R.Laing. Glagow
Mr Jonny Cash covered this epic song with his magical acoustic twist, long live the ONE

Daniel Haverly Liverpool
Whilst I love U2, you have forgotten Johnny Cash's version which brought a raw bitter edge to the song. Fabulous

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