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Move It
Cliff Richard
listen to Move It
Cliff Richard
Is 'Move It' classic Cliff Richards or do you think he's done better songs than this?

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Debbie, USA
"Move It" was the first and best ever British rock n' roll record. Cliff still sounds, moves and looks every bit as good as he did back in 1958 when he began. Keep rockin' Cliff.

George Wood, Saint John, N.B., Canada
One of the best "Greaser" tunes of that Era. Nothing but the Best.

Paul from Slough
Simply the best rock and roll song ever - Sheer perfection throughout and I can even forgive Cliff the Millennium Prayer for this one!

Karin Rode, Hamburg
Cliff certainly deserves a standing ovation for 'Move it' but of course this great song was followed by a large number of most beautiful and lovely tunes.It would be really fantastic if you could, for example, play his marvellous B-sides.I would appreciate such a programme very much.

Linda, Sevenoaks
It's about time the media realised what a national treasure Cliff is, and play more of his records on the radio.

marian wilde Southwick Sussex
Move It; Is the best song around ever, you can get a good beat to it. It's still good to hear it today as it was first played all those years ago. Keep it up.

June Dolman
Personally I think the British music industry should be proud of Sir Cliff. His music is played nowhere near enough on the BBC. His Somthing's Gonin' On album is one of the best ever made.

Jean Springett - Cleveland
Move It is a classic - Our First "Home Grown" Rock Star. The live version Cliff does today is just as good if not better than in '58

Con Harrington, Middlesbrough
The first record for the UK's most successful artist ever, we should be proud of this record. It still is a great record

Andrew /Glasgow
Still a great song, far superior to most British rock n roll of the 50s.

Peter Lim/Vancouver BC
No other cover versions can ever match that of Sir Cliff. The Drifters(Shadows) classic backings, especially those riffs off the lead guitar work of Hank Marvin, made the "Hit" a "Super Hit" of the MOVE IT!! Still such a pleasure to listen to in the Year 2005. Superb work of musical talent..I dare say..keep it up!!

move it still as good today as when it first came out.pure rock & roll sound. cliff can still move it. proud to be a fan. keep on rockin cliff.

margaret. alllin, Lyndhurst
Move It by Cliff richard. After 4, nearly 5 decades, it still rocks and rolls!

Bob Germany
The greatest British pre-Beatles rock record. John Lennon thought so too.

cindy cooper Norwich
"Move it" was the first British rock & roll record & Cliff's still rocking!!

Jenny, Sydney, Australia
It's pure rock 'n' roll - Cliff started it all off in Britain and I'm proud to be a fan.

M. Bonenti
The new album "something's going on" is one of his best ever. Congratulations Cliff. The man is truly amazing.

Richard Burton London
move it great record will last the test on time, always makes you sing along, at least to the chorus, long live Cliff the British King Of Rock N Roll.

Steve Buttercase, Cambridge
Elvis Lite. Probably a Trojan Horse for Rock & Roll allowing teenagers to graduate to Jerry Lee, Fats, Little Richard et al. It's all about Hank's riff mind!

Gloria Hamilton-Forde Leighton Buzzard Beds
Cliff should be recognised as the true pioneer of British pop/rock.

Rina Dawson, N Wales
The majority of pop musicans from the 60's say that this song was probably the first real British rock song but the artist nor the song seem to get the recognition they both deserve.

Sandra. Rhyl.
This is the song that began rock and roll in this country and Cliff still sings it at his concerts and it sounds wonderful. The thing is Cliff can sing almost any type of song whether it be rock,pop,country or ballads and sounds fantastic on all of them. He is a wonderful performer and nearly all of his songs are the 'best' in their own way.

tracy howard south devon
you can hear the sexy lip movement all curled up

tracy howard
you can hear the sexy lip movement all curled up

Joan Dean, Deal
Yes Cliff has done better than Move It but after 46 years at the top of his game that is surely to be expected. However that song was what kicked it all off for him and it is still (justifiably) the archetypal British rock'n'roll song. In live performance it always brings the house down!

Constance Poon
"Move It" started it all the British Rock 'n' roll. Its place can never be replaced.

Mike Hall Broxburn
classic song,classic performance as good today as it ever was.Thanks Sir Cliff

Susan, England
I love this song and remember rocking to it at a Cliff concert in 1990 at the tender age of 6...fantastic riff!

Kitty Fowler-NYC, USA
I Love Cliff Richard. The UK has a national treasure in that man and should treat him as such. Cliff's new album Something's Going On is one of the most well written, produced and sung ever made. It's out right now for you to buy, take home and bury your head into these wonderful lyrics. It is one of those where you can listen, feel and be the songs. For Life, my favorite is simply Cliff's best ballad since Miss You Night. It is a stunner and Duane Eddy's guitar work on it shines! We in America want him to come here so we can show him some of our appreciation for his wonderful work.

Carol Barlow, Coventry
We should be proud of Cliff's achievements full stop! This song still sounds great today,and Cliff is still including it in his 'live'shows.

Marian Donovan
He has done lots of great songs but this was a forerunner of all that came after and it still sounds as good today as it did then. It is a classic song up there with the best and should be appreciated more than it is as should the greatest pop star of all time The Great Sir Cliff Richard.

Marian Donovan
This song sung by Cliff was a first for this country and is still a great rock song

Richard / Croydon
Not only is this the FIRST great British R 'n' R record - but is stands as a great record by any standard.

ted, london
This song's ok but no way should it be in the top 20 best songs. Is this song REALLY better that Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush or Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding. I think not.

John Brown/Oxon
Move It has always been a great favourite. I never tire of hearing it

I find it impossible to single out any one song as a Cliff classic the man has such an amazing repetoir of music from rock to ballads love songs and gospel now we have his latest new album ......the best just got better!!!?

Liliane ACKERMANN, Steinfort, Luxembourg
'MOVE IT' is still THE ROCK SONG par excellence. Whether you hear the original version or see and hear CLIFF still today singing his first success on stage, it's absolutely CLASSY! I wouldn't say it's his best song, for me as a faithful fan CLIFF has only best songs. Don't ask a faithful CLIFF fan his opinion about CLIFF songs. Smile!

Alan White Brixham Devon
This was the first british rock nroll song that led the way for all others, it pioneered both songwriting and singers right up to the modern era

Arlene the Biker Queen / Toronto
Add: Nine Times Out of Ten, Ready Teddy, My Babe, Apron Strings, Mean Streak, Dynamite, Choppin'n'Changin', Don't Bug Me Baby, Livin' Lovin' Doll, Never Mind, Whole Lot of Shaking Going On, Etc., to the list of Cliff Richard doing flat out Rock & Roll, speaking of which, I can't think of any other Rocker sounding this good then or re-played today!!!

Bob - Bedford
One of the greatest British rock and roll records ever. But if you like this have a listen to "Dynamite" and "It'll be me". Cliff is still a great singer, so lets hear more of his latest on BBC Radio Two

Kitty - NYC
For a first song it is great, I even like the "b" Schoolboy Crush, but Cliff has done much, much better. Cliff should be supported and cared for by the UK media and music professionals as the National Treasure he is. Not scorned and scoffed at as seems to happen quite frequently. And we should all give Kudos to Ian Samwell the author and The Shadows lead guitarist, who jumped into the breach and wrote this song is such a short time.

Birgitta Karlsson, Uddevalla,Sweden
Cliff´s verson, is absolutly the best.His voice is right for this song. And so it all started (sort of) with this song! And i am happy to be a Swedish Sir Cliff Richard-fan

David S

I would just like to say Move It is a Classic Cliff Richard song and I love it for being that although Cliff has also recorded lots of other brilliant song Carrie,Devil Woman,We Dont Talk Anymore to mention just a few and after seeing him at the Albert Hall and Leeds Castle and hearing some of the new songs that are going to be on his new album which was recorded in Nashville I cant wait for its release and hope Radio 2 will give it airplay as it is so good

Glenn, Mansfield
A VERY average song - nothing special at all - why is this even mentioned on this page ?

Mike Abbott
What a great rock and roll record - and entirely British. Important at the time since all Britsh rock singers could do was cover US originals. This broke the mould and for a few years in the late fifties Cliff really was hip! The record has great production qualities, a mesmeric opening guitar lick and a really raunchy, engaging sound that makes you want to play it again and again!

Brilliant record - superb start and then it just rocks along

Joanne davies, Darlington,England
This is a brilliant record that sounds as fresh today as it did when it was made all those years ago. However Cliff has made hundreds of other brilliant tracks and is so diverse that there is a sound for every taste, if only people would be prepared to get over the likes of Congratulation and Bachelor Boy.They were songs of their time and don't really show Cliff at his best. Over 40 years down the line and he still packs concert halls the world over, and that many people can't be wrong. His new album has some great rocking tunes on it and will be well worth a listen. Roll on autumn.

malcolm tootell
this song started britsh rock great backing by the shads .

Paul Derrick, Hull
Although Move It is an historically important song, I feel that 1979's We Don't Talk Anymore from the Rock 'N' Roll Juvenile album is more worthy of note.

Christine Taylor, South Yorkshire.
Although this song is now some 45-years-old, the original still sounds great. The version currently performed in concert now comes complete with an extra verse (written by Ian Samwell, who wrote the original) and a different, totally up-dated arrangement, but Cliff and his band still make it sound as fresh and exciting as the original did back in 1958. This song - like Sir Cliff himself - has truly stood the test of time.

Jilly, Swansea
Cliff's Move It is without doubt a fantastic rock and roll song. And none of the cover versions come anywhere close to his brilliant version. It's one of Cliff's greats but he has many many others, such as Devil Woman, We dont Talk Anymore, Im nearly Famous, Girl You'll be a Woman and hundreds more!!! The British Music industry should be proud of a wonderful singer and performer.

dave g
this record should be given more recognition for what it is-- o.k it was by the now uber cheesy- cliff- but we all have to start somewhere-- the first opening bars with the bass entry then leading to the most sublime drum entry I,ve ever heard take this record to the stratosphere-- when you imagine the Britian of 1958 (I can just) with the generation just out of the war -- rationing not long ended -- it was a cry-- a shout -- of exultation for the new generation the record holds tight throughout with that driving rythym never letting go a masterpiece

Sarah James, Lowestoft
Move It is classic Cliff (not Cliff Richards as you incorrectly show!), however, Cliff has done better songs than this. Move it is unique in Rock n Roll history, but his recordings of 'Fire & Rain', 'Misunderstood man' and the lesser known 'La Gonave' are also classic Cliff Richard - if only people would take the time to dig this songs out and have a listen I think they would be pleasantly surprised.

ria simonis
its classic and yes he did far better songs but this stil remaind a great song and can turp up in every decade Ria Simonis Holland

Tracy, Worcester
Move It is a classic rock 'n' roll performance from Britain's only true rock 'n' roll singer. Even today, nearly 46 years after this song was released, it sounds fresh and new. Cliff still performs it live, and it still stands up as a song - which is surely the ultimate test. Of course he's done better songs than this - but this was the beginning, and what a glorious way to start a remarkable career. Maybe it was a case of starting as he meant to go on - and he has. Cliff is the UK's finest - no one else gets even remotely close.

Christine Griffiths Glasgow
This is a classic Cliff song - he loves his rock n roll and so do his fans. He's sung loads of terrfic songs in his forty-six year career but this is the one that started it all off and it holds a special place in every Cliff fans' heart and I imagine, in Cliff's heart too. Still sounds as fresh when performed today as it did all those years ago.

Christine Griffiths Glasgow
'Move It' was the first of a huge string of successful recordings for one of the most talented performers in the pop world. The young Cliff could never have imagined that 46 years later he would still have a huge fan following and be sounding just as exciting as he did way back then. When he sings 'Move It' now it is every bit as sexy and vibrant as it was in 1958 - good on you Cliff - keep on rockin'

anne franks leeds
how can anybody pick cliff above elvis UNBELIEVEABLE

Lawrence Harris/Southampton
This was one of the first records that I ever got. I won it in a programmme on radio Luxembourg in which listeniers were invited to ask questions about their problems. Mine was a minor problem asked simply to try to get this record!

William Hooper, Gloucester
John Lennon, commenting on the early British rock'n'roll scene said: "Before Cliff there was nothing". That says it all.

William Hooper, Gloucester
"Move it" was the first and best British rock'n'roll record. Full stop.

William Hooper, Gloucester
"Move it" was the first and best British rock'n'roll record. Released in August 1958, it set a prescient for the poor British scene at the time and lifted the ball game. When Cliff appeared on TV's "Oh Boy!", he had not only the look, but the sound to lead all the others. He was 'something else'. Another British rocker,Johnny Kidd's "Shakin' all over" came a good two years later... Cliff did the first and it is still the best.

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