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Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division
Joy Division
What do you think about Love Will Tear Us Apart? Is it one of the saddest songs ever written? Or do you just appreciate it for it's great melody?  Did Paul Young do a good job? Share your thoughts with us.

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Another red-hot Manchester tune, now applied to an ode to one of Manchester's finest players. "Giggs, Giggs Will tear You Apart. Again"

i love this song i think that once you hear it you just can't get it out of your head. it's a perfect break up song as it captures all pain and heartbreak that goes with being in love.

Pete Fenelon, York
Sublime, chilling, and you can still dance like a maniac to it. "Atmosphere" can reduce me to tears; this can reduce me to tears and keep me moving at the same time. Priceless.

ewok, wigan
it's 'atmosphere' that really gets me , but when kurt cobain called this the greatest song ever, he made a bit of an understatement.

Robin, Stafford
Staggering song. In my mind the most beautiful song ever written, and never fails to stir my emotions.
covers...sometimes agree, sometimes don't...but jose gonzalez got it right when he played an accoustic version of this song.....but cant beat the original...that is of course how it was meant to sound....but check out mr gonzalez' version.......

Amy, London
it captures beautifully how being in love can cause the most traumatic lonliness.

Phil, Birmingham
25 years on, and this song still frightens me when I hear the intensity of all the negative emotions.

Andy Isaac - Flackwell Heath
From Industrial decay came memorizing thought invoking spine tingling uniqueness

Siobhan Simmonds Deal/Kent
The song brings out all my emotions.It will be 1 of the songs played at my funeral.A powerful force comes over me whenever I hear it.

Margot Tucson, AZ, USA
In a way I am very cynical about love and relationships. I wouldn't say that I relate in any way personally to the lyrics because I have never had a boyfriend or been married but I can see them reflected in the relationship of my parents. Words would never do justice in trying to describe how much I love the song and I definitely don't agree with this song being covered by anyone. I even saw that Fall Out Boy did a cover and I wanted to just scream, especially after hearing how horrible it was.

Mark, B'ham
Although the Joy division original is far superior to Paul Young's pop version, for a cover that really does justice to the subject matter try the Oysterband CD, "The Big Session" and listen to John Jones duetting with June Tabor This is truly wonderful!

Andrew Scully, Edinburgh
Greatest song of all time in my opinion, nothing can touch it. Pure genius.

JIMTID St Helens, Merseyside
Pure musical genius, Curtis, wears his heart on his sleeve.

MADpeter of Belfast
Do you still get those chills through your soul when you hear this song start up? I know I do. Across the void of twenty-five years after its first release the song still speaks to me. As for the book 'Touching from a Distance', I have read it too, but I feel it is written with an agenda. How can someone say that Ian Curtis' lyrics did not have any meaning, nor were they a cry for help? You only have to read them to sense his feelings at the time.

Adam Fortune
The greatest song ever written. Until Paul Young tampered with it, taking the gloss off it. Still is one of the greatest songs ever written.

Mark, Glasgow
This is my favourite song ever, without question. It takes every powerful human emotion and puts it into a three and a half minute song - sheer genius.

Paul Kelly Clydebank
Love will tear us apart has it all, it's a catchy tune for background listening and when you listen to it more closely it cant help but have an impact on you.

Mitch - Manchester
LWTUA - Despair,pain,dislocated emotion,guilt, regret and Love.

George C
When Art met music. Simple

karl, bradford
This song has to be the most influential song of a generation, or even in the history of music itself , joy division had a massive influence on my life and still do, as i recall difficult periods throughout my life supported by the haunting lyrics of this wonderfully meaningfull band. God bless you Ian.

jem, corwen/north wales
joy division are a huge part of my life, ians lyrics were pure emotion and sadness, i fell in love with this song as soon as i heard it. it helps to understand how ian felt at that point in his life, and also helps the listener understand parts of their life if they relate to what hes trying to say. ian curtis was and still is a genius. this record proves that.

Andrea - Bologna (Italy)
His words and way of thinking have impressed a lot of youngsters of my generation, and we still love listening to his songs

M Aziz
The title and lyrics coupled with that simple but brilliant main riff made for a truly great song. I also agree with Tony Wilson (yes, I do!) that Martin Hannett played a big part in this and the JD sound as a whole. The production is detailed and timeless and without him this song might have not sounded as eery and moving as it did. Ian's death was an unfortunate promotional tool that co-incided with the feeling of the music. It put a magnifying glass on a song that may have got unfortunately overlooked due to their then small status - but the myth and subsequent devotion was at the expense of a life; which is perverse.

Kelvin, Troon-Scotland
Some say that LWTUA is only regarded as powerful because it reminds us of the tragedy of Ian Curtis' early death. Simular to the criticism of John Lennon's 'imagine'. But we love it for a different reason. It reminds us to embrace life and strive to understand it.

joanna tierney
Ian Curtis was not from bloody Manchester, he is not a bloody Mancunian he is a Maxonian. For god sake will someone get it right for once. p.s - Macclesfield is in Cheshire not greater Manchester.

Dave , Brentwood
A sad story sung from the heart of a very talented young man bursting with emotion. It was this song which got me hooked to both Joy Division & New Order.

Dave Harwood, Brentwood, Essex
A talented soul so sadly missed, but his Spirit will always remain with Barney, Hooky, Steve & Gillian. God bless.

Alex, Southampton
Monstrous, yet beautiful, and utterly beguiling

Mark, Workington
The singing, the guitars, the drumming - the power of this record is that it all sounds like it's the last thing they'll ever sing or play. Unfortunately, in Ian's case that was just about right.

K - Beirut
I can't wait for Blue vs Elton John to cover it....

Steve, London
It's one of the most boring, repetitve, flat- sounding songs I have ever heard.

William Brookfield/MA USA
It captures the pain of a love ending more beautifully than any other song of the Rock Era.

robert gregory
says what i was going thrugh when i was a teenager

What stands out in this song is the simplicity. Truth and simplicity are constantly together. But the emotions rendered in the listener are many and very far from simple. Desperation is central to this song and to all of Joy Division's work.

Jo Hill, Stamford
A truely haunting song that meant something to everyone from that era, Joy Division are one of the true genius's of British music

James Sherwin
What a song, its about life, life isnt always happy as most pop music would say, Joy Division showed that with love will tear us apart, alot of people including myself can relate to this song

Shaun--San Francisco, USA
Joy Division is perhaps one of the most beautiful bands that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Ian Curtis, while not being the "best" of people (read the book "Touching From a Distance", by Deborah Curtis), comes across in a totally different light in his music. From the powerful lyrics of songs such as Love Will Tear Us Apart and Disorder, to the dancy, club-like, technoesque songs that resemble New Order, Joy Divison's music has never ceased to dazzle my senses. The music, in my opinion, is pure art. Ian Curtis' meloncholy and powerful lyrics, combined with the intense and dark bass riffs by Peter Hook and the rhythmic drumming of Stephen Morris, come together to create an exquisite soundscape that could only come out of the most troubled, creative and artistic of minds. Joy Division, in my opinion, were a beautiful band not to be forgotten. While Ian Curtis would, by some people, be deemed a "bad" person for his actions against his wife, one cannot help but to feel empathy for this man. If you have ever had relationship troubles (and I assume most people have), emotional troubles, schizophrenia, etc. etc. etc., then you can most likely relate to Joy Division. Ian Curtis' words will always have a significant impact on me, and will always have a special place inside of me...

Stu Mitchell, Knaresborough
Haunting, ethereal, yet bizarrely provokes happiness through such a terrific sound.

Ste Whitley
Simply breathtaking. Haunting, claustrophobic yet atmospheric, and empty yet epic. Quite untouchable in every aspect,

Alannah, Edinburgh
I think that this song is beautiful, also i think that the way Ian Curtis sang is brilliant. Joy Divison rule!!!!

This song was written before I was even thought of, but I think it is absoluely amazing.

John C' Burgess Hill
Along with Atmosphere, New Dawn Fades & Twenty Four Hours it is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard

emma, london
it's one of the most painful songs i've ever listened to. you can actually "feel" ian's pain and despair..

Victor Martinez,elizabeth,new jersey
The song that made me understand life is not as easy as i thought.

Paul, Reading
Paul Young's version is a poor example of the many cover versions of Love Will Tear Us Apart. In my opinion, The Swans version was one of the best tracks to evoke the brooding tragic feelings behind the songs lyrics.

Gavin Culloty, Birmingham
Love will tear us apart is one of the greatest pop songs ever written about angst and personal pain. Ian Curtis's vocals send shivers down my spine every time I hear them and tragically died far too young. Forget Robbie Williams This was a true rock 'n' roll poet.

Steve Buttercase, Cambridge
The defining quality of Art is "meaning it". Ian Curtis means it.

Victoria Whiting, Swadlincote
One of the most amazing records ever made. Moving and tragic.

Mick, Denver USA
The power of the song still remains 25 years later. No other song has ever moved me as this one. Fantastic and unique.

Slangers, Nottingham
Joy Division were an awesome band. LWTUA is a great place to begin to learn about their music- check out their other work too. Atmosphere, Something Must Break, Digital, The Eternal. If you don't know these songs, you're missing a treat.

Gary Callon, AFC
A truly remarkable song that has stood the test of time to still sound as hauntingly beautiful as it did back in 1980.

Admiral - London
Everytime anyone asks me to name my top 10 records I say it always changes, or I can do it 'in no particular order'...except for this song. I'm sure it will always be my number one.

The emotion in this song is melded perfectly with the lyrical content and backing music. Having seen New Order play this live a few times the song really stands above the legacy it became lumped in with. A true master piece that I suspect (like most New Order/Joy Division music - and all great songs probably)was a product of chaos.

Damien - Newcastle
Joy Division are an example of just how true the saying "destruction can be beautiful" is. there will never be another Joy Division

Alessandro Cavalcante - Sao Paulo - Brazil
Joy Division was one of the most important groups that ever existed. Curtis' lyrics were beautiful and sad. Joy Division is part of music history, as a band that showed emotions in such a way never seen.

Becky, Crewe
they are one of the best manchester bands ever. Why aren't they number one? Ian Curtis deserves some recognition for his contribution to british music.

Helen - Birkenhead
Love will tear us apart is the most evocative song ever - before Xmas I heard it in Spanish on holiday and it still blew me away - when we are all in our 80s we will be shuffling to this in the old people's home with tears in our eyes!

John Cains/Norwich
So Paul Young covered Love Will Tear Us Apart. Blimey! I hope it's as good as Russ Abbott's Atmosphere.

Hugh O'Brien/Manchester
The song should be twinned with Ian Dury's 'What A Waste'

Rachel, Worcester
Sums up everybodys troubled times - a fantastic song which everybody listens to at some time in their life

Winston Hill
The sound of a heart shattering, a song to turn to whenever you find yourself in a vortex of personal pain.

Both uplifting and tragic... in essence this song has it all

Youthful anger at its most potent.

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