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Last Christmas
Do you think that Last Christmas is the best Christmas song of the last 50 years?

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Lujein Shannan, Damascus
This is the best christmas song I've ever and will ever hear. It was released two years before I was born and till today it's played on radios all over the world on X-Mas. It is one of the best songs written and sung by George Michael.

tangareen in toronto
last christmas is a bootifilled song....i only last few years became aware of it...wonderful.

Marvin Munday
This is my Christmas song, I know it's Christmas when I hear it being played, I listen for it in December, the video was great too.

Chris -- New Orleans
How many Generation X-ers can hear this song and not think of some lost love, or at least who they loved at the time of the original release of Last Christmas? Who doesn't remember those heartaches or unrequited loves, especially around the Holidays? George Michael's lyrics touched most, if not all, of us in a way few artists can. Last Christmas was, is, and will always remain my favorite Christmas song, and most certainly the best in the last 50 years. Thanks so much, George & Wham!

Athanasia Euthimiou
I can't imagine xmas time without listening to this definetely classic xmas song. thank george michael!

Rob London
without doubt George took over the title of "Best ever Christmas Song of all time" which was previously held by bing fact it could be called the modern white christmas, when he wrote and sung this song. The video and song are both tireless and never seem to wear with age...infact georges music has always been like a fine gets better every year it gets older......can u imgaine any of the current artists of today even coming cliose to writing a classic like this????...i think not.

ayish winnipeg canada
oh yes.. Its one of the best songs in general let alone christmas... its goes away from the merry merry christmas and talks about heartbreak and makes it seem sweet and sorrowfull...

Alexander, NYC
It sounds as if a Christmas elf took all of people's sweet, melancholic X-mas feelings, stirred them up with a huge wooden spoon, and served it on the radio, still boiling hot, even after 21 years...

TJ Derbyshire
Sixth Form Christmas Disco, Last Chance to pluck up courage to dance with my first love, I failed.

angela nolan,three bridges,ck on tipp
i totaly agree its the best xmas song ever to grace our radios and television no one will ever top that song ever

rhian wright, clitheroe
i think that george michael is one of the best singers ever and that no one can sing his songs any where near as beautifully as he can lots of luv gr8 george michael fan!!!!

Margaret, Glasgow
This is a sentimental tune, but isn't that what most Christmas songs are all about. I love this. At Christmas, when it comes on the radio, I love to hear it. Reminds me of being a teenager I suppose. Songs are meant to evoke memories, that this one fits the bill. Isn't George Michael just a great singer.

George, Bristol
I have to be blunt, so please don't have a go -I can understand the sentiment last christmas must hold to alot of people, and I think thats sweet - I don't even mind it my self in moderation at christmas, but this is not even close to being the best xmas song of the last 50 years! and I know that I am not alone in saying that by far, the best christmas record of the last 50 years is Fairytale Of New York By The Pogues and the late but brilliant Kirsty MacColl. Fairytale of NY was recently voted the best christmas song ever, and though I think Last Christmas is a good christmas song, it is by nowhere near as good as fairytale of New York By The Pogues.

Jacqueline Toyne
This year it is my new years resolution to learn all the words to Last Christmas perfectly so I can sing Last Christmas next Christmas. George you really touched my heart with this one baby, I want to shout it from the mountain top in my woolly white jumper!

Piers, Newbury, England
I cry each time I hear it, it is so BEAUTIFUL!

Carla/ New York
George Michael is indeed one of the best singers/ songwriters of the century. He is in a class of his own.

carol westmidlands
last christmas was the best song ever and well be for many of year god bless wham love ya

andrew lim penang,malaysia
last christmas and can't smile without you though similar, the former will live forever. Thanks a million George.

it is the great christmas song and it makes me want to stay together with the person i love forever.

fabian nimion
Inddeed, it still is an excellent song, and I'd say that its most brilliant move is that with 'last' in the title it plays directly on your X-mas sentimentality. It is a wonderful song.

Hayley, Kings Lynn
I cant believe anyone would dislike this song. Absolute classic. When you put it together with the B side - pure magic. If I had my way Mr Michael's name would be WAY up in the New Years Honours List. What about it Your Majesty??

Ger Holland/Volendam
This is "the best" christmas song EVER!!!!!!!!!!

John Steele Florida USA
What a Christmas song. A true classic. I think everybody thinks of a lost love at Christmas, and is it the melody? The voice? or even the video? NO - its everything. Thanks George for everything. Please keep them coming.

Paul Phillips, Gorseinon, SWANSEA
Brill! The best Christmas song in the universe and only kept from number 1 by Band Aid!

Steven East, Broadstairs
They don't write them like this these days.....

Sabine Medor, Brooklyn, NY
I really think that Last Christmas is one of the best songs I have heard. You can never get tired of it.

Andrew from South Yorkshire
It just goes to show what a genius George Michael is. Most artists and bands have tried to write a Christmas song but few have managed to compose one that keeps coming back year after year and is loved by pretty much everyone. Whenever you hear in it a public place you can hear people of all ages humming it to themselves. Its a classic.

I think that Last Christmas is the best Christmas song...look, everybody is very happy to listen to it again and again every Christmas...and I know lot of people who have their ringtone with this song!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!! Best Wishes!!! A french listener... Poppy!!!

Sophie Anderson, LA
Christmas is family, twinkling lights, chocolate and Last Christmas. ;)

I love this song, it is part of my christmas every year.

Khatol, Norway
Last Christmas, I remember it since I was just 5 years old and I used to listen to it, and gosh I love this song. George there is no doubt to say that you are the best and I love your voice.Last Christmas is a part of my heart. George I really love you. Thanks for giving us such a love song.

Lizzy, Holland
Oh, most definitely, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a George Michael admirer! The song never bores me and listening to it always gets mew in the mood for Christmas.That's exactly it, George managed to capture the mood so well, which is something he is so good at doing. It's no wonder Last Christmas has been released year after year and still manages to end up high in the charts, which I'm sure George is very pleased with(goes to show how much the song is loved).Not just because he wrote and sang it, but because it helps the charity.Once a charity record ,always a charity record!

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