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'Home Thoughts From Abroad'
Clifford T. Ward
Clifford T Ward
Do you think that Clifford T. Ward's music deserves to be rediscovered, rather like Nick Drake's has been in recent years?

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One of the most beautiful and articulate songs ever written, sung perfectly by it's writer. So English, so tender, emotional, romantic.


Ray pilgrim
I would like one song from Clifford T. Wards back catolouge to be played on Terry Wogans Breakfast show every day

Aaron Broome, Accrington
Totally engaging and quinticentially british, HTFA is a wonderful, track delivered with a unique voice and soul.

Derek Jones. Ulsan Korea
Clifford was one of the finest UK songwriters during the 70's. Why wasn't his genius recognised we will never know. A tragic end to an unfullfilled life

James, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
A friend introduced me to CTW about 6 years ago now when we were studying for our A-levels and i can safely say that Cliff will never leave my mind or heart. The poetic genius and lyrical weaving that underpins all of Cliffs work ensures that whoever listens to his music becomes trapped by their beauty, simplicity, complexity (at the same time) and overall deep down gut wrenching honesty. Thankyou Cliff for all you did for music, you may not be the most well known, but rest assured that you impacted on mine and lots of others lives. I would love to see someone try and bring a CTW song back to the charts, but I hope they really understand what they are performing rather than just copying and playing because they can. James.

This is a song which should be right at the top as a perfect masterpiece. Everything about is delightful and also sad. Everybody should have at one of CTW albums in their collection a genius sadly missed, who should have been a millionaire with royalties.

Diana Scales, Wimborne, Dorset, Endland
Love his music. Only recently discovered it. So sad he has gone.

Pat Jordan Carow Ireland.
I beleive that one day Clifford T will be accepted as one of the best songwriters of all time. I just dont understand why some of todays bands do not cover his music. Home thoughts could be a massive hit for someone, it's just waiting to happen...i hope.

Southwell, Notts
I was a young teenager when Gaye came out, and I was interested in the fact that someone could put his heart down in lyrics. I never really appreciated Clifford T Ward until I heard "Home Thoughts From Abroad" again though. The man was a prodigious talent - dare I say comparable to our very best.

Christine Bird, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshir
The answer to that would have to be yes and no - the world of "popular" music has changed so radically in the last thirty-odd years (and I have to say not necessarily for the better) that I fear the simplicity and purity of the songs would be seen nowadays in a less than appreciative way by many....I also fear that a "rediscovery" often entails beautiful music being cut up and used as an selling tool for misuse by advertising designers - Clifford's music doesn't deserve such a fate.

Paul, Ripon
An important moment in my childhood, this song introduced the concept of beauty in music to me. I hadn't heard it in almost twenty years, but still remembered it almost perfectly. Very special indeed.

Robin in London
I have adored the music of Clifford T. Ward ever since childhood (I'm 26 now) and it is the Album 'Home Thoughts' that I first heard and fell in love with. In my opinion Clifford T. Ward is actually the best 'English' songwriter to have ever lived, but unfortunately 'the average Joe' lacks the mental capacity to truly understand and appreciate the beauty, wit and above all, honesty of Clifford T. Ward's music. He truly is the ultimate 'singer-songwriter' and should have the reputation and respect he deserves. Also... His music and lyrics should be studied on School curriculums, as his use of the English language is as beautiful as Shakespeare’s. Thanks for reading, now go out and buy all his music!!!

Mr Noel Hudson
'Home Thoughts' has been one of my my favourite songs for many years. It has superb lyrics, and is sung superbly by Clifford T Ward. He is sadly missed.

paul roberts alicante spain
im formally from solihull my wife has ms and is slowly slipping away thats why we came to spain ,i remember seeing ctw singing gaye on totp and was hooked on that and home thoughts ,its a haunting piece to me especially as im abroad now ,ive a friend in the uk who loved it so much he went to a studio and recorded his own version and i must say he did it justice but alais nothing compared to the master ,i wish his familly all the love in the world i understand the pain they must feel i only wish i was talented to write a song for the love i feel for my beautiful wife, god bless worcestershire,warwickshire and england

Mary, Mattishall, Norfolk
I have loved this song for over thirty years; never tiring of it. A masterpiece.

Ian Jennings - Kansas city, USA
As a Brit now living in K.C, I play 'Gaye' to a lot of my Yank friends who really like it. 'Gaye' was simply a beautiful ballad with the strings doing a marvellous job on the base front. Clifford did not deserve to suffer like he did. He had an image, and stuck to it. His lyrics, such as 'Scullery' were really good, i miss his songwriting.

Tony, Saundersfoot
Still capable of bringing a lump to the throat

Stan Stokes.Whitburn
Brings a lump to my throat.A beautiful song,performed beautifuly by its writer.

Angela Carroll / Dublin
I have always loved this song, I can play it over and over and never ever tire of it, it's such a simple, yet a beautiful love song.

Graham Burnley England
I first heard this song yesterday. It is such a beautiful song sung with feeling. superb

Pieter Meulendijks, Helmond, The Netherlands
Yes, no doubt, it deserves to be rediscovered. Like Nick Drake, a cult figure, his music is easy listening and melancholic, therefore i understand it will never be a hype, no problem for me,however.

Steve M. Thetford.
Keep playing his songs "Sir" Terry,then hopefully your listeners will get the gist and realise what a fantastic talent Clifford T Ward really was !!

Mike Moore, Sevenoaks
One of the most emotionally draining songs ever written.

Solveig, Norway
I was driving my car today, singing this song to myself, as I've done since I first heard it 30 years ago. I remembered the name Clifford T. Ward, but I didn't know anything about him. It suddenly seemed strange to me that I could remember the song and the lyrics after all this time.. I haven't heard it for at least 25 years, nor have any of my friends. It just hit me that there had to be something about this song, and this artist, so I looked him up on the internet. Sadly I found out that he had passed away, but I was delighted to see that he was not forgotten.

i think clifford t. ward's music deserves a place among the best in the world. not only because his sweet voice and charming songs, but also because of the excelent orchestral suites.

Here's hoping Clifford makes a posthumous comeback. There's nothing to be forgiven, he wrote wonderful songs and sang them with such English grace and charm.

daphne stevenage
achingly beautiful

bob bryant, ilchester, somerset
As big fans of Clifford.T and having moved in the late seventies from Devon to Alvechurch, Worcestershire, our closest friends suddenly emigrated to New Zealand. You can imagine the poignancy and meaning evoked for both couples when either of us listened to 'Home thoughts'!

Suzanne Allen, North Derbyshire.
I completely agree that Clifford T Ward deserves to be rediscovered although I have to confess that this particular song means a lot to me personally, having struggled with Robert Browning's poetry as an A level text, I suddenly fell in love his poetry whilst revising. Both the original poem and the song convey love of an individual, love of country and love of nature, the latter two hardly considered major pop themes. It always touches the parts others can't every time I hear it, and thanks to Terry Wogan (another admirer) I have heard it on a few occasions recently, after years of neglect.

Rob Darbyshire / Sarisbury Green
The first record I ever played, I must have been about 6 or 7. It still carries more meaning and emotion than any other song. It's the song of my childhood, and that was 20 years after it was first released. Timeless

geoff cook/ barry sth glam
great song, great lyrics, great artist

Glen, Edinburgh
A heartbreakingly beautful song

Peter Olive, Ascot
The most perfect love song I've ever heard. Only a genius could write something like this. What a hidden talent.

jonathan, liverpool
great memories of listening to CTW records, i always have enough time for his songs. truly inspirational, love you always cliff.

Paul Tarsey. Hampshire UK
Surely the saadest song of all time. Even now I can't hear it without bursting into tears!

It will always transport me back to teenage awkwardness and a very beautiful girl named Sarah.

Ian McClenaghan CT USA
Possibly the most personal and meaningful song I have ever experienced.

paul homer/ falmouth
one of he best singer songwriters to portray human emotions- tear jerking music- this artist has got real 'soul' and deserves every acollade in modern music, his songs are his legacy. a very late fan(thanks to TW)

Graham, Cardiff
One of my all time favourites. Seems such a simple song and a simple arrangement, but this shares so many wonderful moments with me

Elaine Nottingham
Clifford T Ward wrote some other songs which are equally articulate and romantic-Time the Magician,Gaye,Wherewithal,Where Would That Lead Me,Scullery.Some of his songs are also amusing or have unusual subjects-Open University makes me smile every time I play it!The song he wrote about his disabled daughter's faith in God and his own sorrow that he couldn't share it is one of the saddest I've heard.All in all an under-rated singer songwriter.

Simon - Liverpool
If this song doesn't make you cry then nothing will. Beautiful song, sung perfectly. Just rediscoverd Clifford from my youth and remembered how good he was. Sorry for neglecting you so long. And by the way it is nice to see someone who was a real teacher succeed (unlike some others who claim to have been one.)

barry farrell coleshill warwickshire
pure inspiration, a guarantee to buck you up when low

Colin Hendry/Chester
Any song that has the line, " Does the cistern still leak?" gets my vote. Sheer brilliance!

Chris Kingston , The Netherlands
Clifford T ward's music lies undiscovered. He was one of the most romantic and skilful song writers of the 20th century. Essentially shy of public performance , Clifford choose to concentrate on following his unique talent in the recording studio alone. He refused to pamper to the trends of the day , instead he had unswaying belief in his own talent and style. Bogged down by poor record deals and lack of live performance Clifford soldiered on producing fine and orginal songs . The onset of MS limited his progress even more , taking away even his ability to write. Clifford died in near poverty in his mid forties still believing that he would recover and become famous. I would urge music fans to find the lost treasures of his albums and to enjoy the talent that Clifford could never see fulfilled

Stuart Jackson Sheffield
Home Thoughts was the first album I had of Clifford T Ward's work, way back 30 years or so ago. I have since listened to all his work, from all his albums. A modern day troubadour, a wordsmith of great talent, and a great and tragic loss to all lovers of good music. I think it is time that his work was revised to allow his poetic influence to help lift was is a torrid music scene presently.

What a travesty that CTW never received the public recognition that his songwriting deserved. If you love this song, as many people do then I would urge you to seek out his other works- especially "The Best is yet to come" "Gaye" and "Scullery" amongst many other great CTW songs.

Elaine. Cheshire.
Beautiful, evocative, 'Home Thoughts From Abroad; whenever I hear it I must stop in my tracks, savour every word and note. Please lets hear more of Clifford T.Ward. His work needs to be rediscovered and remembered.

most definitely,the man is a hidden gem. his music is so emotive and powerful. a genius

Andy Rayner, Stockport
Along with Nick Drake and Al Stewart, Clifford T. Ward was one of a trio of uniquely gifted British singer/songwriters who were universally ignored by the Music press and record-buying public, but will be seen as national treasures in years to come. Al alone survives, and still consistently comes up with the goods.

st ives cornwall
nothing can make you feel, the way this song can make you feel

Stephen Bagust. Kidderminster, Worcestershire
No More than Cliff deserves. He is still one of England's best songwriters. We need to hear more of his songs on the airwaves. Perhaps we will get some more tracks played from 'No More Rock'N'Roll'

A.Bradford Bexleyheath Kent
Home thoughts,one of my all time favourite albums.Clifford T. Ward sadly missed, gone but not forgotten

Beautiful voice. Perhaps the owner of his songs could re-release his music, and give the profit to an MS organisation.

John Sims, Chevanceaux, France
What weird ideas people have as to what constitutes a song - try singing "Bat out of Hell" in the bath, for example. There's really no contest, "Home Thoughts From Abroad" is the best (popular Music) song ever written, right up there with Cole Porter and Franz Schubert, Plenty of interesting sounds, but songs, really...! John Sims

Dave Young
Without doubt, one of Clifford's finest but by no means his only classic song. Listeners should look out for his albums Both of Us and No more Rock 'n' Roll released on CD for the first time and in the shops now. Both wonderful albums.

Peter Jacques - Newcastle
Clifford T. Ward's music combines the best musical arrangements with very personal observations and 'experiences' capturing the full range of emotions for any listener. His clever use of words, clear voice and style is inspirational - and his life story and the prolific music collection is still truly waiting to be discovered. The best (is yet to come). More...

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