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'Don't Dream It's Over'
Crowded House
Crowded House
Is "Don't Dream It's Over" up there with the songs of Lennon and McCartney? Do you think it's a timeless classic?

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A song so ethereally beautiful with a special sentiment that you think its been around for a hundred years. Its a classic Neil Finn song and is a direct link to the quality of Lennon & McCartney.


Mark, Brighton
One of my favourite songs, reminds me of leaving school but also evokes almost a apleasent kind of melancholy, similar to 'Perfect Circle' by REM. Gives me goosebumps.

Jim, Messina
i think that the lyrics of this tune refer to the cold war. for me there are quite a few clues. the lyrics freedom and liberation. also the bit about bulding a wall between us. what do you think?

Tom, Sheffield
The perfect 3 minute pop song. Covered many times but the Crowded House original has never been bettered. Not only Neil Finn's best ever but the best song ever full stop.

john orewa nz
Correction to my previous message.....The track off Patrizo Buanne CD is ALTA MAREA composer PIERO UMILANI an old Italian folk song.Sounds a bit more than familiar to me.What say you ?????

Jules, Brisbane
Sir Paul McCartney is quoted as saying: "I wish I could write music like Neil Finn" - and he is a huge fan. Hell yes it's a timeless classic!

john orewa nz.
luna mezz'o mare-----An old Italian folk song,composer Pablo Citorello----see if you think it sounds familiar----o000h! Neil Finn???????

Anjolie, Albury NSW.
Neil Finn's writing is quite simply beautiful, and in my opinion equal to that of John Lennon and far superior to anything that Paul McCartney has attempted since the Beatles split. Finn song's are the soundtrack to my life.

William Bandy Santa Monica, CA
The song is a spiritual throw-back to the 50's Doo Wop sound. That's why it hit such a poplular cord in the USA.

Calum McGilp, Kinnerley, Shropshire.
May the power of this song propel people to explore both Neil and Tim's songbook. There's a fine cluster of songs that have been overlooked.

Ryan Turner
Here is the deal. Lennon and McCartney were two fellows. Neil Finn is one. His catalog compares favorably to the two in their prime. His catalog eclipses the two in their solo days.

Diane, Sydney
It is an absolute classic that never ages in the same way as some other songs of the same era. This song is even more poignant now since the death of Crowded House's drummer, Paul Hester.

David Maidstone
Nothing better has ever come from the Southern Hemisphere. The organ at the start is incredibly evocative.

john/san jose, california
I was a radio dj at the time when I first heard this song. I was so impressed by it that I guaranteed on the air that it would be a number 1 record. It stalled at number 2 behind some crap from Madonna I believe.

Dawn, Netherlands
I first heard this song on the US chart countdown they used to do on Saturday afternoons on Radio 1. I remember stopping what I was doing to turn up the radio. I'd never heard anything like it. It was so different to everything else around at that time. It's a fabulous song and beautifully sung.

Eva Ohlsson, Malmö Sweden
It's the best. If a song can be perfect, this one is just that. And Neil has written many of that standard. He's a true genius.

Biddy, Torquay
My spine tingles every time I hear the opening chords to this track. It still moves me to tears after all these years...

Alan Custance
To Finn Brothers you wrote our Anthem thanks for ever the Margin'ets

Tracey Jane/Newcastle, Staffordshire
This has been a favourite song of mine and probably a insant message from my late sister, as when she passed away, i heard this song come on the radio, and I thought thanks Wendy, it just what i needed.

Carol Bates, Elgin, Scotland
Its a thank you to Neil and Tim. I teach under privilledged children guitar for free and the reason I teach them is because the brothers have been such an inspiration to me. So thanks to them both, if it wasn't for them the children wouldn't have had the opportunity.

This song is fantastic, I never tire of hearing it and for those of you who desire, I recommend seeking out live verions of this song as Neil Finn is a master of taking songs to a new level in a Live arena, This song either solo accoustic or live with Crowded House is just plain fantastic. Neil Finn has written songs as good as this and in my humble opinion better. If you like this song, track down the following CDs, "Crowded House" "Temple Of Low Men" "WoodFace""Together Alone" "Afterglow" "Recurring Dream (best of Crowded House) "Try Whistling this" "One Nil" as well as "Everyone Is Here" the new cd and find out for yourselves. If you have the chance to catch Neil Finn or the Finn Brothers live, move heaven and earth to get a ticket, Neil Finn NEVER disapoints live, his seemingly effortless genius is a joy to behold....
hi..."minor key ".....i don't think so!!'s in e flat....still every time i hear it i still smile a knowing smile!.....i think neil wrote it in his brothers house....but i could be wrong!!!

Helen Taylor Newbury Berkshire
Is "Don't Dream It's Over" up there with Lennon and McCartney? Daft question the answer is most definitely YES! It's got classic written all over it! Helen

Ulric, Glasgow
It's a good song, but "Four Seasons in One Day" is better.

mike mackin, middlesbrough
Of course, the thing with L&M songs is that you can put their lyrics into so many situations regardless of who you are or where you are. NF has done just that. Couple effective lyrics with a powerful tune and you are onto a winner. Check out Four Seasons In One Day. There are so many - a great writer and musician.

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